6 Budget Friendly Dorm Room Mirrors to Always Look Great

Always look your best with these handy dorm room mirrors!
best dorm room mirrors

A dorm room mirror is a must-have accessory for your college years. It’s that trustworthy friend that helps you judge and rate your outfits and looks before you head out to classes.

It’s also that brutally honest friend that will tell you when there’s a piece of food stuck in your teeth! The fact that it saves you from some extremely embarrassing moments during interviews and group presentations already makes it an essential part of your dorm room, but it offers so much more.

Dorm Room Mirror

A well-placed mirror for dorm also doubles as a décor item that adds depth to your living space. If your college dorm room is poorly lit, you can also hang a mirror across your window to flood the room with extra natural and artificial lighting. Combine that with the best desk for dorm rooms, and you’ll have an optimally lit workstation for years to come!

Without further ado, here are the best dorm room mirrors for this year!

The Latitude Run Dorm Full Length Mirror

best dorm room mirrors 1
The Latitude Run mirror conveniently hangs at the back of your door and maximizes your dorm room space.

The Derren-John hanging mirror is a convenient dorm room mirror that lets you check your whole outfit before heading to class. Latitude Run crafted this timeless dorm full length mirror with a clean reflective surface, brightening your room with natural light as it hangs on closet doors or walls.

This dorm room mirror features a high transparent glass with silver-coated borders to ensure a crystal-clear reflection and an elegant aesthetic. The Derren-John is also made from shatter-proof glass and comes with two sets of hangers that let you adjust its height and position at any time.

Furthermore, thanks to its lightweight aluminum alloy frame, you can also hang this dorm mirror horizontally on top for your dorm couch, by using any mounting tape of your choosing, expanding your dorm room decorative options.

Size: 53.5” H x 19.7” W x 4.2” D

The Walmart Dorm Mirror and Cabinet

best dorm room mirrors 2
Save some space and gain lots of storage for your dorm room with this aesthetically chic dorm mirror.

The Costway Hanging Armoire doubles as a multipurpose cabinet and jewelry organizer, making it one of the best dorm room mirrors on our list.

Addressing a college dorm’s reduced space can be tricky, but it’s also an interesting decorating challenge. It’s fair to say that setting up your college living environment requires creativity and an eye for functional and versatile dorm room furniture pieces.

The Costway is one of those multifunctional pieces designed to help you save precious dorm room space. This piece is part of a mirror for dorms line of products for students that understand the importance of a well-kept personal image. This Walmart dorm mirror offers plenty of space for wristwatches, pendants, bracelets, and lightweight garments that would otherwise be tangled all together in some desk drawer.

Last but not least, the Costway is crafted from a premium MDF board, making it a durable, lightweight, and stable dorm full length mirror. All in all, it’s the perfect dorm room furniture accessory for anyone that loves to look fabulous no matter how hard their courses get.

Size: 12.5” L x3.5” W x 53” H

The Target Dorm Full Length Mirror

best dorm room mirrors 3
This full-length mirror is ideal for college dorm settings.

The Target Framed Door Mirror adds a modern accent to your dorm room while serving as your everyday reflective surface for dressing and makeup.

This budget dorm full length mirror can rest against a wall or stand on its own right next to your dorm’s desk, providing a complete view of your body from head to toe as you pull together one fabulous college party outfit after another.

Target offers this super-practical dorm room mirror at a bargain price thanks to a solid-hued plastic frame with a sleek, minimalist look. Its lightweight design allows you to hang it vertically or horizontally, depending on your needs. You’ll also notice your poorly lit dorm room come to life thanks to its ample reflective surface!

Size: 49.56 ‘’H x 13.56 ‘’ W x 0.39 ‘’D

The Unisex Cheval Mirror for Dorms

best dorm room mirrors 4
This modern cheval mirror is the perfect dorm room mirror for everyday college life.

The Uvalda Cheval piece is a versatile and straightforward dorm room mirror that looks amazing in any confined space. Originally designed as a dressing room accessory, this standing floor mirror serves as a stylish dorm room furniture piece that helps you get ready for classes and epic college parties.

This popular dorm room mirror is 21 inches wide and 59 inches tall, offering a detailed look into your entire outfit. What’s also lovely about this floor mirror is that there are multiple ways to display it: you can lean it against a wall or use its brackets, so it stands on its own.

The Uvalda dorm mirror also features a dark chocolate-colored wooden frame that blends into any color palette. Plus, its sturdy construction is stable enough to prevent it from falling when accidentally bumped.

Size: 58.6” H x 21” W x 18” D

The Collete Dorm Desk Hutch with Mirror

best dorm room mirrors 5
This elegant desk and vanity mirror set can make a dorm feel brighter and more appealing.

The Collete Dressing Vanity is the perfect dorm desk hutch with mirror for those who love a personal space to clear their thoughts after studying for hours. This desk and dorm vanity mirror feature a modern design that balances convenience and appeal, transforming an empty dorm wall into a versatile makeup station.

Modern interior designs favor simplicity and clutter-free aesthetics, which works lovely for college dorm room spaces. Similarly, the Collete dorm desk hutch with mirror balances appeal and convenience by featuring a pleasant-to-the-sight, symmetrical structure that offers five roomy drawers and two lower shelves to keep everyday essentials organized.

The Collete can double as a college dorm desk, but ideally, you’ll want to use it as a makeup and self-care station. The Collette will help you look stunning on that special date you’ve been looking forward to all week, or get your makeup and eyelashes on-point for Friday night out with the girls.

Size: 50.31” H x 47.25” W x 15.75” D

The Valdosta Dorm Vanity Mirror

best dorm room mirrors 6
Thanks to the lack of a frame, this versatile piece is the perfect pick for college dorms this year.

The Valdosta wall accessory is a beautiful dorm vanity mirror that adds a contemporary aesthetic to your living spaces. Langley Street understands that mirrors are visually appealing pieces that add convenience and elegance to any room, and the Valdosta does this through its frameless, circular silhouette.

This sophisticated room addition can transform your standard study desk into a beautiful dorm desk hutch with a mirror, thanks to its Parisian aesthetic. Furthermore, the Valdosta is also one of those dorm room mirrors capable of opening up a room, allowing bright light to energize the place.

The ultra-flush mounting system and drywall anchors and screws allow you to hang this mirror with minimal setup. All in all, this dorm vanity mirror is one most convenient and best-priced dorm room mirrors you can find.

Size: 24” H x 24” W


Dorm room mirrors are the ultimate personal image maintenance tools for your college years. Whether we like it or not, physical appearance is super important in academic and professional environments today. First impressions are everything, and a convenient mirror for dorm will help you look sharp and well-dressed for all your classes, presentations, and the occasional date!

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