Universal Furniture has a remarkable story of international success, and is now regarded as one of the top furniture brands within the industry. Birthed from the vision of Asian entrepreneurs taking advantage of underutilized Chinese lumber, Universal Furniture has been climbing towards the top of the furniture industry since the late 1970’s. Universal Furniture offers a wide selection of quality-made designs that feature a wide range of styles from traditional to contemporary, and some of everything between. Their products can be found in most local furniture stores, and are readily available online through select online retailers such as Wayfair and Amazon.

Universal Furniture is A Fierce Competitor

The Majority of furniture sold in the United States is manufactured overseas these days.  Many US-based furniture companies have completely outsourced their manufacturing—or large percentages of it—to foreign countries that offer cheap labor costs. China is among these foreign countries that are responsible for the manufacture of many US-sold furniture designs.  While many US-born furniture companies now find themselves manufacturing in China, Universal Furniture got it’s start in China, and sells in the United States. Without being overly-historical; in the late-1970’s when trade agreements between the United States and China were opening up for commerce, many local Chinese saw grand opportunities to start businesses. One such business was started by a man named Moh, which led to Universal Furniture. During this period of time, Universal Furniture (operating then Hong Kong Teakworks) invested in their education of American furniture manufacturing process and styles. They quickly began taking advantage of cheaper local costs, and started to produce furniture for the American market that offered the same look and quality, at a discounted price.

Through careful observation of the trends in America’s furniture market, Universal Furniture was able to use cheap domestic labor and ship products to the United States for sale at prices 20-30% lower than what buyers were used to. The market loved their products and prices, and so began the spark of the battle between Asian and American furniture companies. Manufacturing in America had already began to take a hit, but within the furniture industry Universal Furniture’s operation was a fairly new phenomenon. The Chinese had been competing with American labor already, but this marked a first within the furniture industry for a Chinese company to compete for American business as well. Today, internationalization is commonplace among nearly all furniture brands—with materials and manufacturing sourced from many different countries. Universal Furniture has demonstrated a remarkable means of staying aware of shifting markets and emerging consumer trends—now regarded as one of the best furniture brands in the world.

Modernized Looks & Sophisticated Design

While many would shun Universal as being a non-American born furniture company—the truth is that today their sourcing and manufacturing processes are remarkably similar to those of companies with their roots in the United States. Some furniture brands such as Hooker Furniture have remained true to their roots, never straying from American labor—though these brands are the exception within the furniture industry rather than the norm. Universal Furniture has a strong eye for current design trends, and offer a wide array of sophisticated designs that reflect contemporary, transitional, and even traditional furniture styles at their best. A quick look at the Berkeley Collection by Universal Furniture offers a strong illustration of the true versatility of this brand. This collection combines simple shapes with delicate carved forms, finished in subtle wood tones and neutral upholstery allowing a contemporary presentation of some very traditional designs.

Combines simple shapes with delicate carved forms, finished in subtle wood tones and neutral upholstery allowing a contemporary presentation of some very traditional designs

Another great example of of their versatility is the California Collection from Universal Furniture, which features a rich medium brown distressed Oak finish to compliment very sophisticated metropolitan looks. This unique ‘pull’ from different styles of design offers a truly unique presentation that offers a variety of design balance rarely seen by other furniture brands. Universal Furniture is now owned by the parent company Samson Holding, which offers several other noteworthy brands such as Smartstuff and the Paula Deen Home Collection. Paula Deen needs little introduction for most, and her furniture collection has been wildly-popular among many buyers—though lacks what many designers would consider to be a unique essence. Smartstuff on the other hand, is some of the most elegant and well-imagined kids and youth furniture on the market. The entire premise of Smartstuff is to integrate technology into their designs, to help better enable and aid modern lifestyles revolving around smart devices and connectivity.

Where to Buy Universal Furniture

Universal Furniture specializes in manufacturing and therefore chooses to ‘outsource’ the sale of it’s products to authorized local dealers. Considering the popularity and affordability of Universal Furniture—this means that most local furniture stores will carry some of their products. Other larger retailers like Furnitureland South will likely carry entire collections of Universal Furniture, though aren’t a convenient location for many around the country. Many local dealers offer online sales, and if you may be able to contact those dealers directly to get more information regarding the ability to order from them online. To find a Universal Furniture dealer near you, visit their official dealer locator page. Many of these dealers also sell through Amazon, and there is a considerable amount of Universal Furniture available for purchase there, usually at very discounted rates. Additionally, Universal Furniture has partnered with Wayfair to offer many of their products for sale through their website as well. Wayfair is the largest online retailer of Home Goods, and has a very-easy to understand layout making shopping with them a pleasure. Wayfair offers free delivery on almost everything, and is regarded by many as the go-to retailer for buying furniture online.

The rise of eCommerce has found Universal Furniture, as well as most other furniture brands, to be now available at unprecedented discounts through retailers like Wayfair, Amazon, and other discount furniture websites

Universal Furniture is among the most influential furniture brands on the market today, and are constantly unveiling tremendous collections of uniquely-catered finishes and material combinations. They craft traditional styles as well as contemporary and modernized interpretations of popular styles, and their unique ability to provide value for price has helped secure their place within the furniture market. Their products are highly-regarded among interior designers and professional developers alike, and Universal Furniture can be found in many local furniture stores across the United States. The rise of eCommerce has found Universal Furniture, as well as most other furniture brands, to be now available at unprecedented discounts through retailers like Wayfair and Amazon. If you are in the process of shopping for new furniture for you home, for a client, or maybe even your office—Universal Furniture is among the best furniture brands on the market currently, and can be had for up to 40% off retail costs when shopping online.

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Universal Furniture has been one of the fiercest competitors in the furniture market for years, and have established themselves as one of the top furniture brands. They offer unique collections of traditional and contemporary designs accented by a well-versed display of material combinations.
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