7 Luxury Shipping Container Homes that Blew Our Minds

Owning a dreamy, luxurious house before you turn 30 is finally possible. Check out these affordable luxury shipping container homes!
luxury shipping container homes

Luxury shipping container homes are the latest development in the housing industry. They stand as a budget-friendly option for anyone that wishes to own a sophisticated and luxurious home at more than reasonable prices.

With home prices consistently rising, these durable and modern-looking modular homes allow first-time homeowners to fulfill a long-time personal goal: owning property. Experienced landlords, on the other hand, will also find a reliable way to diversify their portfolios in record time. Here’s what luxury shipping container homes can offer.

Shipping Container Homes Benefits

Luxury shipping container homes offer a wide range of benefits that span from reduced construction costs to eco-friendly housing. Here are some of them:

Affordable housing: shipping container homes, on average, cost 40% less than their traditionally-built counterparts. Container homes are ideal for young couples or single individuals that wish to surround themselves with luxury at a reasonable cost.

Creative freedom: shipping container homes come in a wide variety of sizes, and many experienced builders can combine or stack containers to increase your home’s square footage. They can be used as building blocks (much like Legos) to create a custom-made home built to your needs.

Durable: shipping containers are designed to handle extreme loads under the most adverse weather conditions. These building blocks create houses that often exceed local building code requirements and need little more than a few support beams to become multi-leveled homes. Containers are also fire, mold, and insect resistant, which further saves money down the line.

Eco-friendly houses: the average 40-foot container weighs around 8,000 pounds of steel and usually ends up in a landfill. Luxury shipping container homes not only allow you to recycle tens of thousands of pounds of steel, but they can also include renewable power roofing and next-level insulation to reduce their carbon footprint.

With these benefits in mind, let’s take a look at some of our favorite luxury shipping container homes for this year!

Open Concept Luxury Container Home

luxury shipping container homes 1
This Australian shipping container home offers luxury and comfort to its lucky owners.

Container Build Group worked alongside a local client to create their dream home on a budget. The exteriors feature a luxurious pool area perfect for inviting friends and family over for a Saturday barbecue. Once the party is over, you can curl up next to your significant other on the hammock as you both enjoy a well-deserved rest.

luxury shipping container homes 2
Several containers were grouped to create an exceptionally spacious interior.

Container Build Group combined several containers to create a spacious interior that perfectly fit their client’s needs. Container Build Group built, transported, and framed the property in less than ten weeks, allowing the homeowners to move into their dream home in record time.

Studio Saxe Shipping Container Villa

luxury shipping container homes 3
Studio Saxe builds stunning container homes full of technological innovations.

Studio Saxe elevates rustic shipping containers into luxury container homes through bold architectural concepts. Their design team integrated these shipping container units into the property’s lush surroundings and created this magnificent Courtyard House.

luxury shipping container homes 4
The Courtyard House bioclimatic design creates comfort while minimizing energy usage.

The Courtyard House features two horizontal pavilions with an internal garden in between them. The local greenery and spacious interiors allow you to live in a super luxurious villa throughout the year.

luxury shipping container homes 5
The Courtyard House is a beautiful example of how contemporary architecture can fuse with the venue’s natural surroundings.

A first-floor perspective gives way to a breathtaking view of this luxury shipping container homes’ rectangular pool. Studio Sax built this luxury shipping container home following the maxims of contemporary architecture, using natural light and exotic vegetation to create a tropical paradise for its owners.

The Grillagh Water House

luxury shipping container homes 6
The Grillagh Water House introduces breathtaking modernity to Northern Ireland.

This award-winning luxury shipping container home was designed by Patrick Bradley Architects in Ireland. Made out of four 45 ft shipping containers, the talented firm merged these structures to shape them into two large cantilever forms. The property’s layout allows homeowners to gaze upon the beautiful Irish countryside from almost every room in the house.

luxury shipping container homes 7
This bespoke container home offers style and comfort to its lucky owners.

The interiors feature a mix of sober modernity and vibrant color accents that energize its rooms. This shipping container home also uses large sliding doors to seamlessly connect the lush external patio with the cozy and spacious indoors. The level of detail, luxury, and overall creativity displayed by this luxury shipment container home make it one of our favorites for this year’s list.

Embark Luxury Shipping Container Homes

luxury shipping container homes 8
Embark container homes are known for cost-effective house designs that prioritize comfort and style.

Australia-based Embark luxury shipping container homes stick to a sleek design that favors waste reduction. For over 25 years, this prefab and modular home design firm have created beautiful container homes with indoor spaces known for their simplicity and modernity.

luxury shipping container homes 9
Shipping container homes use form, light, and materials to create unique dwellings.

Embark luxury shipping container homes make the most out of rectangular-shaped structures, promoting openness through minimalist interiors that favor internal connectivity. Notice how you can easily travel from the entrance to a small patio in a straight line thanks to its rectangular open floor plan.

luxury shipping container homes 10
Outdoor patio sections with Zen designs introduce serenity and beauty into any home.

Last but not least, the outdoor areas of Embark’s luxury shipping container homes also feature clean straight lines and natural materials to make up for a powerful and calming overall look. This Zen-like section of a garden is enclosed by an array of separated wooden planks, elevating outdoor sofas that run alongside the pebble floor’s geometrical pattern.

Pleysier Perkins Luxury Shipping Container Home

luxury shipping container homes 11
Pleysier Perkins summer homes perfectly adapt to your surrounding environment.

Pleysier Perkins constructed this luxury shipment container home for a VIP client in Mornington Peninsula. This U-shaped family holiday home comes with three spacious bedrooms, a playroom, a large living room, and a stunning central courtyard deck.

This luxury shipping container home features a grand total of seven modules, equipped with pieces from the best online furniture stores.

luxury shipping container homes 12
The dark-stained timber exteriors elegantly contrast with the interior’s luminous color palette.

The luxury shipping container interiors feature full-height windows that face the property’s inner courtyard. This transparency creates a relaxed holiday environment perfect for occasionally keeping tabs on hyperactive children and pets. The open floor plan and elegant design allow this prefab mod house to be installed in suburban areas, beach blocks, and even inner-city sites.

Holst Architects Eco-friendly Container Home

luxury shipping container homes 13
Holst designed the Karuna House to meet strict standards of sustainability and energy efficiency.

The Karuna House by Holst is not just another luxury shipping container home: it’s also a net-zero energy home that takes you into the future. Its sustainable, modern design uses the surrounding environment to make efficient use of energy, reducing yearly energy bills by up to 90%.

luxury shipping container homes 14
The Karuna House concept can serve as a multifamily building to a custom house off the grid.

The Karuna open floorplan design pays homage to modern interior design and architecture, enhancing air circulation and room connectivity. This luxury shipment container home features highly efficient energy systems such as a heat recovery ventilator and a top-notch heating pump. These state-of-the-art systems, coupled with Holst energy-efficient recommended appliances, allow you to take your carbon footprint even lower.

Honomobo Luxury Shipping Container Homes

luxury shipping container homes 15
Honomobo homes come with an engineered steel frame and large floor-to-ceiling windows setup.

Honomobo assembles luxury container homes with a uniquely modern appeal. Their bespoke home designs allow customers to enjoy a house that adapts to their needs and interior design tastes. Their factory-controlled building process and cleverly designed floorplans also make them some of the speediest builders in the industry.

luxury shipping container homes 16
Every Honomobo Home has open floor plans with several interiors and exterior styling options.

Their stock, ready-to-be-tailored floorplan considers a master bedroom and two-bedroom array with a kitchen, dining, and living room area as well as a storage room.

luxury shipping container homes 17
Honomobo creates versatile living spaces that serve as homes, rental suites, offices, or fancy cottages.

The interior finishes are breathtakingly beautiful, featuring authentic cedarwood for its ceiling and numerous types of millworks for its bedroom inner walls and closets. Each project is guaranteed to stay on budget, allowing aspiring homeowners to get their dream home for a reasonable price.


Luxury shipping container homes offer too many advantages for would-be homeowners to ignore. The possibility of owning a property in a matter of 3-4 months for a fraction of what it’d usually cost is an offer too convenient to ignore. It also explains why shipping container homes are one of the biggest trends in the housing industry (and will likely continue to be) in the foreseeable future.

We hope that our list of luxury shipping container homes has inspired you to dream big, even if you’re on a budget!

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