6 Clever Modular Coffee Tables to Modernize Reduced Spaces

Modular coffee tables are the hottest trend in interior design this year. Check out our favorite picks from top brands!
modular coffee tables

Modular coffee tables, also known as coffee table cubes, are this year’s best-selling furniture for reduced spaces.

These bespoke modernistic pieces are ready to take the center stage in the living room and redefine your spaces. Coffee table cubes allow you to create revolutionary layouts and completely change your furniture distribution in ways you never thought possible.

The Best Modular Coffee Tables

Modular coffee tables are bespoke furniture you can place almost anywhere, allowing you to create unique layouts that adapt to your lifestyle and needs.

A stylish cube coffee table set is also an excellent space-saving tool since you can customize its shape and size to perfectly fit in reduced spaces. Modular coffee tables also maximize negative space in minimalist households, circulation paths and offer next-level convenience to guests and owners.

While they’re not as mobile as coffee tables with wheels, these coffee table cubes certainly give them a run for their money! They’re easy to assemble and can be quickly moved to fit into different rooms if you feel like switching things up!

Union Rustic Cube Coffee Table Set

modular coffee tables 1
The Union cube coffee table set adds rustic charm to your living room.

The Tylor modular coffee table is part of a Union rustic cube coffee table set. This cube coffee table is perfect for monochromatic drawing rooms and warm modern living rooms, and it’s available in two gorgeous finishes that adapt to any color palette.

The Tylor block-shaped table stands as the perfect modern farmhouse living room’s centerpiece, thanks to its charming and spacious design. This modern coffee table features a couple of lateral drawers that let you stash magazine stacks, decorative knick-knacks, and sweet-smelling candles.

Furthermore, this cube coffee table set features a spacious manufactured wood top surface for all your coffee table plants, mid-size decorations, and cups. The abundance of features (and stylish design) makes the Tylor Block coffee table the perfect living room addition for romantic evenings over a bottle of wine next to your partner.

Size: 16.13” H x 31” L x 31” W

The Summerall Nesting Solid Wood Coffee Table Set

modular coffee tables 2
If you’re looking for a multipurpose, stylish coffee table, look no further than the Summerall Nesting tables.

The Summerall Nesting solid wood coffee table set features three rounded triangular MDF tabletops supported by black metal hairpin legs. The sturdy, durable build comes with smoothened edges to make it as kid-friendly as possible.

These coffee tables suit Industrial, Modern, Scandinavian, and Midcentury Modern living rooms all the same by combining metal with natural wood. You can keep these solid wood coffee tables set together or spread them across your home to add a dash of much-needed originality to any space.

This solid wood coffee table stands as a piece of multi-functional furniture that fits into living rooms, small home offices, and even entryways. The Summerall can also double as a stylish nightstand for bedrooms, featuring a multi-tier surface design for your smartphone, lamp, and everyday essentials.

Lastly, if you’re wondering how much is a coffee table worth these days, we have some excellent news for you: Wayfair’s Union Rustic line of furniture brings you this solid wood coffee table set below the $80 mark. This excellent price tag allows you to equip small living rooms (or complement large ones) with classic and chic aesthetics alike.


Large table: 17” H x 22” L x 22” W

Medium table: 16” H x 17” L x 17” W

Small Table: 15” H x 14” L x 14” W

Pottery Barn Coffee Table Cubes

modular coffee tables 3
This coffee table cube showcases a wooden Rubik’s cube design.

The Patchwork cubic table is more than a modern Pottery Barn furniture piece: it is also one of those coffee table cubes that blends the warmth of classic rustic styles with the chic appeal of modern aesthetics.

This gorgeous living room adds convenience to a house sofa set and provides a touch of charm to any city apartment. The Patchwork coffee table cube is crafted from reclaimed elm and engineered hardwood to emulate a Rubik’s cube design, rotating its wood grain from one square to the next.

The coffee table cube comes with a sturdy structure that naturally highlights the wood’s delicate grain. This stylish piece perfectly pairs up with leather sofas due to its oil-based, natural elm finishes, making it the best coffee table for living rooms with earthy colors.

Size: 19.5” H x 23.5” L x 23.5” W

Crate and Barrel Garrison Coffee Table Cubes

modular coffee tables 4
The Garrison coffee table adds bohemian flair to any room.

The Garrison is a smooth burled wood coffee table cube that adds simplistic, sober beauty to your living room. This unique coffee table features fascinating swirls of burled wood throughout its sculptural silhouette, serving as the ideal complement for black onyx or dark marble decorating pieces.

The fresh bleached finish on its mahogany surface gives way to a peachy color that suits neutral-toned living room walls and dark sofa sets. The Garrison is, without question, one of those unique coffee tables that takes your home’s modern aesthetic to the next level.

Size: 20” H x 20” L x 20” W

The Clever Cloud Waterfall Modular Coffee Table

modular coffee tables 5
This modular coffee table can be used as a standalone furniture piece or to complement large ottomans.

This original take from Restoration Hardware serves as an exclusive modular coffee table and a versatile console for large sectionals. The oak veneer surface perfectly fits the sofa’s mid-section to create a fully customizable modular seating system.

This exclusive modular coffee table is handcrafted of kiln-dried hardwood with corner-blocked joinery. You can use the Clever Cloud as a footrest stool in front of your couch or a standalone surface for drinks, decorations, and living room essentials in full Scandinavian fashion, to make a room as modern as you want.

Size: 20” H x 44” L x 78” W

The Byron Multi Piece Coffee Table

modular coffee tables 6
The Byron multi piece coffee table is a versatile, modular coffee table that fits modern and minimalist living rooms.

The Byron bunching table set serves as a multi-piece coffee table that fully complements your sofa with the sober elegance of minimalist designs. You can use these Pottery Barn’s furnishings like side tables by the sides of your sofa set or group two or three together to create an ample coffee table.

These coffee table cubes use a kiln-dried, solid poplar: a lightweight material that resembles polished concrete’s surface color and texture. The cubes poplar not only provides a rustic yet modern aesthetic thanks to its Mason Gray finish, but it’s also sturdy enough to support up to 200 pounds of weight on its tabletop.

The Byron’s cube design creates a streamlined profile that readily mixes with neutral-colored seating, organic decorating pieces such as coffee table plants, and ceramic sculptures. The Byron is hands down, the ultimate redecorating piece for living rooms this year.

Size: 17” H x 22” L x 22” W


Modular coffee tables are as stylish as they are versatile. As with any other modular piece, it’s highly recommended you get your living room’s centerpiece from the best furniture brands out there.

Modular Coffee tables require minimal assembly, but each component must feature top-notch materials capable of standing the test of time, especially if you regularly plan to shuffle them between rooms.

The best online furniture stores are releasing new cube coffee table collections every month, so be sure to regularly check their online catalogs for that game-changing piece your living room needs!

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