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Leesa is a mattress brand that was started to help solve a problem. Their founders believed that the mattress industry had been charging exorbitant prices for products that didn’t really help anyone sleep better. Sleeping better, after all, is what the purpose of a luxury mattress is supposed to be. Since it’s beginning Leesa has worked tirelessly to reinvent what a mattress should be in the modern world.

They’ve stripped out all the unnecessary parts and used modern technology to better improve the rest. What they’ve produced is one of the best mattresses on the market, and their reviews seem to back up the sentiment that they have positioned themselves as one of the best mattress brands today. Just for good measure, Leesa decided to sell their mattresses directly to consumers to cut out all the greedy middlemen. This means that a Leesa mattress isn’t just more comfortable, it’s also more affordable.

What Makes A Leesa Mattress Special

Leesa Mattress Layer Construction Diagram
Leesa Mattresses are made of 3 unique layers.

Traditional mattresses are cobwebs of pressure point-causing springs, with a ridiculous focus on stitching patterns and thread counts. While fancy embroidery certainly looks better sitting in the store, it doesn’t help you sleep better—and once you put sheets on it you can see all that fancy anyhow.

Leesa is among a modern class of mattress brands that have re-imagined what a mattress should be, and what it should cost. Leesa has removed all the non-essentials from their mattresses and offers direct consumer sales. This means that not only are you not paying for stuff you don’t need, but you aren’t paying a middleman for a service you don’t need either.

Made of three-layer foam construction, which each layer designed to offer support for specific needs

Leesa mattresses are made of three-layer foam construction, which each layer designed to offer support for specific needs. The first layer, a 2-inch thick ‘egg crate type foam Lessa calls Avena, helps provide a bit of bounce and helps airflow to provide a cooler sleeping experience. The next layer is a 2″ thick memory foam that helps to contour to the body, offering unique support for a myriad of different sleeping styles.

The third layer is a 6″ thick dense foam that is meant to offer solid support and keep the top layers from sagging. This three-layer composition allows a Leesa mattress to offer the air-flow benefits of less-dense beds, the contouring benefits of memory foam, and the supportive grace of a thick mattress foundation.

Leesa Mattress Sizes

Leesa Mattresses ship for free in easy-to-manage boxes, and can be used without a box spring or foundation!

Mattresses come in many different sizes, and different companies typically offer slight variations in these dimensions. Before you buy a new mattress, you should carefully consider the dimensions and sizes to ensure that they will fit with your current bed frame, sheets, and comforter. Leesa mattresses can be used without traditional box spring foundations, though they will certainly be fine resting on top of one.

If you have formerly used a box spring foundation under your mattress and plan on getting rid of it, consider how the height difference may affect your comforter and bed skirts. Leesa mattresses, along with many modern foam-based mattresses, are often much thinner than traditional mattresses as well. This is a common difference in newer mattresses, and should always be taken into consideration. Below, you’ll find a chart with the sizes of different Lessa mattresses:

Twin39″75″10″45 lbs
Twin XL39″80″10″48 lbs
Full54″75″10″56 lbs
Queen60″80″10″71 lbs
King76″80″10″90 lbs
California King72″84″10″92 lbs

Pricing & Where to Buy

lessa original mattress sodafine
The Leesa Original continues to draw 5-star reviews and outsell even the strongest of competitor models


Leesa offers an incredible value for a truly comfortable mattress. They are able to do this through their unique direct-sales business model. With many traditional mattress brands, you have to buy from a store like Mattress Firm or Sleepy’s. These stores buy the mattresses wholesale from the manufacturers, and then put their markup on the price. Leesa realizes that the Internet has empowered buyers to avoid that model and offer consumers the ability to buy directly from them.

This means that you can buy a Leesa Mattress directly from the Lessa website. Additionally, Leesa mattresses are also available for purchase through Amazon. This is likely an advantage to those with Amazon Prime memberships, as shipping may be much faster. Either way, your Leesa mattress will ship for free in a very manageable cardboard box that will be 15″ x 15″ x 45″ for all sizes up to Queen, and 18″ x 18″ x 45″ for King and California King sizes. Below, you can find a pricing chart to get a better feel for the difference in prices among different Leesa mattress sizes:


Leesa is among the best mattress brands on the market these days, and has helped to completely re-imagine how people use and shop for their mattresses. Their three-layer foam construction offers the combined advantages of several material types. Leesa’s unique direct-sales business model allows buyers to get their products for hundreds of dollars cheaper than comparable products in stores. They offer free shipping on all of their products, a 100-night guarantee program, and free expedited shipping through Amazon’s Prime program.

All around, these mattresses are among the best on the market and have been getting rave reviews by many—including celebrities like Michael Phelps (a Leesa brand ambassador). Quality sleep affects so many aspects of our lives, and for so long buyers have been forced to get sub-par products for their money. Leesa represents a powerful new approach to offering people what they deserve to be buying while cutting out the middle man!

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