Kincaid Furniture: Beautifully Crafted Solid Wood Designs

Looking for Made in America solid wood furniture that is designed to last a lifetime? Look no farther than Kincaid Furniture's latest catalog showcasing their trendsetting designs and timeless styles.
Kincaid Furniture Wildfire Bedroom Collection Sodafine

Kincaid Furniture is a brand that needs little introduction for many and has made a tremendous name for itself over the years. Kincaid Furniture is one of the most successful furniture brands still producing American-made solid wood furniture.

Kincaid Furniture draws on its years of expertise allow them to produce truly remarkable furniture that is capable of lasting for generations. You’ll find their collections are extensive and offer a tremendous amount of options to meet the demands of nearly every style and function. Kincaid Furniture is available from authorized local dealers, and also a handful of online furniture stores.

Kincaid Furniture & Solid Wood Style

Solid Wood is one of the most-relished types of furniture around the world, and the quality in both terms of style and durability are unmatched. I suppose an all-stone table would be more durable, but not very practical! Suffice to say that Kincaid Furniture nowadays stands among the most popular furniture brands, being lauded by the most revered means of American Furniture manufacturing in their business. When the majority of manufacturers have decided to outsource production to overseas facilities and to substitute rubberwood and particle board covered in thin veneers for the solid woods of days past—Kincaid has stood firm in their methods.

Solid Wood is one of the most-relished types of furniture around the world, and the quality in both terms of style and durability are un-matched

Solid Wood offers a great many advantages in terms of style, which often are under-appreciated. Most furniture is made from particleboard or cheap Asian rubberwood and then covered in thin sheets of wood veneers which give them the characteristic ‘grain’ of solid woods. However, these veneers are only thin strips of wood, and limit the types of shapes and distressing that can be done during manufacturing. With Solid Wood Furniture, it is possible to produce very unique distressing and texturing, as well as very beautifully shaped edges and tops. To attempt such designs with veneered woods would simply eat through the veneer and expose the generic materials beneath.

Extensive Collections & Unique Designs

At it’s core, Kincaid is well-versed in solid woods and traditional American furniture styles. Their long history and modern success have been marked by their ability to meet demands for more contemporary styles and materials as consumer demands ebb and flow. The Bedford park collection is a fine example of Kincaid’s ability to produce traditionally-inspired collections in modernized contemporary finishes.

This collection has a wide range of pieces, alternate bed options, and features a gorgeous grey pine material that has beautiful worming and finishing to showcase it. The Montreat collection by Kincaid shows this furniture manufacturer’s ability to produce more contemporary, straight-lined designs that meet the demands of the millennial generation. This collection features a great many pieces offered in a ‘graphite’ solid cedar construction accented by delicate and modern satin nickel hardware.

Kincaid offers a quality product that many other companies simply decided they didn’t want to produce anymore

Kincaid Furniture has been one of the best names in furniture for countless years, and are among the great class American furniture brands on the market. In recent years, they’ve been purchased by Furniture Behemoth La-Z-Boy, which owns several other notable sofa and sectionals furniture brands such as American Drew. Kincaid maintains their inherent pursuit of quality craftsmanship and never seems to stray from the notion that America-Made solid wood furniture is the best furniture to make.

With financial oversight from such a magnificent parent company as La-Z-Boy, their future seems to be well-secured within the furniture industry. Kincaid offers a quality product that many other companies simply decided they didn’t want to produce anymore. Their dedication to quality furniture has not gone unnoticed, and the Kincaid Brand is now synonymous with high quality and beautiful solid wood designs.

Where to Buy

Kincaid Furniture is wildly popular among local furniture stores and can be found in limited supplies all across the country. To find a local furniture store near you, visit the Kincaid dealer locator page on their official website. Kincaid is a large manufacturer and is capable of making really high-quality furniture for truly affordable prices.


Kincaid Furniture is one of the best quality furniture companies in the world. Their affinity for solid wood design showcases this brand’s artisan craftsmanship that is made to last a lifetime. Their catalog, while drawing on traditional means of manufacturing, showcases an inspired lineup of modern and timeless designs. Kincaid continues to serve as a trendsetter within the modern furniture market. They’ve earned their reputation as one of the best furniture brands and continue to steer the focus of interior designers around the world.

William Hardy
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