The 6 Best Minimalist Coffee Tables for a Soothing Living Room

Keep your living room free of clutter with these beautiful minimalist coffee tables!
minimalist cocktail tables

Minimalist coffee tables combine functionality and simple beauty. These carefully crafted pieces offer convenience while delicately preserving your room’s aesthetic balance.

These pieces come with a simple, clean design that welcomes you into the living room. Minimalist coffee tables are also anything but boring: they leverage light, form, and top-notch materials to help you leave your active lifestyle behind and invite peace into your home.

The Best Minimalist Coffee Tables

Today we’ve rounded up pieces from the best furniture brands (and their online catalogs) to find the best minimalist coffee tables. Here’s what we looked for:

Top-notch materials: the best minimalist coffee tables feature sturdy materials that complement your space. While most will prefer wooden pieces due to their warm color tones and budget-friendly price tags, others might pick stone top coffee tables with travertine or marble to complement their hardwood floors.

Perfect proportions: minimalist coffee tables must come with adequate length to your sofa. Coffee tables, in general, need to measure two-third of your sofa’s length and stand 12-18 inches away from your couch. The furniture’s proportions need to comply with these basic interior design standards and fit into the overall minimalist theme in your room.

Highly functional: coffee tables represent convenience, while minimalism is all about functionality and practicality. The best minimalist coffee tables need to embody all of these concepts and actively make your life easier every time you sit on your couch.

Based on these non-negotiable standards, here are our favorite picks for this year!

The Gold Flamingo Minimalist Coffee Table

minimalist cocktail tables 1
This minimalist coffee table has an urban design perfect for industrial-style living rooms.

The Jamil Frame Coffee Table serves as a beautiful minimalist cocktail table for living rooms with a monochromatic color palette. This round minimalist coffee table highlights your living room’s distribution through its visually reductive design, projecting a clean aesthetic ideal for uncluttered living environments.

This minimalist cocktail table features a round tempered glass top to place drinks, remotes, and small decorative bowls in front of your couch. Its surface rests upon a stainless-steel base that mirrors the shape of the tempered glass top, making it perfect for industrially themed living rooms and lobby areas.

Size: 17” H x 35” L x 35” W

The Elsfield Minimalist Coffee Table

minimalist cocktail tables 2 1
This minimalist coffee table showcases a versatile and affordable modern design.

The Elsfield minimalist coffee table completes your living room’s symmetry while keeping beverages and remotes at arm’s reach. This rectangular coffee table brims with contemporary appeal, adding functionality and beauty to your living room through non-superfluous embellishments.

Minimalist furniture pieces tend to showcase simple shapes that harmoniously blend colors and textures. This squared minimalist coffee table showcases a black geometrical design that adds some contrast to your favorite decorations.

This Latitude Run minimalist coffee table is crafted from a blend of solid and manufactured wood to display a central storage space that conveniently keeps books, tablets, and humidifiers organized in an elegant way.

Size: 19.5” H x 47.2” L x 23.6” W

The Akrati Minimalist Coffee Table

minimalist cocktail tables 4
This high gloss coffee table features a sleek design that instantly upgrades your living room.

The Akrati Coffee Table is more than a minimalist coffee table: it’s also a minimalist cocktail table that doubles as a living room art decoration. This furniture piece by Brayden Studio holds an eye-catching multi-layered design that reinforces an uncluttered and straightforward aesthetic in front of your sofa set.

The Akrati showcases a stack of three blocks arranged in overlapping layers, each offering convenient surfaces to place decorations and drinks as you relax on your couch. The minimalist coffee table adds ultramodern flair to any space thanks to its glossy, ghost-white finish, making it the best cocktail table for soothing living room settings with a sophisticated appeal.

Size: 12” H x 35” L x 35” W

The Fouts Abstract Minimalist Cocktail Table

minimalist cocktail tables 3
This Ivy Bronx coffee table adds elegance and functionality to any comfort zone.

The Fouts coffee table is a minimalist cocktail table that gives a bold boho den look to your living room. The Fouts adds a sophisticated touch to contemporary and bohemian-styled living rooms due to its abstract and inherently clutter-free design.

The key to this oval minimalist coffee table lies in a V-shape, a stainless-steel pedestal visible through a transparent, tempered glass tabletop. The Fout’s sculptural design offers a contemporary aesthetic to your living room and a durable, sturdy platform in which to place glasses, bowls, bottles, and any living room essentials you may need.

Size: 20” H x 48” L x 28” W

The Belafonte Minimalist Coffee Table

minimalist cocktail tables 5
The Belafonte curvy silhouette and glossy surface make it perfect for contemporary and modern living rooms.

This Wade Logan furniture piece serves as a minimalist coffee table for modern living rooms decorated with geometrical arrangements and contrasting colors. The Belafonte showcases an attractive design in which a grey tempered glass top cascades into a glossy white manufactured wood base.

The space between the tabletop and its base works as an open interior shelf that stores anything from living room throws to laptops and books. Furthermore, this appealing and functional design provides safety features such as curved edges, protecting toddlers and adults from bumping into sharp edges.

Size: 13” H x 47” L x 28” W

The Mickelson Minimalist Coffee Table

minimalist cocktail tables 6
Upgrade your living room with this cool-looking Ivy Bronx minimalist coffee table

This ultramodern living room table serves as a round minimalist cocktail table, ready to impress guests and friends with its embedded LED light system. The Mickelson coffee table features a C-shaped design in which two mirrored manufactured wood structures merge to create an equally stylish and durable minimalist coffee table.

This Orren Ellis minimalist coffee table is a fuss-free, elegant furniture piece that showcases a glossy, snow-white lacquered finish. The built-in LED light system delicately contrasts with the cocktail table’s smooth finish, making it the ideal living room complement for parties and gaming nights.

Size: 13” H x 31.5” L x 31.5” W


Minimalist coffee tables live up to the highest standards of functionality and form. These furniture pieces help you keep the clutter-free essence that all minimalist spaces must have while providing convenience and aesthetic balance to your living room.

Our list of minimalist cocktail tables comes from the best online furniture stores to guarantee you get that perfect piece that makes your living room whole.

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