4 Trendy Swivel Barrel Chairs that Blew Our Minds!

best round swivel barrel chairs

Round swivel barrel chairs top this year’s interior design trend list. Get ready to re-learn everything you thought you knew about comfort and style!

The best round swivel barrel chairs are highly comfortable, multifunctional pieces that fit indoor and outdoor areas. Their concealed swivel mechanism adds a touch of versatility and fun to any space it populates.

Swivel barrel chairs are great for both tall and small people as well. They can improve posture, spinal alignment and even optimize blood flow thanks to their ergonomic designs. Swivel chairs allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds: comfort and style.

The Best Round Swivel Barrel Chairs

As is tradition with all of our lists, we’ve decided to filter hundreds of options and narrowed them down with our strict selection criteria. Here’s how we did it:

Ergonomic design is a must: The best round swivel barrel chairs need to offer more than a stylish design. They need to have a next-level back support design that optimally aligns your spine. It also needs to come with a comfortable filling.

Swivel chairs built to last: quality products must feature top-of-the-line materials, and that’s just a fact. Our list includes swivel chairs made by top-notch artisans with access to exclusive materials.

Cost-effective: comfort and quality are non-negotiable when it comes to furniture! However, we’ve also done our best to feature exclusive pieces with an affordable price tag that fits all budgets.

With these criteria in mind, here are our top picks for this year!

The Hansel Round Swivel Barrel Chair

The Hansel is an affordable, stylish living room addition.

Hansel Swivel Chair is one of the best round swivel barrel chairs for living rooms this year. This swivel chair comes with a sturdy pine wood frame wrapped in gorgeous faux leather that perfectly fits modern, contemporary and even mid-century themed living rooms. The comfy polyfoam filling and affordable price tag make it a must-have piece for reduced spaces in need of additional seatings.

The Aticus Wide Tufted Swivel Chair

The Aticus swivel barrel chair is perfect for social occasions.

The Aticus is, without question, one of the best round swivel barrel chairs. You can curl up beside your significant other or lounge around with your favorite book in hand. The Aticus can also blend into high-end commercial establishments or trendy nightclubs, as it comes with a high-density foam filling and a luxurious tufted finish that invites you to sit back and relax.

The Camino Round Swivel Barrel Chair

The Camino adds luxury and glamour to your living room area.

When it comes to luxury and comfort, The Camino by Bernhardt Furniture is the best round swivel barrel chair. The Camino features thick, cushioned seatings that dynamically adapt to your position and keeps your spine optimally aligned at all times. The elegant gold leaf finish and soft-to-touch fabric make it ideal for homeowners that value glamour and sophistication.

The Merlyn Patio Swivel Chair

The Merlyn adds beach house vibes to your backyard.

When it comes to outdoor furniture, using premium all-weather material is critical. In that sense, it’s safe to say that the Merlyn is the best round swivel barrel chair for patios and pool areas. It comes with a sturdy aluminum frame and a UV-resistant resin wicker exterior that keeps it fresh and durable throughout the seasons. The back and seat cushions are super comfortable and come with removable covers to add an extra bit of padding and overall softness to your seats.

Round Swivel Chairs FAQ

Swivel barrel chairs are comfortable, trendy, and overall fun additions to any room. Let’s answer some of the most frequently asked questions related to swivel chairs in general.

Where can I buy a round swivel barrel chair?

We recommend you buy your round swivel barrel chair from the best online furniture stores. They offer unmatched variety, shipping conveniences as well as warranties for this novelty furniture.

What are Barrel Chairs?

Barrel chairs are sometimes referred to as club chairs, drum chairs, or tub chairs. Essentially, they feature a semicircular back that looks like the cross-section of a barrel.

What are Round Swivel Chairs

Round swivel chairs are essentially barrel chairs with a hidden swiveling mechanism, which can be found at the chair’s circular base. They come in a wide variety of designs, featuring space-age aesthetics all the way to trendy boho-chic finishes.

Why do people buy round swivel chairs?

Because they’re convenient, safe, and comfortable. Round swivel chairs allow you to swivel and adjust your view to whatever catches your attention at a moment’s notice. You can also block out direct sunlight at a moment’s notice, thanks to its concealed swivel mechanism.

Where can I put my round swivel chairs?

They’re fun alternatives to traditional office desk chairs and can serve as equally practical and comfortable living room chairs. Some specialized versions can even be used outdoors, especially since they encourage social interaction and conversation between guests.


Round swivel barrel chairs are quickly becoming this year’s interior design breakthrough. Their design combines comfort and convenience with gorgeous aesthetics that match all interior design themes and styles.

The best round swivel barrel chairs can also serve as the ultimate reading and cuddling spot. They’re big and plushy enough to cradle your body, and with a single push, you’re able to block out sunlight and go for a deep afternoon nap. This furniture is just the perfect combination of style, convenience, and energizing creativity that any room needs.

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