6 Luxury Coffee Tables to Glam Up Your Living Room

Looking for the most refined luxury coffee table for your living room? Check out our selection of the most stunning coffee tables for this year!
luxury coffee tables

Few pieces of furniture a room’s centerstage as a luxury coffee table does. After all, a coffee table not only holds everything from glasses to keys and decor, but it also embodies your living room’s focal point.

Having a fancy coffee table instantly glams up your living room, and it allows your guests and relatives to meet your inner interior designer. It also represents the perfect opportunity to amaze them with your refined taste and keen eye for elegance!

The Best Luxury Coffee Tables

Luxury coffee tables come in a wide range of styles, from contemporary pieces that never cease to trend to avant-garde pieces that will pique any interior designer’s interest. These fancy coffee tables adapt to all interior design tastes and exceed both functional and display expectations.

Today we’ve put together a list of our favorite designer high-end coffee tables from the best furniture brands this year. These pieces are top picks amongst experienced interior designers and are guaranteed to draw attention and compliments from even the most refined guests.

Without further ado, here’s our selection for the year!

The Manelle Fancy Coffee Table

luxury coffee tables 1
This luxurious coffee table is the perfect bold furniture piece for Art-deco living rooms.

The Manelle furniture piece is a fancy coffee table that evokes opulence, glamour, and elegance. This Everly Quinn furnishing is perfect for Gatsbyesque living rooms where symmetry and sophistication play an essential role.

This luxury coffee table features an ample square surface with a brilliant silver finish that pleasantly reflects natural light during the day and amplifies light dimmers during the night. The Manelle also acts as a central Art-deco prism that anchors your living room’s scenery with its formidable metal structure.

The Everly Quinn fancy coffee table showcases four C-shaped supports, each accentuated with a silver mosaic that mimics the eye-catching beauty of high-end jewelry. Despite its crystalline design, the Mannelle also serves as a reliable support platform for heavy decorative pieces, providing 500 lbs. of weight capacity thanks to its robust foundation.

Size: 18.5” H x 39.75” L x 39.75” W

The Monoblock Fancy Coffee Table

luxury coffee tables 6
This epoxy river coffee table cube is a one-of-a-kind furniture piece designed for eclectic and contemporary living rooms.

The Monoblock cube is a fancy coffee table made of walnut wood planks and a black resin, creating an exotic blend of artificial and organic materials. The Arditi Collection features beautiful Epoxy River tables that showcase luxurious and energizing patterns that resemble the contours of a river. These luxury coffee add an exotic flair that complements sofa sets and decorative pieces no matter their style.

This luxury coffee table displays a low-profile cube that encases several walnut cuts, delivering a stark contrast between the wood’s natural texture and its luxury dyed resin smoothness. This piece also comes with a high-grade, water-resistant varnish that allows it to double as a refined cocktail table for parties and family gatherings.

Size: 17.7” H x 42.5” L x 42.5” W

The Century Luxury Coffee Table

luxury coffee tables 2
This luxury coffee table pays homage to neoclassical designs to prestigiously decorate traditional living rooms.

The Century centerpiece is a luxury coffee table that prestigiously depicts the scenery of a late French empire ballroom. This Fancy coffee table features a round glass on its surface, sealed in an antique brass ring cast with a Greco-Roman leaf pattern. This stunning decorative detail takes inspiration from the ancient custom of bestowing a wreath upon notable individuals for their acts of civic virtue.

This fancy coffee table also showcases four pairs of brass legs, each featuring an exquisite engraving that mimics the Corinthian capitals of ancient Greek columns. The high-end table’s legs are also bent towards its center to connect with the Century’s acid-finish lower platform, providing superb stability and additional support for living room essentials.

Size: 22” H x 48” L x 48” W

The Rowen Fancy Coffee Table

luxury coffee tables 3
The Rowen Collection adds the flair of European fashion to your living room’s décor.

The Rowen Collection features luxury end tables and sophisticated seating pieces that provide superior comfort and elegance. This luxury coffee table features a black marble tabletop that crowns its premium Italian leather conical base. This Rowen piece is one of the best coffee tables for bold homeowners that value creativity and style.

As part of an Everly Quinn Vogue Sofa Set, the Rowen luxury coffee table is available in a delicate sand beige-russet brown or an elegant Sand Beige-chocolate color mix. No matter what choice better suits your style, each of these alternatives playfully complements an exquisitely patterned marble platform as well as four golden chromed, stainless-steel legs.

Size: 17” H x 39” L x 39” W

The Choi Block Fancy Coffee Table

luxury coffee tables 4
This drum table features a sleek and unique design, merging a square tabletop with a triangular base detailed with acrylic inserts.

The Choi Block centerpiece is a fancy coffee table that provides a modern glam to traditional and chic living rooms environments. This luxury coffee table showcases an inverted diamond-shaped drum, covered in acrylic inserts across its geometric surface to resemble the exotic aesthetic of clustered precious stones.

The Choi’s mirror top serves as the perfect platform to showcase your decorations, be it metallic trays, mini coffee table plants, or beautifully covered books. The gilded anchor pieces, smooth crystal top surface, and lavish textiles make this luxury coffee table a prevalent choice amongst interior designers with a taste for the finer things in life.

Size: 38” H x 38” L x 19” W

The Les Aravalli Fancy Coffee Table

luxury coffee tables 5
Stainless Steel and genuine brown marble come together in this high-end coffee table.

The Les Aravalli pedestal is a high-end coffee table that showcases a glassy yet pragmatic design that pays homage to the exquisite private quarters of the Roman Empire’s most noble families.

The Hudson pedestal serves as a fancy coffee table to place ceramic decorations and svelte coffee table plants that add a dash of life and contrast to your living room. The Hudson pedestal’s marble is also perfect for resting Brandy and Cognac decanter sets as you celebrate special occasions in good company.

Size: 16” H x 36” L x 36” W


Overhauling your living room Is, surprisingly, more straightforward than most people think. Adding a luxury coffee table to your living room is, without question, one of the very first steps you’ll want to take ahead of a renovation.

A fancy coffee table will serve as your living room’s focal point and default gathering spot at parties and reunions, so this activity hub must set the tone aesthetically and thematically for the rest of the room. Our list of luxury coffee tables comes from the best online furniture stores catalogs, and they’re guaranteed to channel the charm and sophistication that your living room needs!

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