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Coaster Home Furnishings are a Los Angeles-based company with a little over 20 years experience within the furniture business. Coaster Furniture pays close attention to the current furniture trends and responds with well-made products that are priced at highly affordable ranges. Coaster prides themselves in their ability as a furniture distributor, and have been steadily expanding their business since they first opened shop.

Coaster furniture won’t win many awards for most-elegant or best-artisan furniture—but when it comes down to designing furniture that meets buyer’s demands—Coaster knows what they’re doing. Coaster offers a tremendous lineup of entire furniture collections to meet nearly any home style or lifestyle preference and is one of the best brands in the business. Their furniture can be found in many local furniture stores, and also online in from many retailers for substantially discounted prices.

Large Catalog of Fine Furniture

Coaster Furniture excels where many companies don’t really gain traction—they know how to produce furniture that everyone likes, and they do it for a price that can accommodate nearly any budget. For first-time furniture buyers, or those seeking to furnish entire rooms of their home, furniture brands like Coaster can provide an unparalleled lineup of great looking furniture that will help keep financing to a manageable level. A great example of these types of deals within the Coaster line of furniture is well-illustrated by their 4 piece California King Size Bedroom Set.

This bedroom set from Coaster includes a 6 drawer dresser, 2 drawer nightstand, portrait mirror, 6 drawer chest, and California king size platform bed, all for less than many other brands ask for a single bed. You should keep in mind, Coaster certainly doesn’t offer the quality of furniture that brands such as Hooker Furniture and Basset do, but for the amount of money, Coaster is a popular choice for more and more buyers. Coaster has recognized a dramatic shift in buyer behavior in recent years, realizing that more and more people are looking to online retailers to offer them better deals and faster availability.

Coasters aptitude for creating designs that are not only functional—but beautiful

In addition to affordable furniture sets, Coaster furniture is also available for purchase by the individual piece, which can sometimes offer a great advantage. For example, Coaster offers an extremely functional queen size storage bed with a bookcase headboard that has become wildly popular. It features storage drawers on the side rails and footboard, as well as open-space storage and 2 more drawers in the headboard.

This type of design is commonplace among youth furniture, but few brands are able to design pieces in larger sizes that offer as sharp of a look at this particular bed. It features subtle curves on the drawers to accent its contemporary feel while touting a rich cherry finish which displays Coasters aptitude for creating designs that are not only functional—but beautiful.

As with this bed, every other piece is available for separate purchase which really makes expanding your current decorating commitment a breeze. Coaster is a furniture brand that truly understands that while nearly everyone can appreciate a piece of artisan-crafted furniture with reclaimed wood and exotic leathers, that most people can’t afford that type of furniture.

Life happens, sh*t happens, and sometimes the liability of having a $4000 cocktail table in a house with pets and children is just too much. Coaster offers a lot of well-designed furniture that is highly affordable, yet won’t make you cry if it gets a scratch on it—but that’s certainly not all they offer.

Rich Textures & Contemporary Styles

In addition to the sub-$1000 furniture sets that Coaster offers, they also know how to make slightly more expensive furniture that offers buyers more distinction. The Rustic Upholstered King Bed from Coaster, for example, features a hewn-reclaimed oak finish with dark staining to capture a truly rustic feel. Coaster’s use of light beige linen and sating nickel nail-heads help this otherwise Rustic look updated for contemporary styles.

This bed offers a tremendous amount of style and is still able to be had for under the $1000 mark—which goes to show how well-versed Coaster is in different styled approaches.  The fabrics and woods found on Coaster furniture are of a lesser quality than some other noteworthy brands such as Bassett, Bernhardt, or Hooker Furniture, but they still present a strong line for the price ranges they manage to stay in.

Combined with growing online Availability through retailers like Amazon, Coaster Furniture is often a go-to option for many middle-class families that are trying to get a lot of look for their money. Coaster is one of the few brands that can furnish your bedroom, your kids’ bedroom, and your kitchen all in a harmonious style—all within an affordable range.

Where to Buy Coaster Furniture

Coaster Furniture has recognized that many buyers are now truly comfortable in an online retail environment. While eCommerce may only account to ~15% of all retail sales in the United States, that number has been steadily rising with the spread of smart devices and greater internet access.

While distracted by the many apps and social networks buzzing around, many people often forget that the internet has only really been around for the past 20 or so years. Sure, it was around before that as a scientific tool and in sparse amounts, but mainstream use has really only been seen for the past 20 or so years.

As the marketplace adapts, markets like the furniture industry are slowing recognizing the power of online sales, and online furniture storeslike Coaster have found the power in offering consumers factory-direct pricing. is a great example of one of these retailers and is now regarded by many as being the premier online furniture retailer in the United States.

Overall Coaster is well-versed in providing affordable furniture with tremendous amount of style, and buying online can help you get even more value out of their furniture

Retailers such as Wayfair and Amazon are so well-versed in shipping, that they are able to offer free shipping on nearly all furniture items. With this unprecedented access comes some buyer responsibility of course—especially when buying furniture.

Never buy from unrated sellers on Amazon, and never buy from brands that aren’t well-trusted, or you’ll likely be buying furniture again sooner than you’d planned! Overall Coaster is well-versed in providing affordable furniture with a tremendous amount of style, and buying online can help you get even more value out of their furniture.

They offer complete sets, individual pieces, and have a catalog full of items to fit into nearly every stylistic demand. They are also one of the best sectional brands out there as well, and the Coaster catalog features a great many sofas, couches, and upholstered goods.

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