Dreamcloud Mattresses: Affordable Luxury & Quality Materials

Looking for a luxury mattress without breaking the bank? The DreamCloud Hybrid has astounded the marketplace by offering such a mattress—and they decided to toss in the most unbelievable warranty to back it up!
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Dreamcloud is a bed-in-a-box brand that offers an incredible lineup of memory foam and hybrid memory foam mattresses. Their direct-to-consumer pricing model helps ensure their products offer a better night’s sleep without requiring a personal loan. They’re one of the best mattress brands out there and we’re excited to introduce them!

An Affordable Luxury Option, Finally

Luxury mattresses have been something of an enigma for years. They taunt consumers with features such as gel memory foam, toxin-free organics, and advanced motion support. These same mattresses then shamelessly price themselves at upwards of five thousand dollars among many common retail stores. Dreamcloud has endeavored to bring a true luxury mattress to buyers—through their direct-to-consumer sales model—at an astoundingly affordable price. This mattress is no joke—take a look at its incredible features below.

Layered Design for Comfort & Cooling

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The DreamCloud’s hybrid design allows for an excellent contouring experience and also provides better airflow than all-foam models.

Dreamcloud was started with the goal of developing a mattress with truly luxury materials that could be delivered for a fraction of the cost associated with most luxury mattresses. So far—they’ve been nailing it.

Mattresses such as the luxury hybrid model include a plethora of materials designed to provide the feel of a luxury mattress. These materials include the following:

  • Quilted top
  • Gel-infused Memory Foam
  • Pocketed Microcoils
  • Supportive Base foam
  • Contouring Memory Foam

The mattress industry is so competitive that, in all honesty, there are several comparable products for any single mattress. What makes the DreamCloud hybrid special, other than the luxury design, is the robust level of product support provided by the manufacturer.

Dedication to Price & Support

dreamcloud hybrid mattress corner shote sodafine
The DreamCloud hybrid features a quilted organic cotton pillow top for that true “cloudlike” experience

Mattresses that offer this many layers of comfort-first design typically range upwards of $4,000 in stores. That’s not the case anymore. Luxury mattresses are cheaper online and are becoming cheaper in stores because bed in a box brands like Dreamcloud have exposed the secrets of traditional brands—there’s an exorbitant amount of markup on traditional mattresses.

365-Night Trial Period

dreamcloud mattress comparison
The DreamCloud exceeds comparisons even to much higher-priced competitors of arguably lower design quality (non-luxury models)

Part of pricing a product takes into account the lifecycle support. This includes warranties, replacements, and the way in which product materials and functionality deteriorate over the years. Specific to mattresses; there’s a consideration of how one will feel about their purchase after having slept on it while.

Five years ago, it was unheard of for a local mattress store to offer a money-back guarantee based solely on how you felt about your mattress after sleeping on it a few nights. Dreamcloud overs a 365-night in-home trial during which—at any point—you can get a complete refund should you decide this mattress isn’t for you. Don’t worry—you don’t have to try and ship it back!

Lifetime Warranty

Dreamcloud offers an Everlong warranty which means the company will replace your mattress, free of cost to you, should anything go wrong, for the rest of your life. The best we’ve seen from traditional brands is a 10-year warranty—which they argue is the longest one should allow due to health reasons. We’d rather go through a few extra mattress protectors and just keep things from getting nasty. Who knows? Maybe those big-box store brands are just doing really nasty things to their mattresses during testing. Lord knows they do nasty things to the price markups!


dreamcloud hybrid mattress sodafine
The Hybrid DreamCloud mattress features carry-handles for easy maneuvering, a quilted pillowtop, and extra thick design


Dreamcloud offers one of the best options for luxury mattresses on the market. It’s not cheap—coming in around $1200 during sales, $1500 MSRP—but still crazy cheaper than in-store luxury models of comparable quality. That’s an important consideration—comparable quality.

We’ve tested plenty of store brand mattresses that are advertised as “luxury” that fall well below the experience of a Dreamcloud mattress. Pound for pound, coil for foil, layer for layer: the Dreamcloud is an excellent option for anyone seeking one of the best luxury mattresses on the market—without having to talk to a loan officer first. 

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