15 Original Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

wedding anniversary gift ideas

Celebrate your partner’s love and affection with these unusual wedding anniversary gift ideas!

Wedding anniversaries are a big deal for any couple. Picking a special gift that touches the heart and becomes memorable can be challenging, especially if your day-to-day forced you to find a last-minute gift!

Today we’ve hand-picked the best wedding anniversary gift ideas and conveniently organized them by years of engagement for you. Our modern wedding anniversary gift ideas are anything but traditional and instead focus on being equally practical and memorable for your partner!

Let’s begin with our first-anniversary wedding gift ideas.

First Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

These unique wedding gift ideas prove that thoughtful gifts do not always come with a flashy price tag.

One of our favorite last-minute wedding gift ideas is both practical and super cute. This Ceramic Coated Color Knife Set from Cuisinart features Japanese ceramic blades with slip-proof, ergonomic handles. Each comes with a unique color that helps you avoid cross-contamination during your food prep. After all, you don’t want to cut your fresh fruits with the same knife you just used for your raw chicken!

The 20 oz Tumbler from YETI is an affordable and practical present that can simultaneously work as a wedding anniversary gift for men as much as a wedding anniversary gift for women. The YETI tumbler is a sturdy coaster that couples can use for work, errands, outdoor adventures, and road trips. Thanks to the product’s double-wall vacuum insulation, the Tumbler keeps your beverage cool or hot at all times.

The first of these wedding anniversary gifts for couples is this elegant Cuisinart Ice-cream Maker. Nothing beats a couple of homemade scoops of ice cream during a sweltering summer day or while enjoying a Netflix binge over the weekend. The Cuisinart Icecream Maker hands you complete control over its flavorings, allowing you to try whacky ice cream mixes while avoiding food allergies.

5th Wedding Anniversary Gifts Ideas

Celebrating five years of marriage is a beautiful thing. We added some home appliances that couples love!

This Mini Grill from Cuisinart is a great rustic wedding gift idea to consider. Cuisinart is a world-renowned cookware provider, and its products are cost-efficient, high-quality pieces built to last and perform for years to come. The Cuisinart Mini Grill is a reliable, outdoorsy addition for couples that love a good barbeque on the beach or burgers by the campsite!

If you’d rather gift something a bit techier, you’ll love our next idea! The One Top Tasty is a techy kitchen appliance that allows anyone to cook like a chef by using a programmed stove linked to a smartphone’s app. There are countless recipes already stored in the One Top Tasty app with specific time and temperature guidelines adjusted to each type of dish, so feel free to ditch the cookbook!

If you’re looking for a wedding gift for a brother, we got your back! Few things are better than having a Cocktail Shaker Set to spice up pool day parties and dinners. This gorgeous set comes with delicious, home-bartending recipes that anyone can follow, allowing you to serve fancy cocktails at a fraction of what regular places charge you.

10th Wedding Anniversary Gifts Ideas

Our 10th wedding anniversary gifts allow the couple to re-discover the kitchen in a fun, healthy way!

No one can deny that arriving at a decade of marriage is a major milestone. To celebrate such a beautiful moment, we’ve selected three options that can help a couple revitalize routines and allows them to enjoy the little things together in new ways.

Our next idea promotes a healthier diet with a dash of fun and convenience. The Bydash Air Fryer is a techier version of a traditional oven. This popular kitchen appliance allows anyone to easily prepare flavorful fried foods without using a single drop of oil. You can make an oil-free version of dishes such as chocolate hazelnut croissants, honey-roasted salmon, as well as your typical chicken nuggets.

Celebrating the 10th wedding anniversary with tasteful spirits is a surefire way to get everyone in a joyful mood! Gifting a wine gift card to the lovely couple will allow them to either choose a fancy vintage wine or put together a budget-friendly wine tasting with friends and family.

Last but not least, we couldn’t leave this premium Black & Decker Juice Extractor out of our selection of wedding anniversary gifts for couples. The Black & Decker Juicer keeps it simple: it’s easy to assemble and comes with an intuitive on/off switch that gets you pulp-free juice in seconds. The juicer comes with removable parts that you can clean in the dishwasher, allowing the couple to get back to their day-to-day ASAP.

15th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Our 15th wedding anniversary gift selection allows couples to introduce quality-of-life appliances to their home.

A 15th wedding anniversary celebration is the perfect opportunity to gift the couple some much-needed home appliance updates or accessories that spice up the day-to-day!

This Bed Tray by Andover Mills is the ultimate breakfast-in-bed accessory for couples. This Bed Tray allows you to start the day with a thoughtful breakfast made by your loved one and a hot cup of coffee to start the day just right. The naturally finished wood and washable top make this bed tray equally stylish as it is practical.

An Essential Oil Diffuser is a must-have house addition for any married couple. This model allows them to infuse a welcoming and pleasant smell to their home while serving as an attractive decoration for your living room, bedroom, or bathroom. All in all, it’s a stylish (and practical) wedding anniversary gift for couples.

Portable Wine Chillers are one of the most underrated wedding anniversary gifts. Every household has a bottle of vintage wine worth preserving for a special occasion, and the Wine Chiller by Starfrit is perfect for casual drinkers and connoisseurs alike. Forget about having to chill a bottle of wine ahead of a special occasion: with this portable wine chiller, the couple will preserve, pour and aerate wine as a restaurant would!

20th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Our 20th wedding anniversary gift ideas offer thoughtful, easy-to-use accessories and appliances for any couple.

Celebrating 20 years of love and dedication to your loved one is truly something special. These 20th wedding anniversary gift ideas range from tasteful art to easy day-to-day appliances any couple can enjoy.

When it comes to anniversary gifts, bespoke art is always an excellent choice. Rattus offers thought-provoking couple’s portraits or custom-made coffee mugs that you can order ahead of a wedding anniversary. Each piece comes with cute details that celebrate the couple’s personality, unique style, or memorable moments. They also offer worldwide shipments and even time-limited promotions from time to time, so be sure to spoil yourself while you’re at it!

Our second suggestion on our list is this sharp-looking Reversible Comforter Set by Andover Mills. This master suite’s must-have is large enough to fit any King or Queen size bed and allows the couple to snuggle under and get some nice rest after a hard day’s work. As a present, it’s safe to say that it can work as a great wedding anniversary gift for men as much as a thoughtful wedding anniversary gift for women.

Last but not least, a Water Distiller is perhaps one of the best wedding gift ideas for couples on their 20th wedding anniversary. Water distillers can eliminate most bacteria, volatile organic compounds and filter any lingering water pipe sediments. A water distiller is a rather unusual wedding gift idea that will safeguard the couple’s health for years to come!


Wedding Anniversary Gifts Costs and How Much You Should Spend

Wedding anniversary gifts for couples reasonably range from $120 to $315. Just keep in mind that the thought put into the gifting process is more important than the item’s price tag. A good rule of thumb is to pick a gift that symbolizes or holds a sentimental value, even if it’s below or above the recommended price range.

Traditional Gifts for First Year Wedding Anniversaries

Tradition dictates gifting “paper” for the first wedding anniversary, and it follows a simple yet profound analogy. The process of solidifying a happy and successful commitment is very much like handling paper: if it’s handled with care it lasts a lifetime. If not, it crumbles and fades faster than you’d think.

Our wedding anniversary gift ideas, however, have a modern and more practical approach to them. They’re perfect for couples that have just started living together and wish to keep monotony away from their relationship.

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