6 Extendable Coffee Tables with Awesome Storage Options

Extendable coffee tables are equally understated and convenient furniture that add depth and purpose to your living room!
extendable coffee tables

Extendable coffee tables are highly versatile pieces of furniture that can transform by lifting, folding, or extending into additional work surfaces. Extendable coffee tables also allow you to adjust their lift top table to your desired height (or extend one of its surfaces) to meet your daily storage needs.

Here’s why expert interior designers favor extendable coffee tables over traditional models.

The Best Extendable Coffee Tables

Extendable coffee tables are often the anchor in the room. They guarantee that anyone entering your living room will notice and interact with this stylish furniture.

Extendable coffee tables turn your traditional coffee table into a work desk, a dining table, or a refined decor piece that pays homage to stylish Ottoman tea garden tables. Each design offers something unique to your living spaces, making them must-have pieces for any interior design lover.

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the best extendable coffee tables for this year!

Wrought Studio’s Denson Extendable Table

extendable coffee tables 1
The Denson coffee table features eye-catching lines and a sturdy build.

The Denson extendable coffee table has a sturdy and practical design that makes it ideal for living room dinners. If you’re looking for a modern coffee table with a large top surface and a reliable locking mechanism, you’ll fall in love with this living room piece.

extendable coffee tables 2
The Denson lateral drawers offer additional storage opportunities.

The Denson adjustable top lift can handle two dinner plates with drinks and elevate it comfortably. You can also fill its hidden storage with blankets and books and use the lateral drawers to store your remotes and electronics. Aesthetically speaking, its sleek design makes this extendable table look like a sophisticated living room piece that matches modern and mid-century interior designs alike.

Size: 16” H x 39.5” L x 22” W

Lift Top Height: 27” H

The Homary Extendable Coffee Table

extendable coffee tables 3 1
The Homary coffee table emulates the sophisticated contrast between black and white trending in modern architecture.

The Homary Chic Extendable Coffee Table is a beautiful and practical addition to any modern living room setup. Its two-tone design features reclaimed oak (drawer) and manufactured wood (top surface) in a geometrical shape that grants your living room a sophisticated accent.

extendable coffee tables 4 1
This beautiful coffee table offers drawer-type storage with a slow close hinge and an easy pull.

Slide both sides of the Homary Extendable Coffee Table to access several compartment cabinet with lots of storage space for living room essentials. You can stash books, magazines, remotes, and even board games in its ultramodern structure. This Chic coffee table definitely an impressive alternative to traditional coffee tables coming from one of the best furniture brands this year.

Size: 15.74” H x 47.24” L x 31.49” W

The Lipscomb Extendable Coffee Table

extendable coffee tables 5
The Lipscomb is a stylish and highly functional coffee table for contemporary and modern living rooms.

The Lipscomb extendable coffee table features a unique design to match modern and contemporary living room environments. Its sturdy structure showcases a soft walnut color that pretty much matches any minimalist decoration that you put next to it.

extendable coffee tables 6
The Lipscomb drawers provide ample space for any living room essentials.

This compact and cleverly designed coffee table create depth and perspective by sliding its four drawers radially. Each provides significant room to hold electronics, books, and magazines, and they’re easily deployable thanks to a smooth rail/track system. Its moderate size makes it ideal for both modest and spacious living rooms.

Size: 16” H x 39” L x 39” W

The West Elm Mid-Century Extendable Coffee Table

extendable coffee tables 7
This stylish coffee table seamlessly mixes organic and synthetic materials for a unique look.

West Elms Mid-Century extendable coffee table features a convenient pop-up top to cover its hidden storage space. This beautiful coffee table features a stylish mix of organic and synthetic materials, true to mid-century style.

extendable coffee tables 8
The Mid-century coffee table also comes with a side storage space beneath its classic marble slab.

The Mid-century coffee table features a richly grained eucalyptus wood on its top surface with a classic marble slab right next to it. The key to this extendable coffee table lies in its versatile design: you can lift its top to comfortably work on your laptop, have your dinner plate at arm’s reach while enjoying your favorite show. Because of the tremendous style and convenience it offers, we’ve included this piece in this year’s best coffee tables roundup.

Size: 48″W x 24″D x 17.4″H

The DuBois Extendable Coffee Table

extendable coffee tables 9
The Dubois is a uniquely designed furnishing that suits different interior design settings.

The Dubois Extendable Coffee Table features an oval design in which three layers rotate (and extend) to your liking, making it a highly decorative furnishing for your living room. The DuBois extendable coffee table showcases a stained black oak grain finish perfect for feng-shui and contemporary settings alike.

extendable coffee tables 10
This beautiful coffee table can be easily configured into different shapes.

This beautiful furnishing from Wayfair’s Williston Forge store uses the famous modular design style of the ’60s. It can expand or shrink its form to provide additional space for your food or make more room for guests. The result? A flexible and unique extendable coffee table you can order from the best online furniture stores.

Size: 13” H x 31.5” L x 23.75” W

The HOMCOM Extendable Coffee Table

extendable coffee tables 11
The HOMCOM extendable coffee table comes with a height-adjusted work surface.

The HOMCOM Extendable Coffee Table is a one-of-a-kind living room furnishing that uses a gas spring system to lift its large tabletop. This innovative design allows this 24″ lifetable coffee table top to remain stable even with significant weight on top of it.

extendable coffee tables 12
The HOMCOM hidden storage compartment makes it a space-saving piece that fits any living room.

The HOMCOM extendable coffee table comes with a novelty farmhouse chic design. The mix of engineered wood and metal makes it an ideal piece for interior design styles that favor organic furnishing as decorative accents.

Size: 41 x 20 x 24 inches


Extendable coffee tables are, by far, one of the most utility-driven furniture in the living room. They can serve as a homeowner’s fashion statement, a height-adjusted work surface, or a space-saving piece that offers multiple levels of storage.

Extendable coffee tables also resonate with a homeowner’s priorities, and interior design tastes like few pieces can. When you add one of these pieces to your living spaces, you’re welcoming a piece of furniture that will instantly adapt to your living room as well as your personality.

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