HomeStretch Furniture: Stylish Seating at Exceptional Value

The Homestretch Furniture catalog is centered around one promise: ultimate comfort at competitive prices. Check out some of our favorite pieces for this year!
homestretch furniture

Homestretch Furniture has managed to balance comfort, style, and fantastic prices in record time. Their products are proudly presented as designed and made in the USA, with strict quality standards and unmatched care for detail.

Home Stretch Furniture is a relatively new player in the furniture industry, but their legendary homestretch recliner collection has earned them a spot amongst the best furniture brands out there.

Home Stretch Furniture

Home Stretch Furniture prioritizes comfort and function above all. Each piece is carefully designed to adapt to your living spaces and dramatically improve the way you relax in the comfort of your home.

Their upholstered reclining furniture is also perfect for all interior design themes, with fabrics and finishes that match contemporary, chic, and traditional homes alike. Some of their collections inspire mid-century vibes, while others are worthy of high-end Hollywood Regency rooms.

Today we’ll take a closer look at some of our team’s favorite pieces for this year!

Homestretch Recliner: Custom Comfort Line

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The Homestretch recliner line has quickly become one of the highest-rated and most sought-after pieces of furniture this year. These Homestretch recliners feature a fully ergonomic design that eases your body into a state of relaxation, thanks to its deep foam filling and matching padded armrests.

The Custom Comfort line even comes with a power headrest and an extended footrest you can control with your handheld remote. This convenient gadget allows you to adjust your seating position for maximum comfort without ever having to leave your seat.

The homestretch recliner also comes with tremendous lumbar support, making it a must-have for anyone that suffers from back pain!

Homestretch Recliners

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The brand also offers the traditional homestretch recliners that skyrocketed it to success! These Homestretch recliners optimally align your spine and softly cradle your body into deep, recuperative relaxation.

Thanks to its proven steel adjustment mechanism, you can lay back, elevate your feet above your heart level, and instantly improve your circulation. The recliner’s hardwood frame guarantees that your Homestretch recliner will keep you supported and comfortable as you say goodbye to inflammation and feet aches. Their reclining mechanisms also come with a lifetime warranty that proves Home Stretch Furniture trusts their product’s quality and superior craftsmanship.

When it comes to aesthetics, these Homestretch recliners offer style and variety. These stunning chairs come in a wide range of designs, colors, and fabrics that adapt to any interior design theme. You can choose from some of its luxurious top-grain leather models for your mid-century living room or a 100% soft polyester fabric recliner with softer tones for your traditional living room.

Homestretch Reclining Sofa

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The Homestretch reclining sofa is part of the acclaimed Custom Comfort collection, and it’s one of those rare pieces that live up to its reputation.

The sofa is the main seating area in a home: it’s where you sit back and enjoy the Superbowl, host movie nights, or spend a lovely evening glued to your favorite book. But the sofa is also the living room centerpiece, and together with your coffee table, it anchors and completes your home’s decor and layout. It’s fair to say that choosing the right sofa is a critical step towards building your dream home.

The Homestretch reclining sofa is second to none when it comes to comfort and style. It features plush, pad-over-chaise leg support, power headrests, extended footrests, and a high-density foam filling that gently hugs your whole body.

Depending on the model, you’ll notice delicate quilting on the kidney, seat, and outside arm or gorgeous stitching that adds contrast and vibrance to your living room. The Home Stretch furniture catalog offers tremendous variety in design and themes, featuring mid-century, modern, contemporary, and traditional models that adapt to any home’s color palette.

Homestretch Furniture is also known for its convenient, easy-to-clean designs, and their Homestretch reclining sofa is not the exception. The 100% polyester cover is surprisingly easy to maintain, and their gorgeous cowhide leather models can preserve their appearance for many years as long as you don’t use corrosive chemicals on them. We highly recommend you vacuum often and use cloths dipped in water (or a 50/50 white vinegar and water solution) to guarantee your Homestretch reclining sofa stays radiant.

Home Stretch Furniture Sectionals

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If you need some additional seating, then you’ll be glad to hear that Home Stretch furniture offers a fantastic line of sectionals for your home.

If you have a large family or regularly host your friends over for parties and game nights, then a sectional sofa is a must-have piece for your living room. You can configure your Homestretch sectional in different ways to provide extra seats for your guests and family members, creating an equally comfortable and inviting setting for everyone at the house.

The Catalina triple reclining power sectional offers comfort and functionality like no other. The locking component prevents pieces from sliding, allowing you to configure a cushioned seating area in a jiff. The sectional comes with the Homestretch furniture traditional deep foam filling that instantly melts your worries away.

This homestretch furniture also comes with a center console with LED-backlit cupholders, convenient USB charge ports, intuitive recliner controls, and a superb hidden storage compartment for all your gadgets and accessories.

The neutral fabric and subtle chevron pattern make it an excellent choice for contemporary and traditional homes. Still, if you’re looking to add some color and vibrance to your living room, you can choose any other model in the Custom Comfort sectional collection.


Home Stretch furniture is, without question, one of our favorite online furniture stores for this year. The company firmly believes in the integrity and longevity of the American worker and chooses to keep its entire manufacturing line on US soil. Their trust in the American worker’s craftsmanship and work ethics has allowed them to position themselves as a top brand (in under ten years!) in a fiercely competitive industry.

Homestretch Furniture has decided to give something back to the wonderful worker community that has put them in the hearts and minds of consumers worldwide. The company contributes to the Habitat For Humanity charity, which helps support the building of homes for hard-working families.

Home Stretch furniture shows a level of actionable commitment to their workers and consumers that few companies can match. Their love for their craft and the quality they create are imprinted in each piece, making them an ideal choice for your home this year.

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