2 Cooler Coffee Tables That Show Us The Future of Furniture

You might recognize cooler coffee tables from numerous viral TikTok and Instagram posts. Today we're featuring two cooler coffee tables that promise to change your living room!
cooler coffee tables

It seems that change and innovation find their way into our lives in the form of smartphones and electronics. But what about furniture?

Today, it’s finally safe to say that the future of furniture is here today! Cooler coffee tables reinvent otherwise traditional furniture and turn it into a must-have piece for anyone that values convenience, technology, and style.

The Best Cooler Coffee Tables

Cooler coffee tables are a recent breakthrough in both the technology and furniture industry. This super ambitious crossover started as a successfully crowdfunded project and is now available in some of the best online furniture stores, such as Wayfair.

The concept is simple: taking your furniture to a whole new level. Your cooler coffee table comes with a built-in refrigerator, media hub, and powerful speaker system that keeps you in the center of the action. No more awkward trips to the kitchen during commercial breaks or having to move across the living room to charge your devices. Your cooler coffee table does this for you in the comfort of your couch.

Let’s take a closer look at what we believe are the two best cooler coffee tables for this year.

The SOBRO Multipurpose Cooler Coffee Table

cooler coffee tables 1
The Sobro is a smart coffee table designed to support your connected lifestyle.

The Sobro Cooler Coffee Table is the first multipurpose model in what will surely be a long line of smart furnishings dedicated to making our daily lives more convenient and fun.

We’ve all been there: you had a rough day at work, and all you wish to do is to lay down on the couch, grab a snack and tune out for the day. The Sobro coffee table allows you to do this without ever leaving your couch!

Need a snack? Just open your integrated fridge drawer and pick your favorite refreshment. Or, perhaps you’re in the mood for some nostalgic tunes? Connect your smartphone to the Sobro speakers and fill the room with the sound of your favorite songs.

cooler coffee tables 3
The Multipurpose Sobro Coffee Table charges your devices and plays music while keeping your snacks and drinks chilled.

Sobro knows that life carries a lot of stress and that the daily grind often drains most of our attention and energy. Their cooler coffee table allows you to recharge your batteries and makes it that much easier to host family and friends. It’s a super convenient and innovative product that will position the company as one of the best furniture brands this year.

The Sobro Cooler Coffee Table will also turn your living room into the ultimate media hub for you and your friends. Whether it’s a world series game, an exciting boxing match, or the Superbowl, pausing in the middle of the action is not an option. This futuristic coffee table keeps the snacks and drinks at arm’s reach, allowing you to savor every little detail with zero interruptions.

The SOBRO also comes with a built-in compressor that keeps your food and drinks perfectly chill at your temperature of choice. While we still recommend you have your very own wine cellar under stairs for your vintage bottles, this handy fridge can handle anything from fruits to soda cans with ease.

cooler coffee tables 2
Control the Sobro Coffee Table temperature, volume, and more all from a touch-sensitive interface.

Last but certainly not least, the Sobro Coffee Table looks incredible. In terms of aesthetics, it rivals even the fanciest cocktail river tables. But it better suits contemporary, minimalist, and modern-themed living rooms with a taste for futuristic-looking pieces.

Cooler Coffee Table Specs:

Refrigerator Capacity: 1.54 Cubic Feet

Cord Length: 118’’

Height: 17.7’’

Width: 22.6’’

Length: 43.3’’

Weight: 104.5 lbs

The PRIMST All-in-one Cooler Coffee Table

cooler coffee tables 4
This beautiful cooler coffee takes your living room experience to new heights.

The PRIMST Cooler Coffee Table is a smart living room furniture piece built to bring next-level comfort and convenience to the living room.

Coffee tables serve as the living room’s centerpiece. These often-overlooked furnishings hold our drinks, smartphones, and even appliances such as mini oil diffusers. They bring the room together in a way no other piece of furniture could. The PRIMST does all of this and so much more.

cooler coffee tables 5
The PRIMST Dual Bluetooth speakers deliver enhanced sound and bass.

The PRIMST is a multi-functional media hub that comes with integrated speakers and remarkable audio quality. Soundbars and tall speakers can sometimes disrupt your living room aesthetic and spacing, turning your room into a cluttered nightmare. The PRIMST takes care of business and allows you to maximize your space without skipping a beat.

cooler coffee tables 6
The PRIMST coffee table also comes with child-proof locks for additional safety.

Inviting a date over for dinner and a Netflix premiere has never been easier. The PRIMST cooler coffee table is guaranteed to impress your date while keeping your snacks and beverages at the perfect temperature. Its ample refrigerator drawer will conveniently keep you both glued to your sofa, allowing you to pause the show only to process plot reveals. In terms of convenience, it’s by far one of the best coffee tables this year.

cooler coffee tables 7
The durable tempered glass top is both scratch-resistant, as well as high-temperature resistant.

The PRIMST comes with an elegant rectangular shape that will bring balance to any living room. Its gorgeous black and white structure fit into contemporary, modern, and even traditional living rooms that favor a gender-neutral color palette.

The PRIMST is not only super sturdy: it also comes with a lifetime warranty that includes on-demand parts and components replacements. To some, this might seem like an almost meaningless feature, but to us, it means the company thoroughly believes in the quality of its products.

Cooler Coffee Table Specs:

Refrigerator Capacity: 4.59 Cubic Feet

Cord Length: 8 feet

Height: 18’’

Width: 26’’

Length: 51’’

Weight: 120 lbs


Cooler coffee tables offer an opportunity to bring technology and convenience into our furniture. Whether you wish to become the life of the party, wow your guests with the latest advancement in technology, or quietly enjoy your built-in fridge while binge-watching a show, the cooler coffee table is for you.

This smart furniture is more than an incredible array of built-in features: it actively integrates with our contemporary lifestyle and makes it even more convenient. That’s why we believe it’s only a matter of time before it becomes mainstream and spearheads a revolution that will change our homes. So, get them while they’re still a novelty item that impresses even the fanciest guests!

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