Zinus: A Modern Brand With Style

Zinus is an incredible modern furniture brand specializing in direct-to-consumer sales. Their experience within the mattress industry made them a shoo-in for quality and affordable bedroom furniture. They offer a catalog of carefully planned designs that meet consumer demand magnificently.
zinus bedroom set upholstered headboard

Zinus is a modern furniture brand that has proven itself to offer incredible style and value at remarkably affordable pricing. They are among the best mattress brands on the market today and have an inspiring catalog of furniture as well. Whether you’re looking for a new mattress, new bed, or some modern outdoor furniture—Zinus has something to offer.

Eco-Friendly & Affordable Mattresses

Zinus has helped pioneer the unique direct-to-consumer mattress sales model that has popularized modern “bed in a box” brands. Their catalog features a dizzying array of well-designed, affordable, and eco-friendly products all catering to those seeking a better night’s rest.

Zinus isn’t all mattresses and toppers, however. This brand has made the transition into beds, sofas, tables, and even some select outdoor furniture designs. Below are a few of the many incredible products in the Zinus catalog.

Copper-Infused Antimicrobial Hybrid Mattress

zinus copper infused memory foam hybrid mattress sodafine

The Copper-Infused Hybrid Memory Foam Mattress by Zinus epitomizes the downfall of conventional, over-priced, and uncomfortable mattresses. This design features CertiPUR copper-infused foam that offers antimicrobial and cooling action. Additionally, the adaptive fabrics, pocketed coil design promises isolated motion that will help assure your sleep is as smooth as silk.

Curtis Upholstered Platform Bed

zinus curtis upholstered platform bed sodafina

The Curtis Upholstered Platform Bed by Zinus showcases the complimentary catalog developed to support this brand’s extensive mattress lineup. This bed, showcasing a no-nonsense design, is a perfect add-on for any mattress order to provide something a bit more modern than a simple fold-out bedframe. After all, who could resist adding some style at such an affordable price?

Pablo Acacia Wood Outdoor Furniture Set

zinus pablo acacis outdoor furniture set sodafine

The Pablo Acacia/Aluminium Outdoor Furniture set by Zinusshowcases weather-proof modern imaging of the ideal social setup. This 4-piece set features ample seating, a generously sized table, and a sleep aluminum design accented by a beautiful acacia wood. Thie collection illustrates just how incredible Zinus’ designs are at delivering style at an affordable price.

Direct To Consumer Affordability

Zinus is a magnificent example of a modern furniture brand that puts its customers first. They got their start as one of the more successful direct-to-consumer mattress brands and have quickly started to expand their catalog into furniture.

Their online store catalog is a far cry from being as fully developed as some of the more luxury brands, but they offer quality designs at incredibly affordable pricing. They take the approach of really perfecting a single product and then offering varieties of style. For example, their Tufted Platform Bed has hundreds of 5-star reviews on Amazon.


Their innovative approach at offering direct-to-consumer sales and expansion into related markets have made them truly notable among furniture brands. If you’re looking for quality furniture within the bounds of affordability—Zinus is worth stopping to take note of.

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