Liberty Furniture is a relatively new player in the industry, considering many furniture brands such as Hooker and Bernhardt have been around for more than a hundred years. Despite the relatively young age of Liberty Furniture, their delivery of impactful designs for low and mid-range budget buyers is nothing short of remarkable. Liberty offers a tremendous catalog of full-feature furniture collections that can help furnish an entire home—with style—for what many more expensive brands will deliver for a single room. Liberty Furniture can be found in some local retail furniture shops, and is readily available through online retailers. Liberty is one of the biggest players in the market right now, and offer some truly affordable furniture that pushes the boundaries of what is possible within their price range.

Liberty Furniture: Stylish Affordability

Artisan furniture gets a lot of attention—the hand carved shapes and rich imported materials from exotic locations around the world. These types of furniture are the brands that make covers of magazines and are littered throughout the most popular Instagram channels. What many people often don’t know, is that brands like Liberty Furniture are the ones that are running away with the majority of sales! After all, would you rather have a hand-made piece of furniture that costs $5000, or a full bedroom set that captures the essence of the same style for $500? Most people choose the latter, and with just cause. Another consideration when considering affordability is when shopping for youth and kids furniture. Not only are these purchases going to take a beating, but they’ll also be quickly outgrown. Youth furniture options such as Liberty’s Abbott Ridge Youth Bedroom Set are wildly popular for their functionality and style—while still maintaining an affordable price-tag.

Liberty is a truly versatile company that offers a tremendous range of options suited for nearly any budget or design goal

Furniture is an amazing investment to make, and quality furniture is one of the best ways to upgrade the style of your home. This process of upgrading can become quite expensive—quite quickly—and when you’re considering purchasing furniture for multiple rooms the more expensive brands simply aren’t an option. Liberty furniture is among the best furniture brands on the market for their ability to deliver affordably-priced options that still deliver a lot of style. Take their Carriage Court Bedroom Set for example, priced in the sub-$600 range, which features a nightstand, dresser, mirror, and sleigh bed. Delivering on this type of value is the cornerstone to Liberty Furniture’s business model, though they also offer more expensive options as well. Take for example their Cotswold King Size Upholstered Sleigh Bed; just the bed in this collection retails for over the $1500 mark. Liberty is a truly versatile company that offers a tremendous range of options suited for nearly any budget or design goal.

Well Rounded Catalog

Liberty Furniture gets less credit than they deserve for the sheer number of products they’ve developed that have been successful. Many furniture companies have a small handful of collections they’ve spent years on development for, which can quickly become outdated. The best furniture brands are certainly capable of executing this type of market savvy, but  the majority of brands certainly aren’t. Liberty Furniture, which has it’s corporate offices located in downtown High Point, North Carolina roll out many new collections at both furniture markets taking place in High Point. This enables Liberty to maintain a well-rounded catalog of products that are as current as they are affordable. Furniture is one of the quickest changing markets on Earth, and popular styles can shift as quickly as the wind on a blustery March afternoon.

Offers a tremendous amount of choices in their catalog, and are constantly unveiling new designs to mirror evolving trends within the design world

Liberty offers full collections of Bedroom sets, dining sets, home office sets, and even Entertainment and occasional groups. In addition to these massive collections, they also fill out more unique product categories such as changing stations, benches, and even lingerie chests. These types of products offer something for every buyer, and allow very specific interior design needs to be met within a window of similar and harmonious finishes and design elements. While many furniture brands offer these types of products, very rarely are they offered as extensions of existing product collections. Liberty Furniture offers a tremendous amount of choices in their catalog, and are constantly unveiling new designs to mirror evolving trends within the design world. While you want find hand-crafted artisan masterpieces in their catalog, you will find stylish options available for nearly every budget.

Where to Buy

Liberty Furniture is located in High Point, North Carolina but their showroom is not open to the public. Their products are feature in many local dealers, and can quite often be found to be quite current since they typically sell so well. Apart from a handful of local shops and large showrooms open to the public such as Furnitureland South, Liberty furniture is typically best found online. Retailers such as Amazon carry many liberty products, but are often poorly organized and hard to ‘shop’ with. Wayfair is the largest online furniture retailer in the United States, and their entire site is geared towards helping design and purchase the perfect furniture for your goals and budget. Wayfair carries a lot of furniture from Liberty, and is one of their best sales channels by far. Once you’ve narrowed down which collection or which piece you want to buy however, you can oftentimes save a considerable amount by shopping through Amazon. Just be mindful—this often comes at the expense of free delivery services and customer service.

Apart from a handful of local shops and large showrooms … the best deals on Liberty furniture are found online through retailers like Amazon and Wayfair

Furniture shopping is often a high-stakes game of budgetary and stylistic balance. Rarely are deals to be had on truly gorgeous furniture, and even then such deals are usually found on mis-matched collections and outdated styles. Liberty Furniture is a brand operating in tight resonance with furniture buyers and designers around the globe to provide beautiful designs priced at extremely affordable ranges. Liberty is regarded by many as one of the best furniture brands for this very reason—overall value—and can help you meet your aesthetic and budget goals! The furniture industry is one gigantic ocean of different brands and styles, and every company out there is fighting for a piece of the nearly 100 Billion dollar per year industry. This massive selection of choices can be overwhelming and even hazardous to first time buyers. By paying close attention to the furniture brands you are shopping for, you can find truly amazing deals on furniture that you can feel confident in. Brands such as Liberty Furniture offer high quality style for a price that nearly everyone can accommodate.

Liberty Furniture
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Liberty Furniture is one of the best furniture brands on the market for stylish designs that are affordable on nearly any budget. Their product catalog has a wide array of selections and can help you furnish an entire house, or just add a spark of life to an already furnished room.
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