6 Colorful Coffee Tables to Energize Any Room

Need a colorful coffee table with warm, vibrant colors? Check out our favorite picks for the year!
bright colored coffee tables

Color has an undeniable effect on our brains, one that science has studied to great lengths. Interior design experts take this knowledge and use it to create inspiring indoor spaces for all of us.

Color psychology principles apply to furniture as well. A bright-colored coffee table serves as a living room’s centerpiece, and its color can impact the overall aesthetic of the room in an instant!

Bright Colored Coffee Tables

A bright colored coffee table will charge your living room with an energetic, cheerful vibe. These vibrant pieces can coordinate or contrast with other elements in the room to create a remarkable space for all your guests.

Others prefer warmer tones that channel harmonious and calming energies to their spaces. Neutral colors, such as white and black, often strike a much-needed balance capable of turning a room into a one-of-a-kind composition.

Today, we’ve selected our favorite colorful coffee tables from the best furniture brands out there.

We’ve chosen pieces with energizing, unique colors that will infuse new life into your living room. We’ve also selected a few neutral-colored pieces ideal for relaxed, carefree environments that feel welcoming and cozy.

In short: there’s something for everyone!

The Ahern Navy Blue Bright Colored Coffee Table

bright colored coffee tables 1
This delicate furniture piece brings the calm blue sea to your living room.

The Ahern living room table is the perfect bright colored coffee table for blue and white living rooms. Blue is arguably one of the most versatile colors in home decor: it can set the stage for refined home environments, chic bedrooms, and soothing living rooms, depending on its shade.

This navy blue coffee table comes with a calming, anxiety-free hue that invites guests to sit back and relax. This cool coffee table showcases a two-tray design crafted from a mix of solid and manufactured wood, making it a sturdy living room addition for your tea sets, coffee table plants, and books.

Size: 17.75” H x 39.5” L x 21.75” W

The Boulogne Gold Accent Coffee Table

bright colored coffee tables 2
This golden Flamingo coffee table brings opulence, elegance, and glamour to your living room.

The Boulogne centerpiece is a gold accent coffee colorful table that brings a glamorous touch to your living room. Gold is a reddish yellow that represents the gleaming color of the precious metal. Given its rich hue, this eye-catching color often serves as a decorative accent for sophisticated rooms.

Neoclassical and minimalist living rooms often incorporate gold to balance pastel shades and spice up monochromatic settings. This gold rectangle coffee table is crafted from an iron frame and coated with a golden hue to serve as a luxurious centerpiece in neutral-colored spaces.

This colorful coffee table also features a golden ring design on its lateral edges to complement its tempered glass top and bottom shelf mirror. Furthermore, both of these surfaces serve as transparent, reflective elements that invite natural light into your living room.

Size: 18.5” H x 47” L x 23.5” W

The Latitude Run Black Modern Coffee Table

bright colored coffee tables 3 1
This stylish coffee table showcases a dark gray finish that inmediately updates your living room.

This Latitude Run furnishing is a black modern coffee table that uses several coil springs to elevate its tabletop into two high-quality particle boards. The Aadi features an innovative design that allows your coffee table to double as a workstation. You can work on your laptop, place digital drawing boards on its lift-top surfaces, or dine next to your friends depending on the occasion.

This black coffee table not only serves as an extendable coffee table: it’s also the perfect piece for black and white theme rooms, as well as contemporary living rooms. This awesome coffee table comes with plenty of storage beneath its tabletop sections, providing roomy compartments to neatly organize (and conceal) living room throws, tech essentials, and books.

Size: 15.8” H x 47.7” L x 27.2” W

The Hanover Red Coffee Table

bright colored coffee tables 4
This red coffee table embodies the fiery passion of soccer fans.

The Hanover Foosball Coffee Table is the ideal red coffee table to add extra fun and an urban flair to living rooms and mancaves alike. This fun foosball table has a perfect 20’’ height that allows you to comfortably reach drinks, snacks, and even lifting your feet on top of its tabletop as you watch your favorite streams and sports.

Hanover placed a framed glass on top of a foosball gaming table structure to create this awesome coffee table. This red centerpiece comes with three rods (with no-slip handles) on both of its sides to take command of 18 players, letting you stage exciting matches every time friends and relatives come over.

The Hanover is one of those bright colored coffee tables everyone wishes to have in their living room during Champions League season. This red coffee table is also the best cocktail table for playrooms in need of some vibrance and convenience.

Size: 45” L x 28” W x 20” H

The Agate Purple Coffee Table

bright colored coffee tables 5
This contemporary chic coffee table rejuvenates small home areas with its hip design.

The Viviana Gonzales Agate is one of the best purple coffee tables to turn your small living room into a chic, clutter-free living environment. This East Urban home furnishing has a casual, understated look that’s still hip and fresh thanks to its Baltic birch top and glossy finish.

Purple (in its darkest shades) is a rich and sophisticated color that plays a significant role in this unique coffee tables design. The Agate features a custom-made print of abstract color waves that range from violet to light magenta, conveying luxury and creativity. The gold Aston legs add that extra dash of glamour that any centerpiece needs, offering the best of both worlds: style and convenience.

Furthermore, the tabletop’s glistening surface is ultra-smooth to the touch and has hydrophobic properties, making it easy to wipe after sharing some icy beverages with some friends!

Size: 19” H x 38” L x 19” W

The Aigne Drum Pink Coffee Table

bright colored coffee tables 6
This pink base centerpiece showcases wow-worthy geometrical patterns in full contemporary style.

The Aigne Drum furniture piece is one of those colorful coffee tables that dazzle you by playing with different shapes. The cylinder base of this pink coffee table supports a carefully smelted inverted cone tabletop.

Pink represents compassion, nurturing, and love, and this contemporary pink coffee table blends the glossy finish of its chromed metal structure with the sensitive appeal of pastel colors. The Aigne serves as the ideal centerpiece to spark conversations and decorate your living room with playful, feminine, and stylish tones.

Size: 15” H x 30” L x 30” W


A bright-colored coffee table can turn any bland living room into an energetic, vibrant space. By choosing the right blend of colors, your living room’s centerpiece will help you create an inspiring aesthetic that you’ll love to come back to every day.

As always, we’ve chosen colorful coffee tables from the best online furniture stores to guarantee you get the trendy, high-quality pieces you deserve!

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