The 3 Best Korean BBQ Table for Smokeless Indoor Grilling

Take your Korean barbecues to the next level with the best Korean BBQ table!
Korean BBQ Table

A Korean Barbecue is an experience unlike any other. It’s a multi-sensory, highly delectable experience that brings family and friends around the table to create life-long memories.

The best Korean BBQ table will add a new dimension to an equally delicious and sociable event. These specialized pieces will transport the convenience and flavor top restaurants offer to your home’s dining room or patio area.

The Best Korean BBQ Table

The best Korean BBQ table comes with built-in Korean BBQ grills and other specialized features that take your culinary experiences to new heights.

If you’re looking to host a Korean BBQ grill at home, then you’ll be pleased to know that these pieces significantly reduce prep time ahead of your meal and keep your home smoke-free all at the same time. Plus, some indoor Korean BBQ grills work with limited BTU and fail to replicate that distinct Korean BBQ charcoal grill flavor that transforms a traditional Samgyeopsa cut into an otherworldly delight.

Today, we’ve rounded up the best of the best for you. These Korean BBQ tables will turn your Chicken Bulgogi, and gorgeous Kalbi cuts into mouthwatering snacks capable of rivaling your local Korean BBQ food joint!

Without further ado, here are the best Korean BBQ tables for this year!

The Angara Korean BBQ Table

Korean BBQ Table 3
The Angara is the best Korean BBQ table for this year.

The Angara is an expertly-crafted Korean BBQ grill table that is guaranteed to turn any meal into a highly interactive culinary experience. Depending on the model, the Angara offers up to three built-in burner grill units evenly spread out throughout its beautiful hardwood surface.

Each of its Korean BBQ grill plates can be independently controlled, allowing each of your guests to cook their meat to bespoke perfection. The solid-state electronic ignition technology not only allows you to fire up your indoor Korean BBQ grill with a single touch, but it also continually monitors your spark module to guarantee your heat stays on at all times.

While this is, in our opinion, a top-tier indoor Korean BBQ grill, you can just as easily move your Korean BBQ table to outdoor scenarios and host an open-air grilling with your family and closest friends.

The Angara Maximus features an equally elegant and durable Indonesian teak wood throughout its surface, while the Angara comes with Latin American tigerwood. Each of these models comes with sustainably harvested, super sturdy wood that resists decay and adverse weather conditions, making them a must-have piece for your dream backyard.

Korean BBQ Table 4
The Angara is easy to use and clean!

The Angara is the best Korean BBQ table for fuel source options. The Angara models can run on natural gas, propane, or ceramic briquettes, making it one of the most versatile and eco-friendly options out there. You can specify in your order that you’d like your Korean BBQ table to be connected to an outdoor natural gas line, and they’ll modify your Korean BBQ tabletop grill at no charge! Keep in mind that you can order additional ceramic briquettes with your order to guarantee your meals have that unique smoky flavor that only the best Korean BBQ grill can offer.

Last but certainly not least, both Angara models are surprisingly easy to clean, making them a long-term, super convenient investment for any home. You can wipe any spills with a damp cloth and remove their grates so you can thoroughly clean them in your dishwasher. The 18″ X 9″ cooking grates are made of T316L Stainless Steel (a material used in restaurant equipment), making them (and the grease tray!) dishwasher-safe.

Because of how convenient and fun it is to use, we believe the Angara is the best Korean BBQ table for home entertainers and anyone passionate about social grilling!

The Tradition Life Korean BBQ Table

Korean BBQ Table 1
Turn your meals into memorable experiences with this Korean BBQ grill table.

The Tradition Life Korean table grill is, without question, a must-have addition for your patio setup. You can choose between the affordable Generations Dual Grill Korean BBQ grill table or the Traditions Outdoor Patio Korean BBQ tabletop grill.

The Generations dual grill comes with high-tech infrared burner grilling centers that guarantee a beautiful sear on each of your cuts. The grills and temperature-regulating controls are designed to work with most standard 12″ tile tables, allowing you to turn your run-of-the-mill furniture into a state-of-the-art Korean BBQ table.

The Generations Dual Grill comes with a control panel, an electronic ignition mechanism, and individual stainless steel knobs that regulate your cooking temperature. Each metal grate is coated with enamel to ensure your meals rival any local Korean BBQ joint’s best-selling dishes. You can also remove each grill and add a fire pit insert to keep the soju flowing and the good times going!

The Traditions Outdoor Patio Dining table also comes with infrared propane grills and a couple of tiles that keep your grills conveniently covered. Thanks to its equally sturdy and versatile design, you can easily host game nights or last-minute Korean BBQ with close friends, making it an ideal purchase for regular hosts and entertainers!

The XUNneng Korean BBQ Table

Korean BBQ Table 6
This Korean BBQ Table offers a 5-star restaurant experience right in your dining room.

The XUNneng is a fully customizable Korean table grill designed to deliver a Korean BBQ restaurant experience in the comfort of your home. XUNneng has designed catering equipment for over 15 years and has earned a reputation for delivering top-tier appliances and furniture you can add to a restaurant and high-end homes alike.

This easily-assembled 120cm rectangle smokeless Korean BBQ table features stainless steel stoves distributed along its surface. You can fully customize your order to include a central stove for the entire family or two individual stoves to accommodate larger parties.

Korean BBQ Table 5
This Korean BBQ table comes with an incredible price tag.

The XUNneng Korean BBQ table comes in twelve stunning presentations you can choose from. Thanks to their luxurious color patterns and marbled surfaces, these stylish finishes seamlessly fit high-end contemporary, modern, and feng-shui dining rooms.

The XUNneng Korean BBQ table is surprisingly affordable despite flaunting top-notch materials, craftsmanship, and style, making it a must-have for households that never settle for anything below perfection.


The best Korean BBQ table transports the deluxe Korean restaurant experience straight to your living room. Any host worth their salt knows that creating memorable times is all about combining the perfect setup with lively company. A Korean BBQ tabletop grill instantly takes care of the setup, allowing your guests to enjoy a delectable meal as they comfortably socialize and share with those closest to them.

A specialized Korean BBQ tabletop grill will not only help you experience a smokeless indoor barbecue, but it’ll also add a savory BBQ flavor that is otherwise impossible to replicate. With some mindful banchan distribution and plenty of soju, everyone is guaranteed to enjoy a 5-star restaurant experience at an incredible price!

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