Universal Furniture: Timeless Luxury Furniture Designs

Looking for long-lasting luxury? Universal Furniture is a brand that offers a range of designs that are both timeless as they are inspirational!
Universal Dining Collection

Universal Furniture has a remarkable story of international success and is now regarded as one of the top furniture brands within the industry. Birthed from the vision of Asian entrepreneurs taking advantage of underutilized Chinese lumber, Universal Furniture has been climbing towards the top of the furniture industry since the late 1970s.

Universal Furniture offers a wide selection of quality-made designs that feature a wide range of styles from traditional to contemporary, and some of everything between. Their products can be found in most local furniture stores, and are readily available online through select online retailers such as Wayfair and Amazon.

Trend-Setting Styles & Lasting Quality

Universal Furniture falls into the category of luxury furniture, characterized both by the quality of design, the inspiration of style, and overall price. This type of high-end furniture can be regarded in many ways as an investment rather than just another household purchase. Universal Furniture has worked tirelessly to earn its reputation as one of the best furniture companies in the market. Below are some of the collections and designs that have kept this brand at the top of so many interior designers’ shopping lists.

Gibson Hallway Console

gibson console table univeral furniture sodafine
The Gibson Console table showcases a sultry dark finish accented by a modern polished brass framing.

The Gibson Hallway Console by Universal Furniture is a delightful imaging of modern furniture design. The combination of dark veneers and polished brass combine to create a sense of intrigue guaranteed to spark awe and conversation. This piece has ample storage and will not only bring style to any space in which it is placed but also a much-appreciated addition of storage.

Grafton Traditional Side Table

grafton side table universal furniture sodafine
The Grafton side table from Universal Furniture showcases this brands’ take on timeless traditional accents with a trestle-like design

The Grafton side table by Universal Furniture showcases this brand’s ability to design more traditional pieces. While some traditional furniture becomes outdated with age, the Grafton showcases a subtly distressed finish complementing a timeless trestle design. This table will look beautiful next to a wide range of sofas, sectionals, or armchairs found in a range of living room styles.

The Devon Upholstered Bed

devon bed by univeral furniture sodafine
The Devon showcases a modern oak finish atop hardwood design paired with a lovely light upholstery

The Devon Upholstered Bed by Universal Furniture stages a timeless oak veneer on a solid wood design characterized by subtle curves and shaping. The lightly accenting fabrics pose a sense of both comfort and invitation from this bed that will keep your bedroom as stylish as it will be cozy! This piece pairs well with a wide range of styles and lighting motifs but works particularly well in modern or traditional rooms with light walls and natural lighting.

A History of Fierce Competition

The Majority of furniture sold in the United States is manufactured overseas these days.  Many US-based furniture companies have completely outsourced their manufacturing—or large percentages of it—to foreign countries that offer cheap labor costs. China is among these foreign countries that are responsible for the manufacture of many US-sold furniture designs.  

While many US-born furniture companies now find themselves manufacturing in China, Universal Furniture got its start in China and sells in the United States. Without being overly historical; in the late-1970’s when trade agreements between the United States and China were opening up for commerce, many local Chinese saw grand opportunities to start businesses.

One such business was started by a man named Moh, which led to Universal Furniture. During this period of time, Universal Furniture (operating then Hong Kong Teakworks) invested in their education of American furniture manufacturing process and styles.

Universal Furniture has demonstrated a remarkable means of staying aware of shifting markets and emerging consumer trends—now regarded as one of the best furniture brands in the world.

Universal quickly began taking advantage of cheaper local costs and started to produce furniture for the American market that offered the same look and quality, at a discounted price. This quickly began to afford this luxury furniture brand an unignorable competitive edge against the established furniture brands of the time.

Through careful observation of the trends in America’s furniture market, Universal Furniture was able to use cheap domestic labor and ship products to the United States for sale at prices 20-30% lower than what buyers were used to. The market loved their products and prices, and so began the spark of the battle between Asian and American furniture companies. Manufacturing in America had already begun to take a hit, but within the furniture industry, Universal Furniture’s operation was a fairly new phenomenon.

The Chinese had been competing with American labor already, but this marked a first within the furniture industry for a Chinese company to compete for American business as well. Today, internationalization is commonplace among nearly all furniture brands—with materials and manufacturing sourced from many different countries. Universal Furniture has demonstrated a remarkable means of staying aware of shifting markets and emerging consumer trends—now regarded not only as one of the best furniture brands in the world but also as an emerging sofa and sectional brand.

Where to Buy Universal Furniture

paradox collection universal furniture sodafine
The Paradox Living Room collection by Universal showcases a medley of modern and transitional designs


Universal Furniture has become an international brand and is available for purchase through a vast network of online furniture websites, major chain stores, regional chains, and even local furniture dealers. Visit the Univeral Furniture Dealer Locator page to find a store that sells their products nearest you.

If you are shopping for furniture online, you can find their products on Wayfair, Macy’s, Luxe Decor, and even on Amazon— though they don’t have an official storefront there. Universal’s reputation in the marketplace, in terms of quality, style, and longevity, will ensure you are able to be confident in your investment.


Universal Furniture has a long history of being a fierce competitor in the marketplace. Its reputation for quality and inspiring design has been earned every bit as much as its role as a leading manufacturer. The Universal Furniture catalog is filled with luxurious furniture designs and trend-setting styles that can transition any regular house into a welcoming, inspiring, and long-lasting home.

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