6 Unique Coffee Tables To Dazzle Your Guests

Need to glam up your living room with a unique yet highly functional coffee table? Check out our selection of unique coffee tables for this year!
unique coffee tables

A unique coffee table is the staple of a stylish living room. After all, this furniture serves as your living room’s centerpiece and is often the first thing guests notice when they enter the room.

Incorporating a unique coffee table is a surefire way to wow your guests and spark all sorts of conversations. But picking an extraordinary piece that draws everyone’s eyes and fits into your room’s design can be challenging.

Unique Coffee Tables

Unique coffee tables usually dazzle us with unique shapes, rare materials, or even clever designs that break the mold.

The genuinely extraordinary pieces, however, come with a combination of these factors. They ascend to aesthetic nirvana when they’re able to fit into a wide range of interior design styles and contrasting color palettes.

Today, we’ve gathered some remarkable pieces that can do this for you. These are not your run-of-the-mill choices from popular collections: there are hidden gems that the best furniture brands reserve for those bold and skilled enough to add to their home.

The Ogetti Funky Coffee Table

unique coffee tables 3
This high-end coffee table uses geometry to relay the beautiful and mysterious concept of abstract art.

The Hanako furniture piece is a funky coffee table that showcases an abstract design, drawing your guest’s attention and complementing any minimalist living room setup.

This funky coffee table by Oggetti makes a bold statement in your living rooms space through a playful mix of lacquered solid wood planks and a French oak arrangement in one of its corners. The Hanako, inspired by Jackson Pollocks’ paintings, blends these materials through an abstract design, bringing the beauty of this complex art to the center of your living room.

This eye-catching coffee table also works as a standalone decorative centerpiece that merges artificial materials with organic elements, as well as circumscribing different geometrical shapes to signify the all-encompassing harmony of our universe.

Size: 14” H x 47” L x 47” W

The Everly Quinn Unique Coffee Table

unique coffee tables 4
Elevate your living room’s aesthetic and impress your guest with the Tuan Coffee Table.

The Tuan centerpiece is a unique coffee table that suits contemporary spaces with its Z-shaped design. This stunning coffee table serves as your living room’s focal point and puts your favorite decorations in the spotlight.

Contemporary furniture pieces offer comfort and sophistication by using reflective, shiny surfaces in their design. This Everly Quinn unique glass coffee table embodies a contemporary concept by using stainless steel and glass mirror sections to cover its tabletop and lower platform.

The Tuan is a unique coffee table because it resembles art gallery stands, allowing your fancy decor to elevate the room’s aesthetic value. This gorgeous piece simultaneously offers luxury and convenience, as it allows your guests to set their drinks and appetizers plates with tremendous ease. Because of its extravagant aesthetics and versatility, many interior designers regard it as one of the best coffee tables for this year.

Size: 18” H x 48” L x 24” W

The Fairfield Chair Nature Coffee Tables

unique coffee tables 2
The Churchill invites elegance and nature into your living room.

The Churchill coffee table is part of the Fairfield Chair line of nature coffee tables. This gorgeous hourglass-shaped coffee table can double as a sectional separator or a stylish nightstand as needed.

The tobacco-colored nature coffee table features Russian pine solids and veneers and a rustic finish to contrast its modern design. The Churchill showcases two solid mirrored pine pyramids and a smooth manufactured wood surface. The latter is perfect for displaying sculptures or decorative coffee plants.

Interior decorators seek nature coffee tables to highlight the earthy colors of modern living rooms, focusing on natural hues such as brown, rust, and greens. The Churchill is perfect for such scenarios since it offers artistic depth and color compatibility all in one piece.

Size: 18” H x 24” L x 24” W

The Fitch Unique Wood Coffee Tables

unique coffee tables 5
This coffee table beautifully assembles quarter-sawn pieces of oak veneer.

The Flitch Rectangular Centerpiece is part of Crate & Barrel’s unique wood coffee tables, a collection that breaks away from conventional furniture pieces by experimenting with different materials that suit sophisticated living room spaces.

This unique wood coffee table combines Oak and hardwood veneer with solid poplar and engineered wood to recreate a dimensional checkerboard in each of its sides. The playful array of depths between the table’s quarter-sawn pieces lessens or intensifies as it reacts to light.

Furthermore, the unique coffee tables design camouflages a lateral drawer with its shell of bleached-oak mini rectangles. This small but practical storage unit is perfect for concealing matches, coasters, remotes, and any other small living room essentials you’d like to keep nearby.

Size: 44.56″Wx26.45″Dx17.95″H

The Udan Exotic Coffee Tables

unique coffee tables 6
This beautiful coffee table features a chiseled tabletop and a polished drum side surface handcrafted by skilled artisans.

The Udan round centerpiece is one of those exotic coffee tables that fills the room with its warm mahogany color and handcrafted surface. This Crate & Barrel exclusive features concentric circles in its tabletop for ceramic vases and metal trays. At the same time, its smooth drum-like periphery shines to the touch of natural light.

Exotic coffee tables have the power to fuse nature’s vivid beauty with the elegantly controlled ambiance of our living room. The Udan round coffee table graciously achieves the latter by exhibiting naturally occurring graining and mineral deposits across its carefully chiseled surface. Aesthetically speaking, the Udan is the perfect centerpiece to match any dark and cream-colored seating in your living room.

Size: 15’’ H x 35’’ diameter

The Wayfair Line of OFFI Cool Coffee Tables

unique coffee tables 1
This Offi coffee table complements modern decors with its stylish silhouette.

The Scando centerpiece is part of OFFI’s furniture line, a Wayfair brand known for its cool coffee tables multifunctional designs. This unique coffee table uses manufactured wood to create a stylish alternative to traditional coffee tables by bending a walnut composite plank into a self-sustained tabletop.

Shaping the Scando’s single wooden plank at different lengths creates two supporting legs and a U-shaped storage pouch in true Scandinavian modern style. This engaging and elegant design comes with an ample surface for drinks, plates, and dinner trays and built-in storage for books and tablets on its side.

Size: 11” H x 43.5” L x 28” W


A unique coffee table is a clear reflection of a homeowner’s personality. It’s a centerpiece that anchors the living room together, and most people choose a safe option that focuses on functionality instead of aesthetics.

But it’s the adventurous and bold homeowners that choose something that defies trends. Our list showcases unique coffee tables from the best online furniture stores for those of you that are ready to break away with monotony and are willing to give novelty a chance!

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