7 Large Coffee Tables to Glam Up Your Living Room

Need a large coffee table that brings the room together? Check out our favorite finds here!
large modern coffee table

Large coffee tables are perfect for spacious living rooms or for those that need a surface that occasionally doubles as a desk or dining area.

But finding the right size, material, and shape for your home can sometimes be complicated. It’s essential to consider lifestyle needs (and your surrounding furniture) to find that dream furniture piece that stylishly anchors the room.

The Best Large Coffee Tables

Your lifestyle and needs are essential pieces of the puzzle. Maybe you regularly eat in front of your TV, or perhaps you often use your coffee table as a work surface and find yourself needing a bit of extra space for your crafts. If you have kids, chances are you need family-friendly furniture that prevents them from running into your large coffee table’s sharp corners.

Plus, you’ll want a centerpiece that fits into your home’s aesthetic theme and layout. Sometimes the traditional large square coffee table lack that wow factor that your room desperately needs.

Our large coffee table roundup has something for everyone. Our list will help you find a large modern coffee table that perfectly suits your lifestyle and aesthetic needs at a great price!

The Gully Large Square Coffee Table

large modern coffee table 1 1
This large coffee table offers superb support for heavier decorative pieces.

The Gully is a large cocktail table designed to be the focal point of your living room thanks to Darby Home’s unique traditional aesthetic.

This large square coffee table features solid wood planks on its top and lower shelf, beautifully complemented by its four turned legs. The Gully top table surface comes with a black finish and a wood grain pattern that lends a rustic air while offering ample space for snack bowls, drinking glasses, and anything you need to enjoy movie nights.

The table’s design doubles the space onto its lower shelf so you can keep gamepads, tablets, and living room throws (such as cushions and blankets) organized at all times. All in all, if you’re looking for a versatile and sturdy large coffee table to cover your sofas front space, look no further than this traditional piece by Lark Manor.

Size: 19” H x 48” L x 28” W

The Ganzi Large Square Wood Coffee Table

large modern coffee table 2
This large square wood coffee table channels the nature of mango wood through its rustic appeal.

The Ganzi Coffee Table by Gracie Oaks is a large square wood coffee table that perfectly complements long sofas and spacious living rooms.

This large modern coffee table is the perfect choice for any farmhouse-style home, as its solid wood mango plank and rustic black x-shaped base balance the freshness of the outdoors with a touch of modernity. It’s 2’’ thick tabletop holds up to 350 lbs. of weight, letting you display heavy decorative pieces (such as metal sculptures and medium-sized vase plants) alongside beverages, remotes, and any other living room gadgets.

Furthermore, this large square wood coffee table pairs well with colorful blankets and cozy throws which gives your living room a pleasantly outdoorsy, natural appeal.

Size: 18.25” H x 54” L x 36.25” W

The Shumake Large Glass Coffee Table

large modern coffee table 3 1
This stylish table is sure to add a modern and timeless aesthetic to your living room.

The Shumake Shelf Table is a large glass coffee table with a simple design that elegantly combines man-made materials for sophisticated living rooms.

This large modern coffee table features a rectangular chromed structure that uses iron tubes to support its table-top and lower-shelf glass surfaces. Its sleek design brings a breezy flair to any monochromatic living room and comes with plenty of surface space for metallic bowls and small statuettes alike.

Besides its fuss-free design, this large glass coffee table serves as a contemporary furniture piece that creates a feeling of spaciousness thanks to its transparent surfaces and chrome-hued structure. The Shumake is perfect for eclectic living rooms where numerous decorative items and eye-catching seatings (such as leather sofas and mid-century barrel chairs) accommodate family and guests.

Size: 17” H x 54” L x 24” W

The Annessia Large Coffee Table

large modern coffee table 4
Bring the glitz and glamour of aviation’s golden age right into your living room with this original coffee table.

The Annessia Coffee Table is one of those impressive large cocktail tables that transmit opulence and glamour through its lofty geometry and metallic surface.

This large modern coffee table is a statement piece that best serves living rooms that use leather sofa sets. Its midcentury aircraft silver plate encases its rectangular trunk, beautifully concealing a hidden storage compartment that keeps gadgets and blankets near your sofa at all times.

Furthermore, the Annessia coffee table showcases an original design that uses a hallmark riveted aircraft aluminum fuselage to reminisce the extravagant Howard Hughes days. Through this glitzy furniture piece, your living room is sure to hint at an art-deco style that perfectly adapts with wood and warm fabrics despite its flashy metal surface.

Size: 19” H x 52” L x 31” W

The Sienna Large White Coffee Table

large modern coffee table 5
Balance colorful furniture and living room decorations with the Sienna Sled coffee table.

The Sienna Sled is a large white coffee table made by Mercury Row: a Wayfair exclusive line filled with mid-century designs and edgy details.

This large modern coffee table features a geometric shape with clean lines to anchors your living room layout in a typical modern style. The Sienna Sled’s two polished steel legs are bent into a trapezoidal shape to make for the table’s low center of gravity. This unique feature gives way to a low-profile structure that provides excellent support for its rectangular slab and any heavy-weight decorative pieces you wish to showcase.

This large white coffee table also features a stylish surface that’s easy to wipe with plenty of space for snacks, glasses, and bowls as you kick back and unwind. It’s also one of the best coffee tables for large minimalist and feng shui rooms with neutral color palettes.

Size: 15” H x 53” L x 28” W

The Akkaya Extra Coffee Table

large modern coffee table 6
Take your living room to the next level with this extra-large coffee table.

The Akkaya Coffee Table is a modern extra-large cocktail table that adds a dash of elegance to contemporary and eclectic living rooms.

This large modern coffee table showcases a sophisticated design with two L-shaped pieces of tempered glass embedded into an 8’’ manufactured wood platform. By brilliantly placing these glass inlays on each of its corners, the table offers superb support for heavy decorative pieces as well as bottles, glasses, and cups.

The large cocktail table’s innovative design is guaranteed to impress guests thanks to its cutting-edge architecture and polished edges.

Size: 12″ H x 53″ L x 28″ W

The Kemmer Black Coffee Table

large modern coffee table 7 1
This large coffee table provides a lofty and ample service area for family and friends.

The Kemmer centerpiece is a black large cocktail table that glams up your living room with its mirrored top and geometric design.

This large black coffee table adds a futuristic vibe to your living room through its shiny mirror finishes and beveled edges. The Kemmer gives a touch of contemporary appeal to your home’s most transited social area by replacing your typical wooden surface with a black tempered glass top and a chamfered design that mimics cinema ambiances from Disney’s Tron Legacy.

Wade Logan’s design team curated this gorgeous furniture piece by taking cues from the golden age of Hollywood. An era in which the Hollywood Regency Interior Design solidified as a luxurious decorative style, known for lofty coffee tables full of reflective surfaces.

Whats more, the Kemmer large cocktail table offers plenty of space to enjoy a nice cup of wine in good company, as the peppy sounds of jazz music fill your living rooms air.

Size: 12” H x 48” L x 24” W


Large coffee tables are an excellent choice for households with tons of remotes, décor, and clutter issues. They’re also ideal furniture pieces for big L-shaped sectional and spacious living rooms that need an extra-large coffee table to bring the room together. Rest assured that our favorite models for this year come straight from the best furniture brands to guarantee you get the quality furniture you deserve.

But, if you’re looking for a super luxurious coffee table with a customizable surface, we recommend you check out the best stone top coffee tables for this year. Large marble coffee tables and other large modern coffee tables might go for a steeper price, but they make up for it with next-level aesthetics and durability!

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