5 Gorgeous Boho Dorm Room Ideas for Free Spirited Students

Turn your dorm into a cozy boho paradise with these boho dorm room ideas!
boho dorm room

Creating a boho dorm room is a fun, soul-enrichening journey that many college students eagerly pursue. It’s a chance to turn a bland, generic dorm room into a cozy refuge you’ll love to come back to after a lessons-packed day.

Your boho dorm room will also attract that positive, super productive energy you’ll need to ace your classes for the next five years!

Boho Dorm Room Ideas

A boho dorm room should channel carefree creativity through an assortment of decor and furniture that resonates with your soul. It should feel cozy, stylish, inviting, and peaceful all at the same time, which is surprisingly easy if you’re in touch with your creative side and shop from the best furniture brands.

Just in case you’re looking for some additional inspiration, we’ve rounded up our favorite boho dorm room ideas for this year! We’ve hand-picked and reviewed bold aesthetics that successfully styled a crummy dorm room into a cozy space you’ll love to come back to!

Without further ado, let’s start with one of our favorite boho dorm rooms idea for this year!

A VROGUE Boho Dorm Room Design

This nature-themed dorm room is the ultimate study environment.

This Boho dorm room design from Vrogue is the perfect living environment for a free-spirited student. This soothing living quarter features minimalist IKEA furniture pieces, lush greenery, and affordable decor. This well-balanced dorm room is perfect for studying and hanging out with friends throughout the year.

This pastel dorm room combines light beige painted walls with hanging plants, pink-colored flower bouquets, and even tiny coffee table plants to make the most out of sunlight or bright artificial lights. Boho dorm room ideas are also known to have a deep connection with nature since it breathes life into any living space. Greenery can improve your focus, reduce anxiety and inspire you even through the busiest of days.

Given that boho dorm rooms never follow strict decorating guidelines, you can maximize their available space by adding ergonomic wooden desksstudying chairs, and even organic bean bags. All quality-of-life additions that every student loves to have around as they work towards their bachelor’s degree.

A Boho Chic Dorm Room by Jenny Reimold

The best boho chic dorm rooms allow students to relax during stressful finals weeks.

Jenny Reimold beautifully curated this boho chic dorm room for her daughter to make her feel at home during her freshman year. For this project, Jenny put together a step-by-step guide to create a Boho chic dorm room, covering everything from design considerations to materials and budgeting.

Boho chic dorm rooms have a distinct hip, fresh, and natural aesthetic. Interior designers often use coastal color palettes to recreate bright bohemian dorm rooms and bedrooms, given their relaxing and natural-light enhancing effects.

For this unique boho-chic dorm, Jenny selected a combination of ivories, neutrals, and gentle touches of aqua to create a soothing atmosphere where her daughter could comfortably study and rest throughout credits-packed semesters.

As the DIY extraordinaire she is, Jenny even customized the bed so it could offer convenient back support for study nights. This beautiful tall bed also poses as a traditional decorating corner piece, adding a touch of elegance to the dorm room’s reduced space.

If you’re not much of a DIY furniture fan, you can still find a similar bed in any of these online furniture stores. The latter also serves as a great starting point when browsing for additional furniture pieces such as small couches for dorms and even some must-have mattress toppers to safeguard your kids from unwanted pathogens and bed bugs.

A Modern Hippie Dorm Room Idea

Hippie dorm rooms take self-expression and a love for natural things to heart.

This hippie dorm room idea by Olivia Middlebrooks shows how good taste and your need for self-expression can go hand in hand when designing a comfy living environment.

The term hippie is often associated with the younger generations of the 60s. Radically free and unorthodox, the term’s culture transcended art, music, fashion, and even interior designs. Even today, the hippie style resists going mainstream by staying true to its 19th century France bohemian roots, valuing nature above an artificial sense of wealth.

Before they’re occupied, dorm rooms are plain, institutional living quarters, almost like a blank canvas ready to be transformed into a work of art. Olivia tasked herself to become the inspirational fountain of this hippie dorm room idea, decisively adding plenty of furs and plants to breathe life and nature into a rather generic living space.

These previously empty walls suddenly became a gallery of biology, art, and unconventional decorating pieces full of diversity and originality. To recreate such a cozy boho dorm room setting, Olivia also added rattan lamps and vase plants to round up her dorm room furniture essentials.

Cottage Door Interiors Boho Dorm Room Idea

Don’t be afraid to mix patterns, textures, and furniture to create a boho dorm room!

This Boho dorm room idea from Cottage Door Interiors speaks to its students’ creativity and carefree lifestyle. Boho dorms are known for being exotic and eclectic, which is why the best interior designers often mix patterns with textures and colors to turn any small college dorm into artistically rich living spaces.

Cottage Door Interiors’ team went for a cozy and inviting décor in which dimmed light bulbs, pastel blue doors, comfy bed covers, and colorful pillows would recreate a fun gypsy tent atmosphere.

Boho dorm room ideas are also extremely convenient money-wise: you don’t need new furnishings and accessories to create a beautifully balanced rest and study area. Cottage Door Interiors advised these students and their parents to consider any second-hand furnishings to add an apropos vintage style to this bohemian dorm room.

Even if you don’t have any vintage furniture lying around, you can always browse the best-priced vintage items from these awesome online furniture stores to find great deals (and lots of inspiration) when putting together your very own boho dorm room idea.

A Pastel Dorm room by BMA Designs

Using cheerful colors in any dorm room reduces anxiety levels and makes spaces look bigger than they are.

This pastel dorm room from BMA Designs introduces the best modern interior design principles (minimalism, efficient use of space, and contrasting colors) into a bohemian dorm room setup.

Not all boho dorm room ideas need to be saturated with plant life, art paintings, and exotic imagery. You only need about a handful of decorating pieces to create a visually enticing, super-practical pastel color dorm that remains easy to clean throughout the years.

BMA Designs strategically placed some room rose pink storage boxes, a couple of bubble gum pillows, and a single piece of flamingo artwork to compliment the soft cream color on the walls. You could even add a minimalist modern desk to save some much-needed space and round up a clever take on bohemian frugality!


A boho dorm room can feel like a traveler’s temple. Full of unique objects, bold colors combinations, and unique patterns and textures that tell stories from distant lands. Each piece of décor speaks to your soul or reminds you of special days you experienced in another life.

Surrounding yourself with these positive vibes will not only skyrocket your productivity and creativity: it will also allow you to recharge your batteries from the often chaotic college life that awaits outside your dorm.

We hope these boho dorm room ideas help you reconnect with your creative side and help you endure everything that college has to throw at you with a bright and positive attitude!

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