6 Incredible Wine Cellars Under Stairs You Need To See

wine cellar under stairs

Are you a budding wine connoisseur in need of a budget-friendly wine cellar? Check out these gorgeous wine cellar under stairs ideas!

Wine cellars under stairs are quickly becoming one of the hottest trends in interior design. These cost-efficient wine cellars not only allow you to enjoy and preserve vintage wine: they also add value and prestige to your property!

Let’s take a closer look at what a wine cellar under stairs can do for you!

Why you Should Have a Wine Cellar Under Stairs

Wine cellars under stairs are budget-friendly solutions for anyone that wishes to age and enjoy wine at peak conditions. But they come with a slew of not-so-obvious benefits you should also consider!

It adds value to your property: wine cellar under stairs are often considered a status symbol that most residences don’t have. It’s no secret that these clever wine cellars are considerably cheaper than having to remodel an entire basement. But they add a certain, hard-to-describe flair and class to any residence. They’re, essentially, an inexpensive way to turn a regular property into an affluent home.

They help you improve your wine collection: wine cellars under stairs open the door to all sorts of organizational features and techniques. For instance, you can organize your wine by style (white, sparkling, red, etc.), by region, or price. Doing so will allow you to notice gaps in a wine collection you otherwise wouldn’t have noticed, which in turn, will help you expand your current knowledge and expertise on wines.

They help you save money: Any wine connoisseur knows that buying wine in cases or larger quantities ends up saving you considerable money down the line. A wine cellar under stairs works as a cost-efficient storage unit that stores wine until it reaches its peak aging. You can then sell these for a profit or delight yourself with a wine you’ll be proud to say you aged yourself.

For these (and many other reasons), wine cellars under stairs are quickly becoming mainstream. Here are some of our favorite projects for this year!

A Modern Coastal Style Wine Cellar Under Stairs

wine cellar under stairs 1
This temperature-controlled wine room perfectly preserves and ages vintage wine.

This stunning coastal style wine cellar under stairs features an all-glass unit that evokes luxury and simplicity. Patterson Custom Homes built this temperature-controlled wine cellar under the staircase of an L.A home to help the owners preserve their exclusive wine collection.

The tempered crystal panels and modern wine rack perfectly fit into this transitional coastal home, adding a decorating wow factor that draws compliments from all guests.

Rustic Wine Cellar Under Stairs

wine cellar under stairs 5
This Montana home comes with a beautiful, temperature-controlled wine storage area.

This rustic wine cellar under stairs by Fishcamp Custom embodies the best mountain home architecture. This award-winning custom home building and cabinetry firm created a gorgeous wine cellar under stairs that combines rustic flair with cutting-edge humidity and temperature monitoring systems.

This exclusive wine storage area, together with the additional bar area for guest entertainment, allows homeowners to host unique moments and experiences next to friends and family at a moment’s notice.

Traditional Wine Cellar Under Stairs Remodel

wine cellar under stairs 3
This wine cellar under stairs adds classical elegance to this property.

When it comes to whole house renovations, the Case Design Remodeling team is one of the best in the industry. The basement bar and wine cellar under stairs were built from scratch as part of this remodeling project, and it stands as a must-see attraction for guests and visitors. The homeowners and designers agreed to exclusively use high-end materials that add a touch of classical elegance to this marvelous home.

A Cleverly Small Wine Cellar Under Stairs

wine cellar under stairs 4
Interior Fittings Limited created a compact, easy-to-browse wine cellar under stairs.

Interior Fittings Limited turned this understairs space into a classy, small wine cellar for the homeowners. What was once an unnoticed corner under a small stairway is now an elegant, triangular wine rack that cleverly uses reduced space to store wines. Owners can enjoy a beautifully designed setting as they effortlessly select a bottle of wine or champagne to share with their guests on special occasions.

Family Room With Wine Cellar Under Stairs

wine cellar under stairs 6
This gorgeous wine cellar under stairs allows homeowners to have a get-together over a bottle of wine.

Working with Andrew Volansky is a pleasure. He actively involves homeowners and top artisans in Vermont to create one-of-a-kind spaces, such as this traditional wine cellar under stairs. Conveniently located in the family room, this intimate and highly stylized space allows the homeowners to organize their wine by region. A casual gathering can transport family and friends to the breeze French countryside or the sunny Sicily to enjoy some of our earth’s gifts and spirits in good company.

A Compact Transitional Wine Cellar Under Stairs

wine cellar under stairs 2
This Transitional Wine Cellar Under Stairs is an elegant storage space for any wine collection.

Epic Group Ohio created this transitional wine cellar under stairs, which offers top-notch protection from heat and light. The owners wished to turn this basement into an entertainment room for the family that combined the property’s rustic architecture with a touch of modern elegance.

Their decision to incorporate a wine cellar under stairs provided a perfect balance between modern sophistication and rustic flair for this space. It also conveniently keeps the vintage wine collection a mere steps away from the home’s entertainment center to keep the good times flowing!


There’s no way around it: wine cellar under stairs add a touch of glamour, class, and good taste to any property. Most homeowners integrate a custom-made wine cellar purely out of love for the beverage and its remarkable variety: from the most exclusive vin de table to your casual Sunday floral delight.

But these cellars also hold a massive economic potential: the power to age and resell wine, as well as elevate your property’s value overnight. Regardless of your motives, we hope you’ve enjoyed our selection of wine cellar under stairs for this year!

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