6 Functional Modern Coffee Tables that Interior Designers Love

modern coffee tables

Are you looking for a functional coffee table with an unmistakable artistic touch? Check out the best modern coffee tables for this year!

Modern coffee tables embody minimalism and simplicity, two virtues that align with this year’s interior design trends and the constant need to reduce clutter.

Modern living room tables also help you anchor your seating furniture and offer convenience to your guests. They serve as the ideal surface to place your drinks and showcase your decor, and much more!

The Best Modern Coffee Tables

The best modern coffee tables offer a perfect balance of functionality and eye-catchy aesthetics. Modern interior design favors clean geometric shapes and neutral colors that are easy to combine.

They also feature organic materials such as natural wood and stones. Many consider the best stone coffee tables an excellent example of modernity, while others think of them as luxurious pieces that fit classical spaces.

Regardless, modern living room tables generally come with some form of added functionality. Some can offer additional work surfaces, while others help you reduce clutter, thanks to their concealed storage modules and drawers.

Our list features the best modern coffee tables from the best furniture brands this year to guarantee you get the quality you deserve!

The Madilynn Modern Coffee Table

modern coffee tables 1
The Madilynn Coffee Table design draws inspiration from Germanic architecture, adding elegance and functionality to your living room.

This Wade Logan furniture piece follows the fuss-free and straightforward design that defines modern coffee tables. The Madilynn features a vast body (with a curved lower panel) in an encased trestle base that provides sturdy support in full Scandinavian style.

The table combines manufactured wood with glossy wood veneers that are easy to clean for a sparkling look. This modern coffee table also features plenty of storage options through four partitioned cubby shelves set under a pane of tempered glass. This convenient array lets you organize remotes, coasters, board games, and any house essentials.

Furthermore, its modern design adds two lateral drawers, increasing the table’s functionality and convenience as a proper minimalist furniture piece would in any living room.

Size: 15.8” H x 48.75” L x 23.7” W

The Lorccan Modern Coffee Table

modern coffee tables 2
The Lorccan coffee table brings convenience and natural beauty to your living room setup.

The Lorccan modern living room table is an eye-catching centerpiece made from high-quality engineered wood, topped with a walnut wood finish. This mid-century furniture piece by Corrigan Studios follows modern interior design principles to showcase an aesthetically pleasing and versatile design with plenty of storage options. It’s, hands down, one of the best coffee tables out there today.

The Lorccann is a modern furnishing that uses organic materials with patterned details to fill your living room with a soothing, natural atmosphere. On top of this, Corrigan Studios added two roomy openings (on its front and back) that lets you conveniently place books, remotes, humidifiers, and even decorative plants.

Size: 15.7” H x 39.2” L x 23.2” W

The Michiko Modern Coffee Table

modern coffee tables 3
The Michiko Coffee Table brings a conversation-sparking accent to your living room, keeping remotes and game controllers off the floor.

The Michiko Modern Coffee Table by Wrought Studio showcases a tempered glass top and lower shelf, providing double the space for coffee table plants, laptops, and tablets.

Modern spaces are known for their clean lines and open floor concepts. The Michiko coffee table emulates this through a two-tiered, clean-lined design that features two distinct platforms, each supported by four sleek steel rounded legs, placed on a top-four manufactured wood base.

This combination of metal and organic materials is a trademark of modern decorative pieces in which stark colors mix with natural warm neutrals, complementing your living room’s decor in an organic yet functional way.

Size: 17.7” H x 47” L x 23.5” W

The Belafonte Modern Coffee Table

modern coffee tables 4
The Belafonte is a stunning modern coffee table that provides storage space in each of its two tiers.

The Belafonte Modern Living Room Table uses its tempered glass transparency to reduce visual mass while keeping an aesthetically pleasing symmetrical design.

Modern interior design uses geometric elements decoratively, so modern living rooms showcase crystal elements that enhance geometric lighting fixtures. Few furniture pieces accomplish this more effectively than the Wade Logan centerpiece due to its ultramodern two-level structure.

This modern coffee table displays an architecturally inspired concept in which a manufactured black wood core serves as a supporting column for its multi-tiered design. The Belafonte not only establishes a distinct contrast between its surfaces for a modern aesthetic, it also provides two surfaces to keep any living room essentials at arm’s reach.

Size: 14” H x 39” L x 39” W

The Joss & Main Modern Coffee Table

modern coffee tables 5
The Convertible Joss & main Coffee Table offers convenient storage to your living room.

This Joss & Main convertible centerpiece is one of the best Modern Coffee Tables you can get. Its ingenious design allows you to compress or expand it, offering some much-needed extra storage space.

This modern coffee table features a central box that serves as a sectioned compartment for home theatre essentials, living room appliances, and couch blankets. Furthermore, its central structure uses two rich walnut shells that slide laterally to cover or reveal the coffee table’s contents discretely and elegantly. All of this makes the Joss & Main modern coffee table a sleek and streamlined modern furniture piece ideal for small and large living rooms alike.

Size: 12.6” H x 79.1” L x 27.6” W

The Mercury Row Modern Coffee Table

modern coffee tables 6
This modern coffee table is fantastic for living rooms, reception areas, and entertainment rooms.

The Arabella is a Modern Living Room Table with undeniably cool features derived from its mid-century design, and multi-colour LED light system. It’s, by far, our favorite modern take on a cocktail table.

This Mercury Row creation features convenient storage options through its four drawers to keep drinks, books, and home entertainment essentials at arm’s reach. The ample surface also allows you to incorporate decorative greenery in its glossy manufactured wood top.

What makes the Arabella Modern coffee table stand out from other furnishings is its multi-color LED light: A techy feature lets you select the perfect color combination to set the stage for gaming nights and social gatherings.

Size: 12.20” H x 37.40” L x 21.7” W


Modern coffee tables are super popular pieces this year because they’re durable and easy to maintain. Their clean lines and geometric-inspired design adapt to large open-concept homes and small apartment living rooms. It all comes down to picking a model with the size and added functionality that your home needs!

The pieces we’ve listed come straight from interior designers that outfit their homes with high-end collections from the best online furniture stores. This combination of functionality and artistic depth will take your living room to the next level!

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