Dorm Furniture Essentials that Every College Student Needs

Check out the four dorm furniture essentials that make college life easier!
Essential College Furniture

Finding practical (and affordable!) dorm furniture is essential to your success in college.

College is also our first taste of what it’s like to live on our own, away from home. At first, your college dorm will likely seem like a foreign place with little more than a worn-out bed and a tiny closet for your clothes.

Turning your dorm room into a place you call your own is the first step towards a successful 5-year journey in college. Your dorm room must also be your haven, a refuge that will help you study and enjoy your college years to the fullest.

Dorm Room Furniture Essentials

Being able to sleep comfortably, study, eat and chill in complete comfort is critical for anyone that wishes to do well in college. This list of dorm room furniture essentials will help you do exactly that.

Today, we’ll help you put together a room with all the must-have college furniture that you need to boost your productivity and comfort to the max. We guarantee that by the time you’re done reading, you’ll have a list of affordable furniture for college students that will make your life easier for the next five years!

The Best Chair for Studying

dorm room furniture 1
This Inbox Zero executive chair eases you into an optimal posture for studying.

The best chair for studying will prioritize one thing above all others: optimizing your posture for productivity. The Executive by Inbox Zero does this by offering next-level ergonomic support through its sectioned back support, a flexible headrest, and highly customizable armrests.

The curved lumbar support system and padded seat keep those annoying lower back pains at bay and help you focus on the task at hand better than any other chair could. Because of its ergonomic-first support, heat-diffusing breathable mesh design, and fantastic price tag, this Inbox Zero comfortably sits above the competition.

Best Dorm Room Couch

dorm room furniture 3
The DHP Lodge offers sophistication and comfort to your dorm room.

The Lodge by DHP is one of the best small couches for dorms out there. Dorm room couches are perfect for last-minute guests, gaming sessions, and an overall great place to stretch and relax after a day of studying.

The Lodge comes with cushioned seats that gently support your body and keeps you comfortable as you binge your favorite Netflix show. You can quickly transform this dorm room couch into a sleeper bed in a matter of seconds and allow the delicate microfiber upholstery to ease you (or a guest) into a deep sleep. We picked the Lodge as the best dorm room couch because of how practical and easy it is to assemble, but it’s worth noting that it’s a stylish and sophisticated addition to any dorm room as well!

The Best Dorm Room Mirror

dorm room furniture 5
The Derren-John mirror saves space and keeps you looking fresh!

The Derren-John by Latitude Run is the best dorm room mirror for this year. Dorm rooms are known for their limited space and, at times, daunting space distribution, but one thing is for sure: you’ll have a door you can hang your mirror on!

This mirror comes with a lightweight aluminum alloy frame, a crystal-clear reflection, and an understated aesthetic that fits into any dorm room. Your dorm room mirror will keep your looks on-point and save you from unsightly boogers and pieces of food stuck on your teeth that could ruin your date or group presentations!

A reliable and space-saving mirror will always be a must-have addition to your dorm room, and it’s safe to say that this Latitude Run model is a tried-and-true product that will make college much more manageable.

The Best Mini Microwave for Dorm

dorm room furniture 6
This General Electric mini microwave combines power and convenience in its compact design.

The General Electric mini microwave adapts to your fast-paced lifestyle and culinary needs like no other. It comes with an impressive 1.1 cubic ft. capacity that can hold and reheat large dinner plates, frozen pizzas, and other meals to culinary perfection, making it the best mini microwave for dorm this year.

This model also features several one-button settings to heat beverages, vegetables, or popcorn bags if you feel like hosting a Netflix binge session over at your dorm room. During the week, this portable microwave will cook your lunches and meal in record time, allowing you to review your notes right before you eat and dash to your midterm. This mini microwave oven for dorm will prove itself a valuable ally during your college years and will even join you for more adventures once you’ve graduated!

The Best Desk for College Students

dorm room furniture 2
The Inbox Zero office and gaming desk offer comfort and style at an incredible price.

This Inbox Zero model is the best desk for college students on a budget. This office and gaming desk comes with a durable steel base structure and a manufactured wood tabletop surface for studying and gaming. The ergonomic and comfort-first design is a staple in Inbox Zero products, and it’s why we chose this desk amongst hundreds of others.

This college student desk also comes with a height-adjustable and wheelchair-friendly variant that we covered in a previous piece. Inbox Zero models come with all sorts of neat features that make college life considerably easier for students that need an organized work area where they can relax and study for their tests.

Best Mattress Topper for College

dorm room furniture 4
This CertiPUR-US product will keep you safe from smells and bacteria left behind by the mattress’ previous owners.

The Cruz is, hands down, the best mattress topper for college. This White Noise product has it all: a super comfortable dual support 4-inch design that gently hugs your pressure points and a complete heat-dissipating system.

This model comes with a temperature-regulating gel that passively diffuses your body heat throughout the night, making it an ideal choice for anyone living in warm climates. The orthopedic design also prevents joint pains, muscle soreness, and lower back pains caused by your typical run-of-the-mill college bed mattress.

The Cruz is also a CertiPUR-US certified product that stands as a strong line of defense against microbes and other smelly bacteria that live in your dorm room mattress. We highly recommend you pair this fantastic product with a mattress cover to phase out bed bugs any previous owners might’ve left behind!


Dorm room furniture needs to be practical, affordable, and ideally, compact enough to fit in your new room. Every inch of space is precious, and you’ll want to populate your new room with no-nonsense dorm room essentials built to last and get the job done. This tried-and-true furniture for college students (and essential accessories) will help you create that optimal studying and resting environment that you’ll need for the coming years.

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