Helix Sleep: Custom Mattresses for Deeper Sleep

Helix Sleep Mattresses come in easy-to-manage boxes and are shipped directly to your home

Helix Sleep is among the handful of modern mattress brands that are shaking up the market. There has never been a better time to buy a new mattress than now—with mattress brands like Helix Sleep offering direct sales of their luxury products. Gone are the days of mattress store price gouging and high are those of guarantees and hassle-free returns if you’re unsatisfied.

The Internet has changed the way we communicate, the way we shop—and if you’re using it to shop for such mattress brands as Helix Sleep it could change the way you sleep! Gone are the days of dreading the amount of money you have to fork over to afford a quality mattress. Helix offers tremendous products at a fraction of what traditional luxury brands offer. If the thousands of positive Helix Sleep reviews are any judge, it would seem that they offer a better mattress as well.

The Helix Experience


Helix Sleep offers mattresses that solve many problems. The first being that everyone is different, and needs a different comfort performance from their mattress. This is even harder for couples that may not necessarily have an aligned vision of what type of mattress is the best.

Helix Sleep spent many years and resources working with a team of scientists and engineers to study the bio-mechanics of sleep. Talking about it in much detail might begin to put you to sleep—but the takeaway is that they really know their stuff. When it comes to understanding mattresses and how to provide a customized comfort level, Helix is leading the pack.

Brands like Helix Sleep aren’t so contrived—they focus on making the best single product they can every year.

The second problem that Helix Sleep solves is the price issue. Luxury mattresses typically cost as much as $5000 for a truly quality product. Traditional mattress brands have been notorious to jack up prices with little other justification than to say they have a new product that year. Brands like Helix Sleep aren’t so contrived—they focus on making the best single product they can every year.

They roll out improvements, but it’s for a single product that they believe everyone deserves to experience. To help support their mission of providing comfort and luxury at an affordable price, Helix Sleep offers direct-to-consumer sales through their website and Amazon. This means that you can order a Helix mattress and have it delivered straight to your house rather than paying a marked-up price in local stores.

Helix Mattress Sizes


Helix offers a unique approach to their mattresses and how you decide on your final purchase. They offer a simple personalized quiz that helps to decide which type of sleeper you are. This type of custom mattress is often unheard of in consumer markets, and typically costs thousands of dollars more than already exorbitant prices from other luxury mattress brands. Regardless of the comfort level, you decide upon, you’ll still want to pay close attention to the size of mattress you buy—as these newer more innovative mattresses aren’t exactly the same as older, bulkier models.

Helix Sleep offers mattresses in standard sizes ranging from Twin to King, and they are all suitable for use with a foundation, box springs, platform beds, or simply to positioned directly on the floor. Knowing the overall size of your final bedding position can help to provide a better fitting comforter and sheet selection. Below, you’ll find a chart detailing the sizes of Helix Sleep mattresses:

Twin39″75″10″40-50 lbs
Twin XL39″80″10″40-50 lbs
Full54″75″10″70-80 lbs
Queen60″80″10″80-90 lbs
King76″80″10″90-100 lbs
California King72″84″10″90-100 lbs

Buying a Helix Sleep Mattress

Helix Sleep mattresses are available online, which allows Helix to provide such incredible value for the prices they offer. Several other mattress brands have begun taking this direct-sales approach, and have completely disrupted the mattress industry forever it would seem. Buying direct from manufacturers allows consumers to get better prices, manufacturers to have better information about what their buyers want, and there are no troublesome support processes funneled through third parties.

Helix Sleep offers many different comfort configurations based on sleep preference. Each mattress they make is a different combination of several possible layers of foam and their individually wrapped microcoils (microcoils are kind of like regular innerspring but offer better movement dampening). Before you order a Helix Sleep mattress, you’ll want to take a close look at their personalized sleep quiz section on their website. Their mattresses are also available through Amazon, and you can see a basic comparison of price ranges for different sizes in the table below:

A Mattress Sized for Everyone

Direct-sale mattresses are wildly popular these days. Brands like Helix Sleep offer innovative style and comfort to buyers, all while saving tons in cost. Helix Sleep offers a 100-night comfort guarantee program during which you are free to return your mattress at any time should you decide you don’t like it.

Helix ships all US-purchased mattresses for free in a conveniently managed 16″ x 16″ x 48″ cardboard box. Offering their unique comfort customization program truly sets Helix Sleep apart from other mattress brands, and allows buyers to truly take control of the feel of their mattress!

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