6 Trendy Retro Coffee Tables to Revolutionize your Living Room

Prepare to relive the joys of the past with the best retro coffee tables for this year!
retro coffee tables

A retro coffee table is a furniture piece that speaks to your soul. It’s attractive and inspiring in a very personal way.

Retro furniture takes you back to a time where innovation, greatness, and hope permeated every home. Its aesthetic reminisces a pop culture, fashion, and design revolution that lasted from the 1950s to the roaring 80s.

The Best Retro Coffee Tables

When it comes to retro, each decade comes with its own whimsical furniture style. The 60s introduced vibrant, almost psychedelic patterns and colors into the living room, while the 70s disposed of sleek furniture in favor of chunkier pieces with earth tones.

The 80s took a page from Art Deco style and mixed it with patterns, geometric shapes, and reflective surfaces to create something new and wildly rebellious.

Retro style is, however, something deeply personal. What’s retro to you might seem vintage to the person next to you, and it’s because everyone has a decade and a specific style that resonates above others.

Today we’ve included retro coffee tables from each decade and design style. We’ve also hand-picked pieces from the best furniture brands to guarantee you get the quality you deserve!

The Garica Vintage Modern Coffee Table

retro coffee tables 2
The Garica coffee table is a low-profile retro centerpiece.

This Corrigan Studio furnishing is a retro coffee table that combines the best of modern and mid-century styles. The Garica is a beautiful vintage modern coffee table known for its square drum silhouette and an ample tabletop that hosts all your living room tech essentials and favorite decor pieces. The Garica centerpiece also comes with a spacious lateral drawer perfect for storing books, tablets, laptops, and remotes.

This mid-century modern cocktail table comes with a sturdy wooden and metal structure that makes it equally stylish and durable. This retro coffee table adds elegance, warmth, and modernity to neutral-toned living room environments, making it an all-around great addition that helps you reduce clutter.

Size: 15” H x 39.4” L x 39.4” W

The Rozzer Retro Coffee Table

retro coffee tables 5
The Rozzer adds mid-century modern aesthetics to your living room.

The Rozzer coffee table uses its mid-century modern aesthetic to suit the latest take on contemporary and modern living room designs. This George Oliver retro coffee table merges solid walnut with manufactured wood to anchor neutral-toned living rooms and establish a relaxing atmosphere.

Additionally, the Rozzer offers convenience and comfort for your Saturday Netflix binge marathons or Sunday reading sessions in the living room. Its multi-functional design passively reduces clutter thanks to its storage compartments, making it an excellent choice for minimalist households.

The mid century modern cocktail table features a smooth grain laminate on its table top for drinks, remotes, and small decorative bowls. It also features a sliding slatted door to access its concealed storage, keeping your living room essentials organized with practical functionality.

Size: 17” H x 43” L x 21.5” W

The Crate & Barrell Midcentury Modern Coffee Table

retro coffee tables 1
This artistic coffee table is perfect for mid-century inspired living rooms.

The Elke centerpiece is one of the best retro coffee tables to bring the classic, understated look of 1960’s interior designs. This midcentury modern coffee table showcases a half-inch polished-edge glass that rests upon a handcrafted brass-polished base. The sober aesthetics perfectly match cobalt blue carpets, Nobel grey sofa sets, and emerald green decorative pieces.

This Crate & Barrel furnishing distinguishes itself from other retro coffee tables by using its sculptural base as a focal point. The sleek H-like shape of its supporting structure stays true from any point of view, inspired by how conceptual art portrayed the perpetuity of form during the 1950s.

The Elke retro coffee table also comes with a tried and true design that withstands the test of time and the fickle whims of fashion. The piece can aesthetically adapt to all color palettes, textures, and decoration themes, making it a safe and stylishly powerful option.

Size: 58″W x  28″D x 17.25″H

The Showalter Midcentury Coffee Table

retro coffee tables 3
The Showalter retro coffee table has an almost nostalgic feel to it.

The George Oliver living room centerpiece is a midcentury coffee table with a low profile and a simple design that decorates sectionals without over-the-top embellishments. This retro coffee table also has a curved-edge rectangular structure and iconic aesthetics that Mad Men fans will instantly recognize.

The Showalter retro coffee table is made from solid manufactured wood and showcases a rich grained particleboard surface. Its beautiful mid-century aesthetic gallantly presents linen-colored front doors and cylindrical handles to complete its upper structure. The ample surface tabletop area also conveniently hosts coffee table plants, decor and keeps all your living room essentials at arm’s reach.

Size: 16” H x 47” L x 23” W

The Braxton Culler Retro Coffee Table

retro coffee tables 4
This handwoven rattan coffee table offers a fantastic texture perfect for beach houses.

The Braxton Culler is a versatile retro coffee table that doubles as a midcentury modern beach house cocktail table. The centerpiece wicker and rattan structure convey the breezy energy of vintage coastal homes as it anchors any clutter-free living room environment with its scenic design.

This retro coffee table allows you to combine handwoven rattan with your natural decoration and wooden sofa sets and chaises. The mid century modern coffee table is available in Honey, Bisque, Black, and four other color options to match (or contrast) your living room walls.

All in all, it’s the best cocktail table for nautical-inspired living environments with plenty of natural light.

Size: 17” H x 41” L x 26” W

The Campanelli Retro Coffee Table

retro coffee tables 6
The Campanelli is an on-trend coffee table that adds retro flair to your living room layout.

This Mercury Row furnishing is the perfect midcentury modern coffee table to enjoy music, dim lights, and casual nightcaps with your significant other in a stylish living room setup. The Campanelli is a retro coffee table founded atop four legs with a waterdrop-shaped tabletop where drinks, appetizers, and remotes rest during movie nights.

This retro coffee table top also features a solid finish that blends into minimalist and retro interior designs thanks to its chic aesthetic. Not to mention, the table’s low profile makes it the perfect stable centerpiece for reduced living room spaces and any mid-century-inspired entertainment room.

Size: 15” H x 47.00” L x 23” W


Retro furniture is part of a major interior design trend today. These nostalgic pieces are, once again, popular amongst interior designers, collectors, and just about everyone else that has a spot in their heart for their unique aesthetic. The best online furniture stores regularly stock their catalogs with these iconic pieces due to their high demand.

Many might find themselves attracted to a retro coffee table despite the fact they’ve never lived through this iconic era. If you feel a special kind of nostalgia for a life you never experienced whenever you gaze at these pieces, then know that you’re not alone!

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