Sauder Home is a furniture brand that has been around for nearly a hundred years, though you wouldn’t know by the brand’s nimble presence in the modern furniture market. Sauder has learned how to evolve with consumer demand over the years and provides quality and aesthetic rarely seen together at such affordable pricing.

History of Quality Furniture

Sauder Home Furniture has been around since 1934 having gotten its start as a family woodworking business. Its humble origins quickly gave rise to aggressive expansion into a national brand. Today, the Sauder Woodworking Company is one of the top 5 residential furniture brands in the United States. Their product catalog is quite vast, and features some of the newest design trends to hit the market. They currently have as many as 40 unique collections in their catalog and are constantly expanding.  As a brand, Sauder dedicates themselves to be a responsible manufacturer with a globally-responsible perspective. This is exemplified by their commitment to sustainability which involves reusing often forgotten pieces of wood, and the conversion of sawdust to electricity! Sauder is still a privately-owned family business, despite their monumental clout within the market place. Their furniture is unbelievably affordable for the quality and looked executed. For example, the rustic modern Sauder Dakota Entertainment Console features a reclaimed oak finish, glass doors, and an open speaker bar area and still comes in below the $300 mark.Their products can be found online on Amazon where they have quite the collection of 5 star reviews. If you’re looking for a furniture brand that can deliver on quality and style while still remaining affordable—Sauder will likely become your new favorite furniture brand!

Sauder Home Furniture Review
Sauder Home
Sauder has a long history of producing some of the world's best furniture. This brand offers truly unique products made in America through sustainable manufacturing processes. They offer some of the most affordable furniture on the market today.
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