6 Natural Wood Coffee Tables that Interior Designers Adore

Welcome nature into your living room with these gorgeously natural coffee tables!
natural wood coffee tables

Natural coffee tables are indeed one-of-a-kind pieces. Each comes with a magical grain pattern designed by mother nature and adds a texture and warmth that artificial materials can’t emulate.

Wood is also a prevalent material choice for furniture. The best furniture brands regularly feature at least one large wood coffee table in their collections because they are reliable, durable, and stylish.

Natural Wood Coffee Table

Whether you’re going for a hardwood coffee table because of its long-lasting performance and durability, or a natural coffee table made out of softwood, natural wood coffee tables are always an excellent choice.

Today we’ve gathered our favorite natural wood coffee tables from the best online furniture stores for this year. Whether you’re looking for a large wood coffee table or wood top coffee table, you’ll find the best of the best in our list.

Without further ado, here are our favorite picks for this year!

The Dillon Ashen Natural Wood Coffee Table

natural wood coffee tables 1
Crate and Barrel organic furnishings complement transitional living rooms elegantly.

The Dillon Ashen furniture piece is a beautiful round coffee table that perfectly suits sofa sectionals with vibrant hues. This natural wood coffee table uses walnut veneer with an ashen finish that adds delicate contrasts to dark-colored sofa sets. The Dillon round coffee table perfectly combines with sofa sectionals to create a welcoming seating array for guests and family.

The Dillon features a bold cylindrical design with a spacious tabletop to rest coffee table plants, laptops, books, and snacks, all at the same time. Iron legs support its round structure with an oxidized finish, adding symmetry and balance to your living room setup.

Size: 15″H x 40″W x 40″D

The Wilhelm Natural Wood Coffee Table

natural wood coffee tables 2
The Wilhelm coffee table is a charming and practical coffee table that beautifully complements modern living environments.

This Industrial Lodge Home centerpiece is one of those fuss-free natural wood coffee tables that simplifies your living room setup with its beautiful and practical design.

The Wilhelm wood top coffee table displays Germanic and Scandinavian modernity with its elegant fir wood structure. The piece comes with built-in storage sections to help you reduce clutter around the house and a stylish, warm neutral finish that you’ll love.

This natural wood coffee table features a rectangular tabletop for placing small humidifiers, decorative pieces, and snacks. At the same time, its two lower open cubbies provide a convenient place to keep tablets, books, and remotes at arm’s reach, making it one of the best coffee tables out there.

Size: 18” H x 42” L x 23” W

The Dartmouth Natural Wood Coffee Table

natural wood coffee tables 3
The Dartmouth coffee table features a gorgeous piece of teakwood that adds rustic sophistication to your living room.

This Foundry Select furniture piece is a rustic modern coffee table that welcomes charm and personality right into your living room. The Dartmouth is a natural wood coffee table that showcases a 3’’ thick teakwood piece of wood, suiting modern living rooms the same way epoxy river tables decorate the social areas of our homes.

The Dartmouth also serves as a beautiful centerpiece for modern cabins and pool houses. The piece comes with a low center of gravity that allows it to hold living room essentials and heavy decorative pieces with tremendous ease. The black Aston legs reliably distribute the load and add a sophisticated, industrial-style touch that interior designers love.

Size: 17” H x 40” L x 28” W

The Coughlin Natural Wood Coffee Table

natural wood coffee tables 4
This coffee table welcomes the soothing vibes of a simpler past to your living room.

The Coughlin rustic centerpiece is a pinewood top coffee table that matches your enthusiasm for all things organic and farm-fresh. This natural wood coffee table showcases a rustic, cottage appeal that focuses on bringing the outdoors into your living room, creating a space defined by a vibrant mix of the old and the new.

The Coughlin wood top coffee table comes with a crater box design that perfectly complements traditional leather furniture sofas. This one-of-a-kind piece anchors the room from a furniture distribution and aesthetic standpoint, making it a top choice for rooms looking to introduce rustic elegance into the mix.

Furthermore, this Foundry Select furniture piece provides a sturdy platform for drinks, appetizers, coffee table plants, and other decorative pieces. This wood top coffee table represents the balance between convenience and aesthetics, making it one of our favorite picks for this year.

Size: 16” H x 39” L x 20” W

The Cassius Natural Wood Coffee Table

natural wood coffee tables 5 1
This unique coffee table elevates modern and contemporary living rooms with its half-sphere structure and beautiful mango wood finish.

The Cassius artistic centerpiece is a natural wood coffee table that merges a half sphere shape with the rustic appeal of cottage furniture pieces. This hardwood coffee table is chiseled from high-quality mango wood, showcasing a natural brown finish that asserts its durability.

The natural brown finish of the Cassius adds depth to its a trimmed geometry and wooden texture, making this natural wood coffee table a tasteful artistic addition to your living room.

This unique large wood coffee table also serves as a reliable platform to serve drinks, snacks, and appetizers for family and friends during movie nights. Furthermore, its smooth top is easy to wipe, and its flat base provides excellent support for heavy decorative pieces, making it an equally stylish and convenient natural wood coffee table.

Size: 12” H x 35.5” L x 35.5” W

The Loon Peak Natural Wood Coffee Table

natural wood coffee tables 6
This mango wood coffee table uses an ingenious support system to create an understated industrial design.

This Loon Peak furnishing is a hardwood coffee table that introduces the alluring beauty of modern industrial designs to your living room environment.

The Loon peak natural wood coffee table showcases a smoothed tabletop supported by lateral nodes that fuse two metal bar sections at a 90-degree angle. This elegant and understated industrial design demonstrates how a combination of iron and mango wood creates symmetry and contrast to heighten a living room’s modern design.

This hardwood coffee table features a checkerboard patterned in its 3″ thick solid wood plank. This natural wood coffee table comes with a low-profile, 14″ height that makes it the perfect piece to place snack bowls, drinks, and bottles during friendly visits.

Size: 14” H x 27.5” L x 27.5” W


Natural coffee tables are some of the most versatile furniture out there. They’re able to match any interior design style: from traditionally warm settings to modern chic living rooms; you’re guaranteed to find a wood grain tone and finish that perfectly fit your room.

Wood top coffee tables are also highly functional pieces that easily accommodate guests and relatives: they come in all shapes and sizes and are guaranteed to withstand tremendous weight. As if that wasn’t enough, most of these pieces come with an incredible price tag that new homeowners on a budget desperately need, so be sure to snag one before the rest notice!

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