The 7 Best PEX Crimp Tool According to Experienced Plumbers

best pex crimp tools

Get that extra-tight seal your indoor plumbing needs with the best PEX crimp tool for this year!

PEX pipes are everywhere now. They’re affordable and easier to work with, at least when compared to their PVC and copper counterparts, but they require their own set of tools.

The best PEX crimp tool comes with the ideal length, capacities, and calibration features you’ll need to speed up your next project. They’ll also guarantee that you (or your clients) get the top-notch quality work you deserve!

The Best PEX Crimp Tool

According to popular DIYers and veteran plumbers alike, the best PEX crimp tool is a must-have addition to your tool arsenal. PEX tubing is incredibly popular since it can deliver cold potable water, hot water, radiant heating, and can even work with intricate sprinkler systems!

Given its popularity, working with Cross-linked Polyethylene (PEX) is no longer an option for plumbers and DIY enthusiasts. Still, it does require specific tools to guarantee you get the air-tight sealing you need.

The best PEX crimp tool requires adequate length (around 11 inches) to get a perfect seal effortlessly. The tool should ideally work with 3/8″, ½”, ¾”, and 1″ sized crimps on the fly (or at the very least work with 1/2 and 3/4 inch) since they’re the most popular crimps today.

Additional features such as a go/no-go gauge and calibration gauges are also incredibly convenient. The best PEX crimp tool also comes with a removal function in their toolkits, but we’ve added an extra item to our selection to guarantee you’re 100% ready for your next project!

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the best PEX crimp tools for this year!

The Sharkbite Pex Crimp Tool

best pex crimp tool 1
The SharkBite unique push-to-connect system is a favorite amongst beginners and veterans alike.

The Sharkbite PEX crimp tool comes with the brand’s 35+ years of experience in creating high-quality products that get the job done. Sharkbite pex tools also have their signature push-to-connect system to guarantee a clean, leak-free connection with minimal effort.

The Sharkbite PEX crimp tool is one of the few professional PEX crimp tool that works with copper, CPVC, PE-RT, and PEX pipes and connections, making it a tremendously versatile addition to your toolbox. These Sharkbite PEX tools also crimp the two most popular sizes (1/2 and 3/4 inch) without the need for interchangeable dies.

All in all, because of how versatile and beginner-friendly it is, this Sharkbite model is considered one of the best PEX crimp tool for this year.

The Apollo PEX Crimp Tool

best pex crimp tool 2
This Apollo model delivers plenty of crimping force for your heavy-duty plumbing projects.

The Apollo PEX crimp tool comes with a no-hassle design that maximizes productivity and functionality. You can switch between its four durable steel rings, which work with connections ranging from 3/8 inches to 1-inch diameter without skipping a beat. The Apollo PEX crimp tool saves you time and money that you’d otherwise have to invest into additional toolkits to finish your plumbing projects.

These Apollo PEX tools are ideal for heavy-duty plumbing jobs because they can create up to 100 pounds of force, ensuring that you get a solid seal on each crimping connection.

The Apollo PEX crimp tool also comes with a handy Go/No-Go gauge that double-checks your crimping and a fully ergonomic design that streamlines any project ahead of you.

The JWHJW PEX Crimper

best pex crimp tool 3
This durable crimping tool is designed to get to those hard-to-reach spaces and get a clean seal.

The JWHJW PEX Crimper is, without question, one of the best PEX crimp tool the company has ever released. The popular ratchet and self-releasing mechanism allow beginners and veterans to get that air-tight crimp with minimal effort required.

This PEX crimper comes with 4 different sized crimps (3/8”, ½”, ¾” and 1”) as well as a super convenient Go/No-go gauge that ensures that all of your jobs are leak-free. This kit also comes with a removal tool and a cutter to polish and fix each connection without damaging the fitting.

Because of its ergonomic design and tremendous package deal, the JWHJW PEX crimper is the top-tier option for all your plumbing jobs this year.

The Lokman Pipe Crimpers

best pex crimp tool 4
These pipe crimpers are factory adjusted and require no additional calibration tools.

The Lokman pipe crimpers are some of the best pipe crimpers for this year because they work with all brands of stainless steel clamps. They’re excellent beginner PEX installation tools because they’re factory-adjusted, sparing you the need and hassle of getting complicated calibration tools.

The Lokman pipe crimpers feature a ratchet and self-releasing mechanism that guarantees an effortless, faster crimp at every time. Its easy-to-use design values precision, efficiency, and durability throughout its long service life making it an ideal choice for professional plumbers and DIY enthusiasts alike.

These compact pipe crimpers also come with removal tools, 1/2” pex clamps, and 3/4” PEX clamps to kickstart your next plumbing project!

The Kotto PEX Crimp Tool Kit

best pex crimp tool 5
This 5-in-1 tool kit covers all your plumbing needs!

The Kotto PEX crimp tool kit offers convenience, precision, and all the tools you’ll need to take on any plumbing project. This PEX crimp tool kit crimps 3/8, 1/2, 5/8, 3/4 & 1″ inch Stainless clamps with its intuitive ratchet design and self-release mechanism.

Since it’s been pre-calibrated, this tool is ready to make air-tight connections the moment it’s unpacked: you can use its Red handle Cinch Crimp tool, Red handle pipe cutter, as well as its 1/2″ and 3/4″ pieces to finally get your internal plumbing job started!

The Kotto PEX crimp tool kit also comes with a durable storage bag that keeps your clamps, cutter, and crimp tool safely stored at all times. You can take this fashionable tool kit to your client’s home and never worry about losing valuable materials or tools along the way!

The Zurn PEX Crimp Tool

best pex crimp tool 6
This PEX crimp tool comes with a durable tempered-steel build.

This Zurn PEX crimp tool offers convenience at the job and reliable leak-free crimp connections for many years to come. The high-quality tempered steel components found in its head, hinge, and handles are designed to endure the test of time, making them a safe, long-term addition to your toolbox.

The Zurn PEX crimp tool comes with an adjustable head that adapts to ¾”,5/8″ 1/2″, and 3/8″ connections in a jiff. The kit also comes with a crimp removal tool, a Go/No-go gauge, and a calibrating tool that makes all your plumbing and heating jobs a walk in the park.

As if that wasn’t enough, this PEX crimp tool comes with its own portable storage case. The practical Zurn PEX crimp tool case keeps all your plumbing essentials at arm’s reach, to wherever the grind may take you next!

The SharkBite Crimp Ring Removal Tool

best pex crimp tool 7
This convenient tool removes crimp rings from PEX tubing with tremendous ease.

This SharkBite piece is, by far, the best crimp ring removal tool for this year. It removes 3/8-Inch, 1/2-Inch, 3/4-Inch, and 1-Inch crimp rings with ease: just cut, push, and you’re all done!

SharkBite products come with well over 35 years of time-proven excellence and durability, and this crimp ring removal tool is not the exception. It works with all the popular rings you’d find on a plumbing or heating job, and it gently gets rid of crimp rings of any size without damaging the fitting.

Overall, the crimp ring removal tool combines precision, durability, ease-of-use, and top-notch performance, making it a must-have for this year.


The best PEX crimp tool is a must-have addition to any beginner plumber or DIY enthusiast this year. PEX pipes are convenient, easy to work with, and incredibly popular cost-efficient solutions for homes and businesses everywhere. Whether you’re a professional plumber or a homeowner with a taste for DIY, investing in the best PEX crimp tool is always a wise choice.

While our selection of tools is equally reliable, ergonomic, and durable, it’s fair to say that each excels at its niche. Each of these tools adapts to varying degrees of workloads and overall convenience needs, so it might be impossible to reach an all-encompassing consensus that crowns one above the rest.

Instead, we’ve decided to list the best PEX crimp tools out there and let you decide what’s best, according to your needs and budget!

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