7 Ingenious Live Edge Epoxy River Tables

Live edge tables are among the most awe-inspiring designs in the home goods industry. These epoxy river tables take things to a whole other level!
Live Edge Epoxy River Tables

Epoxy river tables are the hottest furniture trends for this year. Its exotic, one-of-a-kind designs are sought after by modern, contemporary, and even traditional interior designers today!

Today we’ll recommend the best of the best. We’ll feature those select artisans that have carefully worked the wood and resin from the start to make epoxy river tables what they are today. But first, let’s take a quick look at what epoxy river tables are.

Epoxyandwoodhk Walnut Living Room Table

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Reminisce natural ambiance with this gorgeous epoxy coffee table.

This Live Edge Epoxy table is one of the most impressive dining tables you can find. Most Epoxy River Tables contain a colorful resin in between two wooden planks. However, Epoxyandwoodhk inverted this approach when crafting this live epoxy river table by creating an encasement of resin that contained its timber pieces. It’s important to mention that Epoxyandwoodhk also designs live edge epoxy tables of different sizes and woods, offering a wide selection of epoxy river tables for every taste.

HomeDeco See-Through Cocktail Table

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Last but not least, HomeDeco’s Coffee table is one of those stunning Live Edge Epoxy tables that perfectly suit marble and ceramic, light-colored floors. Their walnut Coffee & Cocktail epoxy river table uses a clear acrylic resin for a see-through view of the floor, giving it a contemporary touch to this organic piece of furniture.

Epoxycity’s team also added a custom metal base with a golden sheen, which adds even more cosmetic value to this beautiful cocktail table. This piece is, in our opinion, one of the best cocktail tables for this year.

Country Lane LLC Furniture Aqua Epoxy River Table

Live Edge Epoxy River Tables 4
This Country Lane Epoxy River table has an eye-catching resin mix, resembling a live river.

This unique live edge epoxy table was created by Country Lane Furniture LLC, using two walnut timber cuts that encase an aqua-colored resin in between. The beauty of this table lies in its versatility as much as in its elegant design, as this furnishing can work as a hall table, an entryway seat, or an accessory patio furniture piece. In addition to its graceful design, this epoxy river table has a high-grade catalyzed conversion varnish that makes it resistant to water and household cleaning chemicals for extra durability.

The Wood Lab Caviar Black Epoxy Accessory Table

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Wood Lab created this beautiful epoxy river table using two walnut planks and a caviar-black resin mix to create the perfect side-sofa furnishing. This environmentally-conscious company uses reclaimed and sustainably sourced hardwoods in all of its projects. These bespoke pieces are also custom-built to fit reduced and ample spaces alike.

ReinspiredWoodworks Entryway Live Edge Epoxy Table

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This epoxy console table brings order to your hallway space in a stylish and functional way.

ReinspiredWoodworks is a handmade wood décor manufacturer with tremendous expertise in crafting stunning epoxy river tables for every interior design setting.

Their craftsmen are masters in manipulating the pigment quantities of resin mixes, giving their tables unique color combinations that elevate any entryway and small rooms at home. We recommend taking a look at their live epoxy river table collection for additional different-sized models!

Fine Wood Creations Round Bar Epoxy Table

Live Edge Epoxy River Tables 5
This high bar round epoxy table projects a 3D depth effect thanks to its unique resin mix.

Finewood Creations crafted this chic live edge epoxy table to create a cozy and stylish conversation spot at home. This epoxy river table has a sturdy design that joins a 1.7 inches thick tabletop and a Dalton-styled leg to save space. This epoxy table also features a semitransparent turquoise resin that gently glows in the dark, a feature that is bound to catch your guests’ attention.

For this particular project, Finewood Creations paired two rounded walnut wood planks with a thick epoxy resin to create a 3D effect along its disk-shaped surface.

The Light Emerald Epoxy Coffee Table by Finewood Creations

Live Edge Epoxy River Tables 6
A durable and cute epoxy coffee table that works in any space.

We couldn’t help but add another beautiful epoxy river table from Finewood Creations, especially since everyone loves having a unique coffee table in their living room. This live edge epoxy table design can reproduce its unique resin mix in any wood of your choosing: be it cherry, walnut, hickory, or wormy maple. Another beautiful (and often overlooked) feature from this coffee table is its onyx coated base, creating a sharp contrast with its delicate emerald tone.

What’s an Epoxy River Table?

Epoxy river tables were, initially, owned by a handful of interior designers and artists who were constantly looking for the next big trend. Today, these gorgeous pieces are becoming popular amongst interior design connoisseurs and those with a taste for the exotic.

Epoxy river tables are one-of-a-kind furniture made out of wooden planks and dyed resin in between. Artisans carefully work on these bespoke pieces to turn the live edge of the woodcut inward, allowing you to showcase a luxurious and energizing pattern that looks like the contours of a river.

Each wooden plank comes with a unique pattern and grain that works as a canvas for these skilled artisans. Each canvas can feature exotic patterns with vibrant colors, all the way to clean designs that highlight the wood’s natural properties. These bespoke pieces serve as natural focal points for any room and are guaranteed to draw attention and comments from even the most exclusive of guests.


Epoxy river tables project sophistication and considerable knowledge of interior design trends. Whether you own a luxurious rustic farmhouse or a modern penthouse, these colorful one-of-a-kind pieces will always find a spot in your rooms.

When it comes to epoxy resin river tables, working with accomplished artisans that understand the nuances of creating these high-end pieces is everything. Choosing a woodcut that guarantees long-term structural integrity is one thing.

But only an accomplished artist can manipulate high-quality resin to deliver the patterns and colors you’re looking for. It’s a process that takes years of practice and woodworking experience and is best left to professionals with veritable portfolios.

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