9 Cheap Home Decor Websites to Renovate On a Budget

Redecorating on a budget? These cheap home decor websites will help you find the look your home craves without breaking the bank!
cheap home decor

Need to redecorate on a budget? Breathe some new life into your home with these budget-friendly home decor websites!

When it comes to finding cheap home decor for your home, knowing where to find the best deals online is everything. There’s an almost endless number of options and catalogs anxiously waiting for you to browse them, but only a handful offer the quality and budget-friendly pricing you deserve.

Today we’ve asked some of our favorite interior designers to give up some of their secrets. We want to know which home decor websites allow them to redecorate homes without draining the client’s bank account. Here’s what they told us:

The Best Cheap Home Decor Websites

Finding the best cheap home decor websites is all about balancing three factors: quality, pricing, and convenience.

Quality: if you want to make your dream home a reality, you need quality decor capable of withstanding the test of time.

Pricing: math can’t be argued or reasoned with. But, if we visit under-the-radar cheap home decor websites and take advantage of various flash sales and discounts, we can spruce up any home quickly without going over budget.

Convenience: finding high-quality home decor at a low price can be difficult, and it often involves hours of sifting through online catalogs. So, what we’ll do is point you straight towards the best cheap home decor websites and save you countless hours of scrolling.

Now that we’re all on the same page, it’s time we take a look at the best cheap home decor websites for this year!

Urban Outfitters

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Urban Outfitters is one of the most underrated home decor websites.

Urban Outfitters is not exactly known for their home-accessory collection (yet!), making it an ideal place to shop for bohemian and boho style cheap home decor.

You can find colorful vases, detail-rich zodiac trinket boxes, and a large assortment of pastel-colored pillows and blankets for your home. It’s the ultimate cheap home decor website for bohemian style lovers.

Uncommon Goods

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Uncommon Goods is the best cheap home decor site for anyone with a taste for quirky accessories.

True to its name, Uncommon Goods feature some of the most original and affordable home decors out there. There’s something incredibly satisfying about showcasing an item that guests can’t link to a well-known brand. They naturally draw curiosity and compliments from even the most observant visitors and allow you to project good taste and knowledge in interior design.

Their quirky selection of stress-relieving geode candles, cute little shelves, and gorgeous desktop accessories make it one of our favorite cheap home decor websites for this year, so be on the lookout for sales and discounts!

World Market

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World Market offers incredible seasonal discounts throughout the year.

World Market is a one-stop-shop for eye-catchy, quality home decor. As the brand name implies, World Market offers deals and unique pieces from all over the globe. This culturally rich mix of eclectic pieces offers color, texture, and artistic depth to any room of the house without breaking the bank.

We recommend you check their home decor section for seasonal discounts and sales to snag trendy, budget-friendly pieces you’ll love!

Nordstrom Rack

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Nordstrom Rack offers more than discounted designer clothes: it also features cheap home decor for any room!

Nordstrom Rack is one of our favorite cheap home decor websites for this year. The website grabs some of the best-selling items from brands like Honey-can-Do, Anthropologie, and Sorbus and then lists them at extra-low prices.

Their cheap home decor assortment features anything from charming collectibles to highly functional double-tier floating shelves that will revolutionize your home!


cheap home decor 9
Get ready to find cheap home decor options at the Overstock trending deals section!

Overstock offers an impressive selection of home goods, allowing you to find cheap home decor that fits your budget. Their catalog showcases all sorts of outdoor renovation essentials that will revamp your backyard area, even if you’re on a tight budget!

If you’re looking to energize your indoor spaces, Overstock has you covered. Their Trending Deals suggestions regularly offer high-quality bedding, tiles, lighting, and even furniture pieces at bargain prices! Make sure you tick their under $250 box to snag some outlandish deals before anyone else can!

Jungalow by Justina Blakeney

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Jungalow is a source of eco-friendly home decor.

Jungalow by Justina Blakeney is the go-to website for environmentally-conscious buyers. Their “two trees planted for each product purchased” policy ensures that some of your money goes towards conserving our precious earth.

Their catalog features an eclectic mix of colors, patterns, and textures on rugs, stools, and wall decor. Jungalow offers a combination of unique, laid-back style and amazing price tags in all of their collections.


cheap home decor 8
Etsy is one of the most inclusive and varied sources for cheap home decor furnishings online.

Etsy is your go-to online storehouse for cheap home decor, handmade items, and showy knick-knacks. The variety of products you can find on this website is impressive, mainly because Etsy showcases items sold by individual sellers that offer anything from furniture to hard-to-find antiques.

Etsy is well-known for balancing style and affordability throughout its abundant selection of items. You can also find excellent gift ideas, materials for DIY projects, and home decorating accessories at a great price, making it one of the best cheap home decor websites this year.


cheap home decor 2
Michaels is a superb source of cheap home decor and DIY home decor supplies.

Michaels is well-known amongst interior designers as the ultimate source of DIY home decor supplies online. But they also feature a rather extensive line of pre-made home decor that fits all budgets.

Their catalog covers anything from modular storage units to whimsy bathroom accessories for your home. We especially like their bathroom decor section: it features numerous four-piece bathroom accessory sets that feel luxurious and come with jaw-dropping price tags.

Bed Bath & Beyond

cheap home decor 7
Bed Bath & Beyond offers beautiful cheap home decor accessories that resonate with your style and tastes.

Bed Bath and Beyond is a well-known brand full of bargain deals on its home decor section. You’ll find attractive and comfortable home furnishings designed to bring out the best in your living environment. It’s hands-down, one of the best cheap home decor sources for large and small room renovation projects.

Their Clearance & Savings category is, by far, one of our favorite sections on their website. It features an impressive cheap home decor selection that ranges from lighting and decorative accessories to furniture and artwork.


Striking a balance between quality, style, and prices are always a tough nut to crack. Thankfully, these cheap home decor websites consistently feature the kind of deals that will turn your house into a home overnight. Remember to check out our shopping section for incredible deals on the best online furniture stores and plenty of inspiration for your next project!

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