Mattresses are arguably the most pivotal possessions we own—after all we spend a third of our lives on them.  Nectar Sleep mattresses have entered into the marketplace as a strong contender for the best mattress brand and have been getting rave reviews. This company understands that people deserve a luxury mattress, but shouldn’t be overcharged. Their free shipping, awesome promotions, and comfortable design make this mattress brand an easy choice.

Why Nectar Sleep

Mattress brands have historically be riddled with low quality and high pricing. They are cheaply made in overseas factories, shipping into domestic warehouses, then often change hand as many as 5 times before reaching the end buyer! Logistically this isn’t too complicated, but financially this can be a burden for many. Each time a new distributor such as an importer, wholesaler, retailer, or specialty retailer exchanges these products—there’s a price markup. There’s been a surge in popularity (and demand) for a new business model that is powered by the ingenuity of the internet. Mattress brands like Nectar Sleep are now offering direct sales from their website, and manufacture their own products. This means that there are a minimal amount of markups, you never have to deal with third-party support systems, and their guarantees can’t ‘expire’ in the eyes of the retailer you purchased from.

Nectar Sleep Mattress
Image from Nectar Sleep

Free Shipping & Innovative Packaging

Direct sales has been an increasingly popular business model among many modern companies. Mattress brands were some of the last to adopt simply because of shipping issues. I mean, mattresses are BIG—and HEAVY! Nectar Sleep found that by making their mattresses out of a dense foam blend (several types in fact) that they could vacuum seal their product, roll it up, and stick it into a very convenient carrying case. This isn’t a carrying case like you’d tote around a travel pillow with—but it makes it possible for domestic carries like FedEx or UPS to ship them. This unique system allows Nectar Sleep to provide free shipping for all of their products as well as have them packaged in an easily movable way. Moving mattresses can be a pain—but not when they’re vacuum packed and rolled up all nice and firm!

Nectar Sleep Foam Layer Diagram
Image: Nectar Sleep

Meet Your New Mattress

Enough about the romance of these mattresses, and a bit more about the actual engineering that goes into their world renowned comfort system. Nectar Sleep mattresses are CertiPUR-US Certified to be made with non-toxic materials such as PBDEs, Mercury, or Lead. They are a 5-layer foam construction featuring gel, memory foam, breathable support layers, and a tencel cooling cover on top to promote freer air flow. These mattresses have undergone a rigorous evolution in their design through listening to customer feedback. Their comfort level has been designed to rest right in the sweet spot between soft and firm—providing a great sleeping experience for everyone. If you’re obsessed with either a rock hard firm mattress, or a feather soft pillow top mattress—Nectar Sleep mattresses may not be the best option for you. For the 99% of everyone else that wants remarkable contour support and breath-ability for any sleeping position—this mattress is for you!

Mattress Sizes

Picking out a new mattress isn’t always just about how firm it is, how to get a good night’s sleep, or the free shipping by which it arrives to your home. Sometimes you need to carefully consider the size of mattresses to make sure you’re getting a product that will work well with your current bedroom furniture. Nectar Sleep mattresses are suitable for use on platform beds, traditional box-spring setups, or laying flat on the ground if you’re into the studio apartment vibe. Nectar Sleep mattresses are sized to fit standard bed sizes, and the only real difference you may see is in the thickness which is 11 inches. Below is a reference chart to ensure you’re getting the correct size for your current bed.

Mattress TypeWidthLengthThicknessWeight (apx.)
75"11"54 lbs
Twin XL39"80"11"56 lbs
Full54"75"11"68 lbs
Queen60"80"11"75 lbs
King76"80"11"93 lbs
California King72"84"11"93 lbs

Deals & Guarantees

We all know that products are often only as good as their guarantee. If a product is designed to last for 30 days, it usually lasts for 31. Manufacturers are vehement about the dates that products get bought on, and can often instigate a nightmarish negotiation to get your money back for products you didn’t end up using (for whatever reason.) Nectar Sleep has a 365 Night Home Trial during which you can return one of their mattresses with no questions asked! This isn’t a warranty, this is just Nectar’s way of letting you know that if something were to just not feel right about their product that you won’t be on the hook for the price. Assuming that you do fall in love with their your new Nectar Sleep mattress, Nectar provides an unprecedented Forever Warranty which guarantees their product for life! This is a near-unmatched value among mattress brands and has been reflected by the many numbers of positive reviews Nectar Sleep mattresses have gotten.

Girl on Mattress Nectar Sleep Review
Nectar Sleep Mattresses
A Nectar Sleep Mattress is a luxury brand priced for regular consumers. Their dedication to quality, free shipping, and lifetime guarantees make their product one of the best mattresses on the market today!
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