Lane Furniture: Cutting Edge Technology and Comfort

Lane Furniture is known for creating the most comfortable and convenient recliners on the market. But their talented team also offers modern and traditional storage solutions, mattresses, and various furniture!
Lane Furniture

Lane Furniture’s motto is “comfort is never an option with our products: it’s a given”.

The company’s recliners have earned quite a reputation in the furniture industry and people’s hearts. Now, they seek to apply all this wealth of knowledge into a new exciting line of products that features mattresses, home storage solutions, and a vast array of furniture.

Their extensive catalog now hosts dining furnishings, bar sets, and even lift-top coffee tables for clients that value quality and convenience at great prices.

Cutting Edge Technology and Comfort

Lane Furniture stays one step ahead of its competitors because it incorporates the latest manufacturing technology in all of its production facilities. Their talented team keeps up with these continuous upgrades and improvements to the production process to create the most attractive and innovative indoor furniture pieces.

The company first introduced the zero-gravity mechanism on their recliners and sofas to revolutionize the market. Their clients could now lay down in a flat position without dealing with any frightening instability, regardless of their body type or size.

On top of that, Lane Furniture added fancy features like massaging modules to their top-quality recliners. This provided their customers with durable, comfortable seats with scientifically proven ergonomic benefits that contributed to their health.

Let’s take a closer look at some of their best-selling models for this year.

The Lane Furniture Reclining Chair Collection

Lane Furniture 1

Lane Furniture has an extensive indoor furniture collection that merges tradition and modernity with cozy furniture designs. Their team has over 50 years of experience refining the art of creating the best recliners, and their online catalogue certainly shows it. You’ll find both contemporary and traditional reclining chairs, as well as loveseats that perfectly round up even the most modern interior settings.

Lane Furniture 2

Pieces such as the Cortez Recliner are the perfect gift for anyone who loves relaxing in their living room. This deluxe reclining chair can give your back and buttocks area a 2-point massage at 3 different intensities, alleviating any stress accumulated during a hard day’s work.

The Cortez follows the elegant design of a luxurious English static chair but adds ergonomic features, such as 22-inch high back support, 19-inch-deep seat cushion, and high padded rolled arms.

You can use its lever and switch to any of its 3 positions to raise your legs and ease into complete relaxation. You can enjoy the newest Netflix show, your favorite podcasts, a great book, or catch a recuperative nap to the sound of light rain.

The Lane Furniture Reclining Sectional Collection

Lane Furniture 3

The Shiloh Granite Reclining Sofa adds elegance and convenience to any living room. The color palette and traditional aesthetics blend with almost any interior design theme, making it an ideal centerpiece for your living spaces. The reclining sofa height and adjustable design perfectly pair with a coffee table with wheels.

Lane Furniture sectionals and the Shiloh Granite belong to a collection known for classic roll arms and elegant polyester chenille upholstery fabric. The Shiloh can comfortably seat up to three people, and anyone lucky enough to be at its edges can help themselves to the sofas manual reclining system.

Last but not least, this sofa is almost 91 inches long and 37 inches deep, and it also features cushions filled with a combination of sinuous coil springs and foam for a remarkably supportive effect. Its grey color conveys an updated look further confirmed by its USB charging power buttons. You can charge handheld electronics until the sofa’s cool blue LED lights confirm they’ve been fully charged!

The Lane Furniture Bedroom Collection

Lane Furniture 4

Bedrooms are one of the most intimate spaces within a home. Our private quarters help us leave our daily stress behind, get some rest and enjoy the support and company of our significant other.

Lane Furniture offers a wide variety of bed frames, room cabinets, and nightstands to match different room dimensions, mattress types, and storage needs. Just like in Lane’s other collections, convenience and beauty go hand in hand to offer the best and most practical bedroom furnishings for their clients.

The Garant Queen Bed is a modern bed base that looks best when surrounded by black and white decorations. Its panel bed design matches modern nightstands and minimalist bedroom decors, making it perfect for bachelor pads and guest rooms.

Bedframes play a fundamental role in any bedroom design, capable of redistributing the available space and greatly influencing how we wake up at the start of the day. The other piece that greatly impacts your sleep quality is your bed’s mattress.

Lane Furniture 5

Lane Furniture now manufactures the Essence Queen, a top-of-the-line hybrid mattress to round up their Garant Queen bed base. You can effectively use their online store as a one-stop shop for your bedroom essentials or pick this year’s best mattress for back pain.

The Lane Furniture Cabinets Collection

Lane Furniture 6

As part of their newest line of products, Lane Furniture offers their accent cabinet collection for dining rooms and living rooms. One item that got our attention was their Extension Leaf Display Storage Cabinet, which allows you to store all of your dining room accessories thanks to its superior layout. The convenient flatscreen stand is the icing on the cake, but depending on your room distribution, it might be a lifesaver!

This Lane Furniture cabinet soft chocolate color tone nicely rounds up farmhouse, contemporary, and modern interiors all the same. The cabinet is also conveniently sized to accommodate TVs up to 46 inches, adding a bit of modernity to a soothing uncluttered dining area where the family can enjoy some delicious homecooked meals.


Lane Furniture is all about tailoring your home spaces to your style without compromising your needs for comfort. Their history as expert manufacturers in reclining furniture leads them to prioritize convenience and comfort in all of their collections. This valuable trait and virtue position them as one of the best furniture brands for this year.

Their successful journey in creating some of the most comfortable loungers, loveseats, and reclining chairs gives them a solid design background that becomes evident in each product line they launch.

We were particularly impressed with the high-quality materials and variety of furnishings covering just about every room. We could even combine entire sets and combo pieces that perfectly match our favorite traditional and modern indoor living environments. We hope their vast furniture options inspire your next renovating projects just as much as they did with ours!

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