Klaussner Furniture: Exciting Designs & Unique Perspective

Klaussner Furniture Tifton Sofa
The Tifton Sofa by Klaussner showcases this brands quality custom upholstery lineup for which they are so renowned.

Klaussner Furniture offers a wide range of mid-range designs that feature unique and exciting designs. Klaussner sectionals and sofas are very popular parts of their catalog, as are their high-quality outdoor furniture lines. Klaussner Furniture is a part of the Klaussner Home brand, which has several different operations to offer truly unique products for buyers with a wide range of needs.

Klaussner Furniture has been in business since the 1960s and, while they have established many international partnerships throughout the years—around 70% of their furniture is still made in their North Carolina factories. Klaussner is one of the best furniture brands on the market today and learning a bit more about them as a company only lends to one’s appreciation for them.

Unique Product Collection

Klaussner Has made a name for itself over the past several decades by making quality products with great style. They specialize in quite a range of products compared to other top online furniture stores, ranging from sofas, couches, and sectionals to cocktail tables, bedroom sets, and outdoor furniture. One of the most notable facets of Klaussner products can be seen in their extensive line of outdoor furniture. Another great example is their Urban Sleigh Bedroom Set which features a unique take on a fairly traditional look. Klaussner understands that buyers want the furniture to not only be durable and weather-resistant but also enhance the aesthetics of your home’s outdoor lifestyle.

Klaussner has a great selection of case goods such as bedroom sets, occasional tables, dining room sets, and even entertainment consoles

Another area where Klaussner excels is with their living room sets and upholstered furniture collections. Klaussner designs pretty neutral sofas and sectionals, which work to complement a wide variety of rooms and design styles. The Darcy Living Room Set by Klaussner is a great example of how well their designs can work in harmony with other furniture and spaces. This living room set features a sofa, loveseat, chair, and ottoman all in soft beige linen complimented by oversized seating and backrests.

This set of furniture can add a sense of light cohesion to your living room, and matches well with nearly any existing furniture you might have. In addition to their unique line of well-conceived outdoor furniture and ultra-harmonious upholstery lines, Klaussner has a great selection of case goods such as bedroom sets, occasional tables, dining room sets, and even entertainment consoles.

Dynamic Finishes & Powerful Features

Klaussner Furniture has their finger on the pulse of traditional American furniture designs, and their North Carolina manufacturing facilities illustrates their commitment to the roots of truly-great furniture. North Carolina is regarded as the birthplace of great Southern American furniture style, characterized by luxurious solid woods and artisan-crafted shape.

Klaussner Furniture designs with these types of influences close to heart but understands the demand of modern trends and customers. A great example of this type of design can be seen in the Klaussner Palencia Collection which features ornate carvings, turned-post legs, and Storyful metal accents. The low-chroma tonal Oak finish Klaussner chose for this set allows for a higher level of modern and contemporary relevancy that most traditional collections come close to achieving.

Great Southern American furniture style, characterized by luxurious solid woods and artisan-crafted shape

Another great example of Klaussner Furniture’s unique perspective on design can be seen in their Urban Craftsman Collection. This collection is characteristic of traditional American styles where craftsmen let the wood do most of the talking, rather than fancy carvings. The Urban Craftsman collection by Klaussner features straight lines and low profiles on its pieces that all coalesce to present as a very classic transitional style overall. Few furniture brands offer such design styles while still adhering to such elegant usage of woods and materials.

The Serenade Collection by Klaussner Furniture further demonstrates the versatility of this brand and offers a very fluid form of traditionally-inspired contemporary mastery. To further the magnitude of this collection, Klaussner offers it in an optional ‘glam’ look which features a champagne-colored almost foil look. Klaussner’s catalog is a well-rounded selection of some of the finest furniture available on the market, and their attention to detail has allowed them to hold a considerable amount of customer loyalty over the years.

Where to Buy Klaussner Furniture

Klaussner furniture is available for purchase in many local furniture stores, and you can easily find a store near you by searching their local dealer database. Considering Klaussner has several different branches within the Klaussner Home company, you are most likely to find a large survey of their furniture in larger retail outlets.  Klaussner furniture is also available online through retailers such as Wayfair.com.


Klaussner Furniture stands out among the hundreds of furniture brands on the market today for their custom upholstery and wide-ranging catalog of inspired designs. Their reputation as one of the best designer furniture brands has been well-earned through this brand’s trend-setting presence in the marketplace for the past six decades. They have something to offer for nearly every style, living space, and design motif.

William Hardy
New Hampshire native, works as a furniture designer by trade but has a strong interest in style, luxury, and modern architecture. William has been an avid home fashion writer for nearly a decade and continues to enjoy sharing emerging trends, exciting product releases, and inspiring designs with his readers around the world.