6 Coffee Table Plants that Add Vibrant Colors to Your Living Room

Add some greenery and life to your living room with these fabulous coffee table plants!
coffee table plants

Coffee table plants are an essential part of any living room decor. They’re often the dominant object that sets the tone for the rest of your centerpiece composition.

Finding a perfect balance between style and functionality is, however, key to any suitable composition. While it’s tempting to display our favorite décor in our living room’s centerpiece, it’s equally important to remember that the best coffee tables must also offer convenience and comfort.

Coffee table plants can help us strike that perfect balance.

The Best Coffee Table Plants

Creating a cohesive aesthetic that connects the rest of your pieces through color, style, or theme is a straightforward process once you’ve found a coffee table plant that resonates with you.

Table top plants not only add a touch of greenery to your centerpiece, but also allow you to tell a story about your passions, memories, and tastes. Alternatively, you can go with a more seasonal approach and change your table top plant and décor composition depending on the season.

Some households disregard both of these approaches and instead get coffee table plants that adapt to their lifestyle. Busy homeowners generally prefer low-maintenance plants, while those who prefer the indoors go with lush greenery arrangements that need to be watered once per day. This approach allows you to add style and color to your living room in a very convenient way.

Today we’ve decided to list some of our favorite coffee table plants for this year. These gorgeous pieces will add organic flair and breathe life into your living room, regardless of your interior design choices!

The Etsy Table Top Plants

coffee table plants 5
This gorgeous handmade arrangement brings tranquillity to your space.

The Etsy table top plant features slate rock, preserved moss, and pressed plants to create a stunning centerpiece arrangement. This gorgeous coffee table plant resembles a miniature Zen garden that adapts to contemporary, minimalist, and modern living rooms, making it an ideal piece for anyone who appreciates attention to detail and rich colors.

The centerpiece also doubles as a beautiful moss wall art that you can hang on any room. The arrangement requires no maintenance and can weather direct sunlight with ease. Just remember to dust off any dust buildups every now and then!

Cactus Coffee Table Plant

coffee table plants 1
The cactus coffee table plant is the perfect low-maintenance companion for your living room.

This cactus coffee table plant by Ikea is a sturdy, resilient companion that will add color to your living room. This table top plant comes with a sturdy tempered glass and polypropylene pot that adds contrast and vibrance to your centerpiece.

This coffee table plant is also easy to maintain. It requires little sunlight and even less water since it’s used to harsh and dry conditions, making it a perfect addition for busy households where time is limited.

Succulent Coffee Table

coffee table plants 2
Succulents require little watering since it passively retains moisture.

This succulent coffee table by CB2 offers soothing vibes to any living room. The textured grey ceramic vase pot acts as a sober yet stylish recipient for this gorgeous piece and perfectly pairs up with the coffee table plant earthy colors.

This table top plant comes with faux succulents, making it a zero-maintenance coffee table plant that you can enjoy throughout the year, even in low-light settings. These pieces are incredibly sought-after by Asian Zen and minimalist households alike since they welcome life and vibrance into these clutter and pattern-free spaces.

The Ikea Aloe Vera Coffee Table Plant

coffee table plants 6
Aloe Vera plants can live for well over 100 years if properly taken care of.

Aloe Vera coffee table plants are some of the most popular and easy-to-maintain table plants out there. They passively save water in their leaves, grow slowly, and add some much-needed color and energy to living rooms, home offices, or kitchens.

Ikea also offers nutrient-rich soils with all of their potted plants, guaranteeing you won’t have to re-fertilize the soil for a whole year. Remember to keep the coffee table plant in a bright, sunny area and water your Aloe Vera plant sparingly to make sure it keeps growing healthy and strong for years to come!

The Ecovibe Succulent Coffee Table

coffee table plants 3 1
The Aglaonema is native to China, but it has become one of the most common houseplants worldwide.

The Ecovibe Aglaonema White Siam is one of the best succulent coffee tables for this year. The White Siam comes with rain forest leaves that turn yellow towards their center, setting it apart from similar coffee table plants and making it ideal for living rooms needing sharp contrasts and rich colors.

All Ecovibe coffee table plants adapt to any environment and enjoy indirect light. You can water it once per week, fertilize once a month and your jade table top plant will thrive for many years to come!

Ecovibes sometimes offers various colored pots for each of their plants, but its undeniable that the Aglaonema’s chromed meadow green vase perfectly balances this plants exotic foliage.

The Overstock Coffee Table Plant

coffee table plants 4
This artificial potted plant looks good year-round with no maintenance needed!

The Overstock coffee table plant welcomes the beautiful, lively outdoors into your living room centerpiece. The lush green leaves are delicately arranged to add texture and warmth to minimalist, contemporary, and even modern spaces.

The white ceramic pot completes the arrangement’s refined look and allows you to position it on your home office, kitchen shelves, or your entryway if needed.


All interior design styles seek to include organic elements in their rooms, and tabletop plants are easiest to incorporate. Coffee table plants also open up all sorts of opportunities to create awe-inspiring style in your living room, especially if you own pieces from the best furniture brands.

Adding some of these fresh, organic pieces to your living room will add aesthetic depth to an often overlooked furniture piece and will help you achieve that elegant yet sober style that your living room desperately needs!

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