7 Stone Top Coffee Tables that Add Timeless Elegance to Any Room

stone top coffee tables

Stone top coffee tables add a touch of refinement and elegance to any living room or courtyard. Interior designers worldwide consider these pieces one of their most reliable tools when it comes to decorating.

Depending on the room’s color palette and decorating theme, these one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture can pose as classic, postmodern, or even chic pieces that add a sense of artistic depth to any space.

The Best Stone Top Coffee Tables

The best stone top coffee tables feature a wide range of both exotic and refined materials. Marble top coffee tables come with an iconic look that high-end homes prefer, while others feature intricate patterns and designs that only the rarest and most refined stones can offer.

Stone top coffee tables are also ideal for any weather conditions, making them a superior choice for outdoor areas. They’re almost impossible to crack, warp or corrode, and they’re immune to termites and water damage, which certainly adds an edge over traditional choices.

The best coffee tables also adapt to most budgets since you can choose the size and material you wish to use. Some highly sought-after materials come with a steep price but make up for unique aesthetics that you won’t find in most homes. Others add a touch of classical elegance without breaking the bank!

Without further ado, here are the best stone top coffee tables for this year!

The Vernet Oval Travertine Stone Coffee Table

stone top coffee tables 1
This Travertine Coffee Table is a luxury centerpiece ideal for classic and traditional living rooms.

The Vernet Oval from Crate and Barrel is a travertine stone top coffee table that serves as a sophisticated focal point in any living room.

Travertine is an extremely durable and reliable limestone that we use to pave elegant patios and garden paths. Travertine, in ancient times, also served as the best material to build awe-inspiring temples, monuments, and villas. This modern take by one of the best online furniture stores today is a budget-friendly centerpiece you’ll love.

Given the stone’s use throughout history, it’s no surprise that these oval travertine coffee tables evoke the classical Roman villa aesthetics. The two oak veneer columns lift the sculpturally treated travertine slate and pay homage to ancient Roman architects and their love for organic beauty.

Size: 54″W x 25″D x 17.14″H

The Homary Rotatable Marble Stone Coffee Table

stone top coffee tables 2
Elevate your contemporary living room with the grandeur that only marble-topped furniture can provide.

The Homary Rotatable Table is one of the chicest marble top coffee tables you can find. This furniture piece serves as a luxury furniture addition that adds elegance and functionality to contemporary and art deco living rooms.

Marble is present in some of humanity’s most spectacular pieces of art. Notice how the Homary marble top coffee table combines marble, steel, and gold to create an incredible masterpiece you’ll be proud to showcase in your living room. You can also combine this gorgeous centerpiece with some matching trendy swivel chairs and create a stunning eclectic living room.

Furthermore, the Homary Rotatable table features a 360 degrees rotation on its lower platform that facilitates reaching any of its two solid wood drawers. The table’s design, therefore, provides multiple storage options, as well as a matte white lower platform to place decorative books, magazines, and any everyday essentials you wish to keep at hand.


Marble Platform: 31.5’’ W x 16.9″H

Lower Platform: 27.6’’ W x 6.5’’ D x 13.4″H

The Mobital Emperador Stone Coffee Table

stone top coffee tables 3
The Mobital square coffee table features a beautiful marble top available in Emperador Dark Brown.

This Mobital Emperador stone coffee table is a captivating living room piece that visually resembles an exotic hand-woven carpet. The Dark Emperador, also known as brown marble, adds a luxurious and alluring touch to traditional and modern living rooms.

This black powder-coated stone coffee table features a sturdy cross-shaped steel base, crowned by an ample rectangular platform of exotic Dark Emperador marble. The deep, intricate patterns found in the marble surface transport your guests to an intercontinental luxury hotel lobby, where family and guests can share a cup of brandy or a glass of wine.

Size: 39″W x 39″L x 14″H

The Miro Concrete Slate Coffee Table

stone top coffee tables 4
The Miro Concrete Coffee Table showcases a modern play of geometrical forms that elevates any modern living room.

The Miro concrete slate coffee table favors industrial interior design living rooms thanks to its dynamic geometry and elegant color contrast. The round concrete surface sits on an ebonized mahogany oak veneer base that draws inspiration from the famous 1970s sculptural bronze coffee table aesthetics.

The angular cuts made to its central structure uses negative space as part of its inner form, allowing natural light to shine upon your carpet throughout the day. The exposed wire-brushed finish gleams, adding elegance and modern flair to any eclectic living room.

Size: 41″W x 41″D x 18″H

The Ethan Petrified Wood Stone Coffee Table

stone top coffee tables 5
You can use this sumptuous stone coffee table as a center table in the living room or as a bookstand in the bedroom.

A hint of glamour is all you need to transform a simple room into a stunning, accommodating area for guests and family. The Ethan 3-Legged Wood Stone Coffee Table manages to do just that by integrating organic materials into three tabletop surfaces, adding elegance to any living room. If you’re looking for a more colorful, but equally luxurious option for your living room, we recommend you check out our piece on the best cocktail tables for this year.

This petrified wood stone coffee table also features a gold paint-coated steel stand that adds opulence and originality to your home. This piece is sure to draw compliments from art deco enthusiasts and just about anyone that appreciates refined furniture from the best furniture brands.

Size: 33″W x 36″D x 18″H

The Alexandrea Trestle Coffee Table

stone top coffee tables 6
These elegant coffee tables use clean lines and rich materials to anchor your living room.

The Alexandrea Marble Coffee Table by Gracie Oaks is perfect for transitional living rooms. Traditional living rooms with polished wooden floors as well as homes with neutral-colored walls will find balance and taste in this piece.

You’ll notice that this marble coffee table uses an “X” shaped tripod that, in architectural terms, is referred to as Trestle. This elegant design finds its origins in ancient human civilizations and offers an equally reliable and stylish aesthetic to classic furniture.

Size: 26″W x 50″D x 19″H

The Fleur De Lis Faux Marble Coffee Table

stone top coffee tables 7
This Faux Marble Coffee table combines premium materials with top-notch craftsmanship.

The Faux Marble Coffee Table by Fleur De Lis Living takes you back to the 17th-century Tuscan countryside. This rectangular table comes with a stately carved wood base and an exquisitely patterned marble top.

This beautiful faux marble coffee table represents the elegance of neoclassicism: a style that returns to ancient Greek and Roman art forms. Its traditional flair makes it ideal for living rooms that incorporate contemporary artwork, lighting silhouettes, and eclectic decorative pieces.

The Fleur-de-lys is a long-standing historical symbol associated with the power, wealth, and prestige of the French monarchs of old. Wayfair appropriately named this collection to convey affluence and luxury in your living environments, and this stunning Faux Marble Coffee table stands as its central piece.

Size: 42” W x 72” D x 30” H


Stone top coffee tables add a touch of natural beauty that has inspired humankind for ages. They’re solid and durable products that showcase the original stone’s unique patterns and add timeless elegance to your living room. They’re also perfect for dream backyards in need of a central piece that anchors the rest of the outdoor furniture.

Whether you prefer a classical approach with neutral colors or an exquisite coffee table made of the finest and rarest stone, you’ll find that stone top coffee tables are exactly what your rooms need.

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