5 High Tech Coffee Tables for a Smarter Lifestyle

High tech coffee tables marry a living room must-have furniture with cutting-edge technology. Check out the best models for this year!
high tech coffee tables

One of the biggest trends in furniture this year is high-tech coffee tables. These touchscreen coffee tables turn traditional living room furniture into next-generation entertainment devices that will surely ignite your neighbor’s envy.

Let’s take a closer look at what these super-popular coffee tables can do for you!

The Best High Tech Coffee Tables

High tech coffee tables deliver all the benefits a regular coffee table does but adds a level of convenience and sophistication to your home that almost escapes words. These pieces come with a high-resolution touch screen that transforms a living room, lobby, or lounge area into the ultimate entertainment center.

High-tech coffee tables can charge and sync up with your devices to set the mood for the night. Had a rough day at work, and you wish to zone out to your favorite Spotify list? Just charge your device and let it sync up with your trusty coffee table!

Perhaps you’re ready to entertain your guests for a Saturday night all-out bash? No problem! Plug your tablet into your high-resolution touch screen and let your guests marvel at your futuristic entertainment/media hub!

Regardless of whether you’d like to amaze your guests and host the best karaoke nights or use this marvelous invention as a work tool, you’d do well to shop for quality and convenience. This list of high-tech coffee tables offers both at reasonable prices!

The Savant Touch High Tech Coffee Table

The Mozayo coffee table features a reinforced glass capable of handling heavy use.

The Mozayo high-tech coffee table is a complete home entertainment hub based around a flat panel monitor embedded in a tabletop. Its Windows 10 operating system offers a familiar user interface that lets you control your home’s entertainment system, smart refrigerator, and even your home’s security cameras.

This game room coffee table is available in 5” and 8” sizes in table-top options, effectively reinventing your traditional coffee table into a highly connected hub that adds a futuristic flair to your living room environment.

Size: The Savant Touch frame can fit 27″ to 50″ touchscreens.

La Table Kineti High Tech Coffee Table

The Kineti introduces technology and glamour to your home.

The Kineti high-tech coffee table can become the new jewel of your living room, expanding the limits of convenience through an elegant and modern design. Historically, furniture has continually changed to suit the needs, requirements, and lifestyle of each era. It makes sense that, as we delve further into higher levels of technological convenience, our home furniture becomes allies of our digital routines.

Gather friends and family around the Kineti Coffee table and create long-lasting memories!

The Kineti game room coffee table surpasses traditional living room furniture. You can play your favorite digital board games thanks to its touchscreen capabilities, dispensing the need for a large board game table and its countless accessories.

The Kineti requires zero setups, just clean its surface with a wet tablecloth and get ready for a fun gaming session. This marvelous piece is, without question, one of the best coffee tables out there.

Size: La Table Kineti’s frame can fit 40″ touchscreens.

MTCT Modern Capacitive Touch Coffee Table

The MTCT Coffee table design is ideal for living rooms, offices, and lounge areas.

The MTCT is a multipurpose, high-tech coffee table that serves as an entertainment center, a home automation hub, or a transformable work desk. If you enjoy working from the comfort of your couch, then you’ll be pleased to know that the MTCT is known for instantly boosting productivity and comfort.

On the techy side of things, the MTCT features an Intel i5 processor, 8 GBS of RAM Memory, and 128 GBS of Solid-State Drive storage, granting this coffee table the processing power and visual rendering capability of high-end PCs.

The MTCT tech power pairs up with a modern touchscreen top, protected by a 6mm thick tempered waterproof and shatterproof glass. The MTCT looks ultra-modern, which makes it a perfect fit for both contemporary and modern living rooms.

Size: The MTCT frame can fit 42″, 46’’ and 50″ touchscreens.

The 7.4 LCT High Tech Coffee Table by Design Cafe

The LCT combines a classic coffee table design with a high-octane, multipurpose touchscreen computer.

The 7.4 LCT high-tech coffee table features a classic design with a modern touch. Interactive Design Café lets you choose between their 43″ HD or 50″ models and 4K UHD coffee table, all of which come with a 6mm thick waterproof touchscreen.

The stunning dark wood grain frame encases the LCT powerful hardware components. This game room coffee table transforms any living room into an engaging place for entertainment, games, and even interactive learning sessions for the kids. With the LCT, the sky’s the limit!

Size: The 7.4 LCT frame can fit 43″ and 50″ touchscreens.

RTLT Modern Round Touchscreen Lounge Table

The RLTL Coffee Table by Interactive Design Café is a techno-styled work of art.

The RLTL is a high-tech coffee table with a unique, half sphered design that uplifts any modern living room environment. This furnishing holds a high-powered PC within a hemisphere encasing ideal for playing games, browsing take-out menus, and streaming your favorite tv shows.

The elegant half-sphere design quickly catches your attention, merging its artistic elegance with next-level convenience and comfort.

Size: The RTLT hemisphere can fit 21.5″ and 32″ touchscreens.


Regardless of whether you’re a quiet introvert or a lively extrovert, you’ll find that high tech coffee tables add a new layer of convenience and sophistication to any living room. These futuristic tables adapt to any mood and always add a dash of glamour and well-deserved convenience to your life.

Keep in mind that these high-tech coffee tables come straight from the best furniture brands available. These manufacturers specialize in furniture pieces that were once exclusively used in high-end commercial establishments, allowing you to glam up your home with the latest in tried-and-true technology.

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