Pulaski Furniture: Artistically Rich Pieces That Soothe The Senses

Pulaski is a furniture industry titan with over 65 years of proven excellence. Check out our favorite collections and pieces for this year!
pulaski furniture

Furniture is a big investment, especially when you want your home to look aesthetically cohesive and refined. Feeling like you’ve gotten your money’s worth (and more!) is what Pulaski is all about.

Their time-honored commitment to excellence and craftsmanship spans well over 67 years, and it’s what makes Pulaski one of the best furniture brands today.

Artistically Rich and Affordable Furniture

Pulaski offers variety and artistic depths in all of their designs. Their line of products ranges from nostalgic 19th-century traditional American collections to luxurious mid-century ensembles.

The Pulaski online catalog features an obsessive attention to detail and quality in its collections. Their bedroom sets cover all the essential furniture your chambers need, from delicately crafted vanities to stunning headboards for your bed.

Their dining room and living room sets are just as impressive and are guaranteed to draw comments and questions from even the most refined guests. The matching curios collection, on the other hand, comes with flattering interior lighting and plate grooved glass shelves that add glamour and good taste to any room.

We’ve gone through their entire catalog and hand-picked, what we believe, are some of their finest pieces to date.

The Pulaski Carmen Bedroom

pulaski furniture 1
This Pulaski bedroom set is perfect for modern-themed homes.

The Carmen bedroom set by Pulaski is a must-have addition to your home this year. Its set pieces feature clean lines, perfectly squared silhouettes, and a pebbled faux shagreen finish that gently contrasts its gold metal accents.

The luxurious paneled bed design comes with an exquisitely worked solid wood frame that’s built to last. The muted gold metallic trims at the bottom edge of the footboard (and around the headboard) add a touch of glamour to your chambers and welcome you to a night of deep sleep.

The Carmen’s chest offers eight spacious drawers for all your clothes, while the Carmen nightstand features three additional drawers for your accessories and books. The gliding ball bearing guides and gold accents allow easy access to all of your valuables and clothing and round up a beautiful set that perfectly fits modern-themed homes.

The Glendale States Traditional Dining Room Set

pulaski furniture 2
This gorgeous dining room set is perfect for traditional and contemporary farmhouses.

The Glendale Estates collection is, without question, our favorite Pulaski dining room set. Its distressed white-wash finish, contrasting wood tones, and metal inserts create a stunningly beautiful setup that eases the senses.

Traditionally, dining rooms are the ultimate gathering spot for friends and family. It’s where you disconnect from hectic modernity as you reconnect and share with those you love the most, and Pulaski furniture managed to capture this feeling perfectly.

The set has two seating options: updated Windsor chair designs to match your traditional farmhouse look or an upholstered dining room chair design for contemporary-themed homes. The Curio comes with gorgeous hickory veneers, arched tops, windowpane moldings, and some gorgeous metal accents to add a touch of luxe to your living spaces.

The Charlie Living Room Set

pulaski furniture 3
This mid-century living room set combines top-notch comfort and luxury.

The Charlie set by Pulaski is proof that the talented Pulaski design team understands and masters mid-century interior design. Each piece features a deep diamond button-tufted design that equally projects power and luxury.

The sofa, loveseat, recliner, and chairs feature a top-grain leather cover that wraps each of these masterfully crafted pieces. The slightly elevated frame, vintage feel, and strategically-placed antique brass accents turn any living room into a place you’ll love to show off to your friends and neighbors.

The Pulaski Curios and Display Cabinets are incredibly elegant pieces that make your living room feel whole. The 33 inch curio console perfectly fits the Charlie living room set because it features select hardwood solids and veneers, as well as a classy Ridgewood Cherry finish. This rich, dark tone matches the Charlie set’s elegant mid-century theme and color palette while offering some much-needed space for your most valuable décor.

You can place the 33 inch curio console behind a sofa to turn your luxurious coffee table into the living room’s focal point. You can also place it under your favorite painting to enhance its presence over the room, making it a must-have piece for art collectors that love to showcase their most precious art piece at the heart of the home.

The set combines deep comfort, luxury, and refined taste simultaneously, making it an excellent choice for living rooms in need of renovation.

Closing Words

Choosing furniture for your home can be a daunting task. Finding the pieces that match that dream home you’ve always daydreamed about can be difficult, especially if you’re on a budget.

Pulaski makes the entire process that much easier. Their curated collections feature sets perfectly match any interior design theme, allowing you to create aesthetically cohesive living spaces in a matter of minutes.

The fact that each piece comes with incredible attention to detail, top-tier craftsmanship, and a fantastic price tag makes their collections an excellent choice for first-time homeowners and interior decorators alike!


Fred Stanley Sr. and C.B Richardson founded Pulaski furniture in 1955 under the name “Pulaski Veneer and Furniture Company”. Their promise was as simple as it was powerful: creating high-quality and affordable furniture for the masses.

In 1967, B.C Wampler took over as President and CEO and completely overhauled the company’s Martinsville manufacturing facility. The machinery, techniques, and additional working space allowed the company to release its iconic Keepsakes Collection. The Keepsakes Collection cemented itself as an all-time best-selling line of products and instantly positioned Pulaski furniture as an industry leader.

The roaring success allowed the Pulaski Veneer and Furniture Company to create their first curio cabinets in 1982. More than 10 years later, this expertly-crafted collection accounted for half of its overall sales, proving that Pulaski furniture could successfully create and launch an entirely new line of products in a very competitive market.

In 2016, Pulaski Furniture joined the world-renowned Hooker Furnishing family of brands. Pulaski furniture has changed throughout the years to maximize its reach and elevate its production standards. Still, its core promise remains intact: top-tier quality furniture, excellent prices, and outstanding value.

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