11 Carefree Boho Floor Lamps that Embrace Art and Creativity

Add function and style to any room with the best boho floor lamp for this year!
Boho Floor Lamps

A boho floor lamp is a flexible, colorful, and stylish piece that adds ambient or task lighting to your rooms.

These tall standing lamps come with a weighted base that keeps your boho floor lamp grounded in place. Their poles come with varying heights that adapt to your lighting needs: task lighting (for reading and working) or gentle ambient lighting (for get-togethers and movie nights).

The Best Boho Floor Lamp

Bohemian pieces have a way of connecting with your soul and deepest artistic tastes almost effortlessly. A boho floor lamp combines practicality with creativity since it offers an eclectic take on a modern must-have appliance that all rooms need.

Depending on the room, you might need a highly specialized reading lamp that keeps your pages and projects bright and clear throughout the night. Others might need dimmable ambient lighting that keeps the room lit once the sun sets. Remember that some boho floor lamps can easily double as a room’s main lighting source with the right height and light bulb combination.

Boho floor lamps can also excel at accent lighting. They can either highlight architectural focal points art pieces, add an extra layer of warm lighting that dissipates throughout the room, or create a welcoming atmosphere when paired with the right front door color at a homes entrance.

Today we’ve put together a list of the trendiest boho floor lamps the internet has to offer this year. These deeply artistic and unconventional pieces are guaranteed to steal compliments from your guests and keep your rooms bright and clear once the night sets in.

Without further ado, here are the best boho floor lamps!

The Lindyn Led Floor Lamp

boho floor lamp 1
This LED floor lamp boasts 25,000 hours of life and a 20W high-efficiency power build.

The Lindyn is, without question, the best LED floor lamp. This boho floor lamp allows you to choose between hundreds of lighting patterns to create the perfect ambiance for you.

It’s also a dimmable floor lamp that comes with 0 to 100% brightness and dynamic lighting speed control through its remote control. The remote works up to 100 ft. away from your home lamp, making it easy to remotely control your indoor lighting with minimal adjustments.

This minimalist LED floor lamp can be assembled, plugged, and be ready to go in 3 minutes. Its high-performance 20W power build is rust-proof, durable, and never overheats to touch, making it a child-friendly option for parents that want the best for their kids.

Tripod Lamp

boho floor lamp 2
This EnergyStar-certified boho tripod lamp is perfect for bedrooms, playrooms, and living rooms.

The Ezra by Mercury Row is our favorite tripod lamp for this year. This boho floor lamp meshes organic elements into its lightweight build and can easily double as minimalist décor on living rooms and bedrooms.

This Energy Star certified product can accommodate one medium-base bulb up to 60W, allowing you to keep your home warm, cozy, and illuminated well after the sun sets. You can easily move this lightweight boho floor lamp around your home to conveniently brighten up reading corners or guest rooms in a pinch!

Boho Dimmable Floor Lamp

boho floor lamp 3
This stunning dimmable floor lamp illuminates your rooms with bespoke perfection.

This dimmable floor lamp by Beachcrest Home features a gorgeous iron and rattan structure that resembles a vase full of romantic dandelion flowers.

According to boho interior designers, incorporating organic elements (such as rattan) is an essential part of preserving balance and warmth throughout the home. The Beachcrest boho floor lamp not only does this, but it also adds a beautiful spherical bloom ensemble that offers three lighting modes: natural light, warm and cool.

You can control your light setting with a convenient foot switch, making this boho floor lamp a must-have for any Boho Dorm Room and anyone that values convenience and creative aesthetics.

The Yerger 3 Bulb Floor Lamp

boho floor lamp 4
The Yerger is the perfect piece for colorful boho rooms.

The Yerger by Fleur de Lis Living is a 3 bulb floor lamp crafted that combines iron and tapered glass shade to glam up any boho-themed room. The design reminisces the romantic Tuscan countryside and invites its cozy and romantic aura into your living room (or favorite reading corner).

The Yerger comes with an independent tree floor lamp design, allowing you to turn each light independently of the other. Thanks to its clever design, you can choose whether you’d like to brighten a large room or keep you and your favorite book gently illuminated throughout the night.

Globe Floor Lamp

boho floor lamp 5
The Eldridge is perfect for cozy living spaces.

The Eldridge by AllModern combines an organic, cream-colored rattan sphere with an antique bronze finished arc to decorate boho living spaces.

Its creative design combines seemingly opposite materials to create a stunning piece that perfectly fits into boho-themed rooms. It stands as a durable lighting source for homes that value function and style, especially if you’re working with a tight budget!

This organic globe floor lamp also offers convenient overhead lighting for reading rooms, as well as living rooms with limited space.

The Kennell Wayfair Floor Lamp

boho floor lamp 6
The Kennell features two models that perfectly complement boho rooms.

The Kennell by Wayfair comes in two fantastic presentations, each with its signature hourglass design. Each of its thin black cane sticks is individually stacked and woven on each end to its vertical rods, giving it a unique “stick tower” appearance.

boho floor lamp 6 1
The Kennell floor lamp also has a taller presentation that doubles as a trendy décor piece for living rooms.

This Wayfair floor lamp combines metal, wood, and a tan shade to gently diffuse light throughout the room. The model is, without question, one of the best boho floor lamps for this year, as well as a worthy addition to the Wayfair catalog.

Bohemian Floor Lamp

boho floor lamp 7
The Lannett bohemian floor lamp adds unique charms and bohemian aesthetics to any room.

This Lannett bohemian floor lamp invites a bit of tropical charm and warmth from remote Caribbean coasts. The bohemian lifestyle takes you to remote locations, magical landscapes, and cultures come together to create a reality where freedom, familiarity, and the unknown become one and the same.

Some might envision this bohemian floor lamp right next to their hammock as they enjoy a book and overhear the rustlings of the palm leaves on a breezy tropical night. You’ll find a sturdy wooden grid overlay at the end of each arm that encapsulates a white-colored paper shader that gently diffuses light. Each of these lightbulbs turns up individually depending on the time of the day, allowing you to pick exactly how much light your living space needs.

The Lannet boho floor lamp offers simplicity, bespoke lighting, daydreams of lands you’ve yet to visit, and people that can’t wait to meet you.

The Gorge Boho Standing Lamp

boho floor lamp 8
The Gorge offers a boho spin on a traditional Torchiere design.

The Gorge is hands down, our favorite boho standing lamp for this year. It conveys elegance, attention to detail as well as a deep appreciation for the simple things in life.

This boho standing lamp comes with a 3-light torchiere design that perfectly illuminates large and small living spaces. The brushed steel and oil-rubbed bronze finished structure is crowned by frosted ribbed glass shades that smoothly diffuse light throughout the room.

It’s sober, elegant, and beautiful, making it a must-have for boho décor lovers that enjoy minimalist pieces.

Brass Floor Lamp

boho floor lamp 9
The Yearby effortlessly stands out, adding a dash of understated glamour to your boho spaces.

The Yearby brass floor lamp is as mysterious as it is elegant. It features a futuristic take on a traditional tree floor lamp with a slender brass-finished body that holds three beautiful spherical glass shades. Each glass shade comes with its own decorative cap, and the entire structure stays balanced thanks to a luxurious circular marble base.

With so many elements at play, the Yearby seems inherently eclectic, making it an excellent choice for boho-themed rooms as well. Boho style favors pieces that resonate with the homeowner, and the Yearby projects confidence, mystery, and a seemingly contradictory set of elements that work together to create something marvelous, just like you!

Walmart Floor Lamps

boho floor lamp 10
The Etagere comes with a fantastic price tag.

The Etagere by Simple Designs is one of the best Walmart floor lamps for this year. This best-seller comes with an open-column design, featuring two shelves that conveniently house photographs, small plants, and any other memorabilia from your travels!

This sturdy MDF structure is crowned by a fabric drum shade that gently dissipates light throughout your room. The fact that this boho floor lamp doubles as a décor piece make it a must-have for anyone that values style and extra storage space around the living room.

Mayfair Floor Lamps

boho floor lamp 11
The Sebu’s brown finish and square bamboo base add organic accents to your room.

The Sebu Column is one of those Mayfair Floor Lamps that naturally reflect the subtle beauty of your living environment.

Bohemian interior designs often showcase artistic decorations made from organic materials and earthy textures that look their best when sunlight floods the room.

Thankfully during nighttime, Mayfair Floor Lamps such as the Sebu provide that warm but rich ember tone that outshines traditional dimmed lights, creating a comforting and relaxing ambiance with a press of its footswitch.

The Sebu also stands as a space-saving, decorative addition to any bedroom, living room (or even a boho dorm room setting!). The column design cleverly rounds up its patterns, shapes, and beautiful teak wood base to create a unique piece.

What’s more, the Sebu Mayfair Floor Lamp also creates interesting color contrasts when paired with emerald green, navy blue, charcoal, and lilac-colored walls, making them ideal choices for vibrant homes.


The best boho floor lamp offers artistic depth to your rooms, with its Romani-inspired aesthetic take on a modern appliance.

Once you’ve envisioned what your room must look like, it all comes down to choosing a boho floor lamp (or a combination of pieces) that sets the mood for the entire space. As always, we’ve chosen pieces from the best furniture stores to guarantee you get the quality you and your home deserves!

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