Jackson Catnapper Furniture: High Value Furnishings That Last for a Lifetime

The Jackson Catnapper catalog redefines superior upholstery and craftsmanship. Take a closer look at our favorite pieces for this year!
Jackson Catnapper Furniture

Jackson Catnapper furniture is widely known for its exquisite U.S-made recliners and sofas, but they’ve recently expanded its line of products to deliver next-level comfort to every room in the house.

The brand’s sectionals, sleepers, reclining sofas, ottoman cocktail tables, and accent chairs feature the superior craftsmanship and attention to detail that we all know and love.

Adding Variety to their Impressive Quality

With Jackson Catnapper, you’ll be able to put together that luxurious and impressive home space you’ve been dreaming about. Ever-confident in their quality, their products come with a 5-year warranty (and in some cases even more!), ensuring that you always get your money’s worth.

Even though the brand has specialized in producing phenomenal sofas, recliners, and massage chairs for more than a century, their new furniture lines are breathtaking in both looks and performance. If you need Italian leather sectionals, padded polyester accent chairs, luxurious ottoman tables, or even lounge-like sleepers, Jackson Furniture has you covered.

If you’re a fan of gel-infused memory foam pieces, or cushioned furniture with durable coils, then you’re in for a treat. Today we’ve taken a closer look at their vast catalog and hand-picked some of our favorite furniture for this year. Here’s what we liked the most:

The Super Comfy Cole Recliner

Jackson Catnapper Furniture 1

The Cole Recliner is a dreamy single-body home addition that truly reveals Jackson Catnapper’s attention to detail, comfort and durability. The Cole will melt your daily stress away with its smooth extra-thick polyester upholstery and gel-infused memory foam filling combo.

The Cole’s metal structure combines an 8-gauge steel spring box with an even sturdier, 12-gauge coils back support system to keep everything together. This clever design provides next-level lumbar support and unmatched comfort as you lay back and enjoy a good book or your favorite TV show.

This Jackson Furniture recliner comes in 3 rich color options (Mink, Camel, and Charcoal) to keep your living room or entertainment room extra cozy. Had a tough day at work? Just sink back into your Cole recliner and zone out to your favorite console game while dinner is ready!

The Gianni Heat Massage Recliner

Jackson Catnapper Furniture 2

The Gianni Heat Massage Chair is a therapeutic living room addition that looks amazing in any modern entertainment setup. Jackson Catnapper designed it thinking of all of us who suffer from bad backs and necks to bring forth some of the greatest quality of life benefits ever delivered by a massage recliner.

Jackson Catnapper Furniture went above and beyond designing and putting together this special recliner, committing computer-directed cuts and stapling, as well as original grain Italian leather (on top of blown-fiber backs) to offer the most comfortable and safest heat-transient upholstery.

Overburdened, tired muscles always deal with restricted blood flow to some degree, which makes it harder for the oxygen and proteins in our blood to get to the muscle tissue and repair it. The Gianni addresses this situation by heating its rollers to a safe temperature, so its repeated motion cycles effectively penetrate through your back’s strained zones, improving circulation and releasing knot after knot.

As soon as you activate Gianni’s heat massage function on its controller, you’ll feel soothing, compounding heat waves targeting each critical area in your lower back. The heat therapy follows the roller’s path across your spine, warmly massaging every muscle to dissipate tension.

If you practice any competitive sport or suffer from back injuries and ailments, the Gianni is a heat massage unit to consider. This top-of-the-line chair helps you speed up the body’s natural recovery process by gently applying heat and therapeutic massages to sore or damaged muscles. In doing so, you’ll dramatically speed up your muscle’s healing process, releasing toxins and allowing proteins and nutrients to get to where they’re needed the most.

The Grant Sleeper Sofa

Jackson Catnapper Furniture 3

The Grant Sleeper is a gorgeous multifunctional piece with a lasting furniture-grade plywood base, a soft mattress deploying mechanism, and rich colored upholstery. This extra-cushioned piece turns a luxurious living room into a dreamy guest bedroom for a last-minute visitor or a friend in need.

This versatile living room centerpiece is perfect for contemporary-themed homes or casual mid-century living spaces alike. The genuine Valentino bonded leather and timeless luggage stitching come together to create an equally striking and inviting resting pad everyone can enjoy.

Thanks to its generously padded queen-size mattress, it can even become the ultimate man cave sofa! All you have to do is unfold the Grant sleeper sofa to enjoy unmatched freedom and comfort in your domain.

The Lawson Cocktail Ottoman

Jackson Catnapper Furniture 4

The Lawson cocktail ottoman is the perfect entertainment piece to match sleepers, sectional, and bonded leather sofas. This gorgeous piece also doubles as an additional seat for unexpected guests or a convenient surface to serve drinks and snacks!

The best Ottomans are known for adding convenience and style to living rooms, which is why this beautiful leather accent piece has a larger surface than your regular coffee table. You can place cocktail trays or rest your legs as you snuggle with your significant other and binge on a hit Netflix show, depending on the occasion.

Because of its masterful craftsmanship and stunning aesthetics, it’s fair to say that the Lawson cocktail ottoman is the perfect centerpiece for homeowners who value style and comfort above all.


The best furniture brands always secure three things for their clients: uncompromising quality, variety, and great prices. Jackson Catnapper Furniture does so as well through more than three generations of good old-fashioned hard work, representing American entrepreneurship through the toughest economic climates just like its founder did during the Great Depression.

Through ingenuity, quality-driven manufacturing processes, and the logistical advantages of U.S.-based assembly, their pieces’ availability is almost a given, making them a must-have option when updating your family’s living environment.

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