8 Gorgeous Girls Canopy Bed Ideas for Your Princess

girls canopy bed

Ready to add some magic to your girl’s bedroom? Check out the best girl’s canopy bed for this year!

A girl’s canopy bed has a way of turning a regular room into a dreamy, magical land that stimulates their creativity.

A bed canopy tent is not only guaranteed to add vibrance and fun to their room: it’ll also keep your kids inside their beds, and most importantly, outside of yours!

Child canopy beds are also natural bug repellants (since the bed canopy tent keeps mosquitoes and other plagues at bay). They also protect your toddler from cool drafts, keeping them warm and cozy during chilly nights.

The Best Girls Canopy Bed

The best girls canopy bed needs an outstanding frame that prioritizes safety above all. But it must also feature a fantastic design that adds to the room’s overall aesthetic and theme.

Depending on your kid’s needs, you might need a color scheme and fabric combination that invites them to relax and slowly doze off into a night of deep rest. Other parents might want to match bright colors with patterned beddings and a unique princess canopy bed to stimulate their creativity.

Choosing elements that match your kid’s need is essential for their mental and physical health, and involving them in the design decisions might be a good idea!

Regardless of your choice in aesthetics, you’ll want their girls canopy bed to be safe, durable, stylish, and affordable. Today, we’ve hand-picked the best child canopy beds from the best furniture brands to ensure you and your kids get the quality you deserve!

Without further ado, here are our top picks:

The Innovative IKEA Bed Tent Frame

girls canopy bed 1
This IKEA Bed base is built from solid pine wood and is sturdy enough to accommodate an adult.

This transformable bedframe is perfect for tots to recreate adventures, imagine magical worlds and play with their favorite toys as they make their way towards their big boy and big girl bed!

During their early years, it almost seems like you’ll never stop buying new clothes and refitting their bedrooms to keep up with how fast they’re growing. Before you know it, nurseries turn into bedrooms, and they start to get bored of many of the things that once defined their space.

Beds are no exception to this process, and the ever-innovative IKEA design team decided to create a sturdy bed frame that could last them well into their teen years. The KURA bed tent base does this and more.

This IKEA Bed Tent frame comes with a solid pine wood build capable of accommodating a parent and his kid without breaking a sweat. You can lay next to your toddler and read them a nice bedtime story and watch them drift into a deep recuperative sleep without worrying if the bed can hold.

What’s more, this IKEA bed tent frame lets you add different bed canopy tents to it to recreate cozy, magical environments. It also doubles as an additional layer of protection that muffles sounds and adds warmth during winter.

Plus, whenever they outgrow the bed’s first set up, you can turn this IKEA Bed Tent Frame into a bunk bed with a play corner underneath that’s roomy enough for their favorite bean bag and all of their toys. Talk about a fun, versatile, and lasting bed option for their bedrooms at a bargain price!

The Market Style IKEA KURA Bed Tent

girls canopy bed 2
This Market themed bed tent stimulates your kids’ imaginations through role-playing!

This beautiful tent transforms its IKEA bed into a fun play area, creating a private space for your kids to relax and be imaginative. The market-themed IKEA KURA bed tent also turns any room into the perfect place for your little ones to do their homework, helping them concentrate in the comfort of their bedroom.

The Market IKEA KURA bed tent adds a touch of pastel colors to your kids’ bedroom, turning their bed into a fully stocked market stand inspired by their favorite book illustrations. Features such as its peek-a-boo mesh window and convenient roll-up front that can be held open with toggles turn their rooms into a magical land overnight. You can play shop with them and teach them how to interact with others in a public place, all in an equally safe and fun environment!

As with many IKEA furnishings, the market-themed IKEA KURA bed tent is easily attached to either side of your little one’s bed. When play-time is over, you can either unhook its fasteners to clear the bed or slide the curtain to the side to keep their toys organized and neatly out of sight.

The Dinosaur KURA Bed Tent

girls canopy bed 3
This vibrant bed tent reunites your tots with their favorite dinosaurs during playtime!

The IKEA Dinosaur KURA bed tent instantly creates a cozy, snug place where your little one feels safe at all times. Their favorite dinosaurs will keep them guarded against monsters at night and inspire imaginative trips to their very own Jurassic world during the day.

The dinosaur-themed IKEA KURA bed tent comes with convenient features that actively protect your toddler’s sleep. They can open the zippered door to maximize airflow during summer nights, while the tent’s purple and blue colorway shields them from bright lights.

Just like the Market-themed KURA bed tent, this model is super-easy to maintain: Wipe off dust and stains with a damp cloth or detach their hook and loops to put the whole tent in your machine washer whenever you do full bedroom cleanups.

The Castaner Girls Canopy Bed Tent

girls canopy bed 4
These canopy bed tents come in six beautiful presentations.

This Harriet Bee bed canopy tent offers your little ones a comfortable sleeping environment and a cute little castle where they can play with their stuffed dolls.

This girls canopy bed tent is very easy to set up, and it comes with everything you need to install it: drill a small hole in their bedroom ceiling to secure the bed canopy tent expandable hook, tie as much as you need of its nylon line, and attach it.

If your little girl wants a bedroom worthy of a royal, go for the pink girls’ canopy bed tent to glam up her pastel-colored room and get some matching bedsheets. You can even attach a star-shaped banner across one of its openings so she can fall asleep under the stars!

You can also place the Castaner in a corner on top of a small organic bean bag chair and make her a particular area for your princess to read, play with her phone or tablet, or read scary stories with her friends during slumber parties.

Harriet Bee also offers this beautiful girl’s canopy bed in different colors such as dark blue, coffee brown, and lake green to suit different bedroom themes. Either way, you’re sure to get a top-quality, vibrant bedroom addition at a great price.

The Lolington Canopy Bed Full Size Base

girls canopy bed 5
The Lolington adapts to any girl’s room motif with its classic white design.

The Greyleigh Teen bed frame allows you to recreate a relaxed, flowy, and eclectic atmosphere in any bedroom. The Lolington’s canopy bed full size introduces four sleek posts you can use to hang a canopy bed tent. You can either recreate a trendy boho bedroom with a soft canopy tent or pass on the tent and go for a modern-themed private space.

Most interior designers include canopy bed full size bases (such as the Greyleigh) as the ideal centerpieces for their interior bedroom designs. If you go with the canopy bed tent style, hanging an eco-friendly canopy can make your bedroom more luminous, relaxing, and romantic. You can also incorporate layers and textures alongside an array of tiny dimmed lights to stimulate creativity and productivity tenfold!

Likewise, the Lolington canopy bed full-size pad can be the leading furnishing of a minimalist bedroom. The bedroom’s neutral-colored walls and wooden furniture pieces perfectly contrast the canopy’s deep blue hue to create a clutter-free room for your little girl.

The Clementine Princess Canopy Bed

girls canopy bed 6
The Clementine serves as a fabulous centerpiece for any girl’s bedroom.

The Monarch Hill Clementine it’s the perfect princess canopy bed for a fast-growing little royal. This stunning bed frame transforms her bedroom into a queen’s chamber with its elegant coated metal structure and the board’s linen upholstery.

Attach any canopy bed tent of your choosing on the Clementine’s golden rail to shield her highness from mosquitos, drafts, and other plagues. What’s more, this princess canopy bed opens a whole new set of decorating possibilities in her room, perfectly matching classical and modern furniture pieces alike thanks to the bed frames’ elegant design.

If your princess is getting to her preteen years, there’s no safer bet than the Monarch Hill bedframe to add a bit of oomph and chicness to her room. Pair it alongside pastel color nightstands, Victorian desks, and a stylish boho floor lamp to turn her bedroom into a perfectly decorated personal space!

The Rulian Full Size White Canopy Bed

girls canopy bed 7
This sturdy white canopy bed adds extra storage room to your kid’s bedroom.

The Ruian by INLE is an elegant full size white canopy bed that brings traditional class to any bedroom. The Ruian features a sturdy pine frame capable of supporting the best memory foam mattresses, as well as two rolling cabinets your kids can use for last-minute storage.

This full size white canopy bed also comes with a full-length railing at the top that adds stability to the structure and opens the way for detailed decor. You can choose from a vast array of bed canopy tents or heavy bed curtains to add a cozy layer of protection against drafts and mosquitoes.

What’s more, the Rulian comes with eight fixed wooden slats at the base, allowing more air to pass beneath your bed to help your mattress circulate your body’s natural heat for longer cycles, significantly improving your little girl’s good night’s sleep!

The Durable Zoomie Kids Child Canopy Beds

girls canopy bed 8
This Cinderella-style carriage bed brings Disney’s magic straight to your princess bedroom.

These gorgeous Zoomie Kids bedframes make royalty-themed bedrooms come to life with a Cinderella carriage bed design for twin-sized mattresses. These pink, white, and purple child canopy beds are the perfect centerpieces for your princess bedroom, blending nicely with neutral backgrounds, classical nightstands, and vintage chairs.

The Zoomie Kids child canopy beds let you save valuable time when prepping your little one’s dream bedroom. Such unique bedframes immediately set the stage for other furnishings and decorations to come into play, narrowing down her bedroom design to choosing whatever colors and textures you like the most.

We recommend pairing this child’s canopy bed with draped bed skirts and microfiber bed curtains to deliver that Disney princess scenario. Plus, you can also get a super affordable, high-quality hypoallergenic topper and make her twin-size mattress the most protective and comfy rest pad she’s ever had!


If you want to add fun and unique aesthetics to your kid’s room, then a girls canopy beds is precisely what you need. Matching your child’s canopy beds with the room’s color palette and lighting can turn their sleeping space into a truly magical place.

As always, all of the models we’ve listed come from the best furniture brands catalogs to ensure you and your family get the best of the best!

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