The 6 Best Outdoor Foosball Tables to Have Non-Stop Fun in Your Backyard

outdoor foosball table

Turn your patio into a fun-packed social hub with the best outdoor foosball table!

It’s Saturday, the boys are over, and the smell of barbecue starts to permeate the air. It’s time for a quick game on your outdoor foosball table while the food is ready!

As we invest time, effort, and money into making our indoors as comfortable as possible, we also tend to ease ourselves into a boring routine. It’s always the usual suspects: Netflix, console games, and some light reading.

Breaking that routine is all about introducing some good ole outdoor entertainment! An outdoor foosball table stands as an opportunity to introduce some fun and entertainment into your family and guests’ lives.

The Best Outdoor Foosball Table

The best outdoor foosball table offers countless hours of fun to your family and guests right in your backyard. These expertly crafted pieces come with all the basics you’ll need to enjoy this arcade classic wrapped in a layered protective design that can weather the elements. The playing surface is protected by special weatherproof material and coatings that will keep your outdoor foosball table in mint condition throughout the year.

An outdoor foosball table will also allow you to make the most out of your outdoor space. You’ll turn your run-of-the-mill patio into a unique social hub designed to create memorable moments for you and those closest to you. Not to mention, you’ll save some valuable indoor floor space a regular table would otherwise hog!

Today we’ve hand-picked our favorite outdoor foosball tables for this year. Our outdoor foosball table selection features best-selling pieces from the best furniture brands to guarantee you get the best of the best for your home!

The Hannover Outdoor Foosball Table

Overhaul your patio area with the stunning Hannover foosball table!

The sophisticated Hanover outdoor foosball table is a beautiful backyard (and mancave furnishing) that vibes with modern environments. The black veneer and a white accent stripe of the Hannover make it one of the most elegant foosball tables we’ve come across (plus its pitch resembles a real grass field with its rich green hue!).

This black & grey modern foosball table isn’t just for show: Its easy-spin bearings, counterbalanced players, and steel rods allow you to execute precise maneuvering and quick shots as if you were playing on a collector’s edition Sportcraft foosball table.

The Hannover outdoor foosball table can be the perfect addition to a minimalist-inspired rec room, or a covered seating area near fire pits and smokers, allowing friends and guests to have a blast during get-togethers and soccer match days.

With this cool foosball table, you’ll be able to improve your play style and technique in no time. We highly recommend checking out Charles Lee Zen and the Art of Foosball: a very straight-to-the-point and fun read that introduces players to tournament rules foosball fundamentals, practicing the basic and even advanced attack and defense tactics to master this timeless and exciting sport.

The Tornado Sport: The Heir to Sportcraft Foosball Tables

The Tornado is built with top-quality materials for enhanced durability and fantastic aesthetics.

The Tornado Sport combines the aesthetic appeal of the now discontinued Sportcraft foosball tables with the high-end parts and durable construction of tournament-style models.

Sportcraft foosball tables were extremely popular (and with good reason) back in the day. The company designed a modern spinoff (with standardized measures, rods, and game parts) based on the ever-diverse custom-made European models, allowing players to enjoy the game on a leveled-playing field.

Despite their sleek and modern appeal, Sportcraft foosball tables weren’t as durable as they could be, often limiting players from setting up complex shots and experiencing significant wear during intense matches.

All of this changed when Lee Peppard (founder of Tournament Soccer Tables) decided to create durable, high-quality foosball tables that would make the sport even more popular, allowing players across the U.S. to participate in tournaments to prove their talent.

This Tornado Sport foosball table attests to Lee Peppard’s dream, constructed with high-quality wood, smooth, durable plastics, and SureGrip rubberized handles for outdoor matches. With this evolved heir of a Sportcraft foosball table, you’ll never again have to hold back during practices or intense matches.

This beautiful outdoor foosball table is available in carbon black or jewel mahogany to suit modern and traditional rec rooms. The best part? It comes with high tolerance telescopic rods, 1-inch-thick cabinet walls, and precision-machined parts, perfect for precise passes, subtle ball control, and quick-reaction shots.

The Garlando G-500 Outdoor Foosball Tables

This heavy-duty foosball table comes with a durable vinyl table cover.

The G-500 by Garlando is one of the best outdoor foosball tables out there. Garlando has been in the foosball table manufacturing business for over 65 years, and they’re globally known for their attention to detail and superior craftsmanship.

These outdoor foosball tables come with their signature telescopic rods, scoreboard, and balls to get the game started. Their vinyl cover is also included for extra protection, allowing you to permanently place your outdoor foosball table in your patio area without a care in the world.

Because of its tried-and-true design, superb playing surface, and weather-resistant structure and coatings, we rate the G-500 as one of the best outdoor foosball tables this year.

The Monarch Foosball Table Outdoor

This foldable outdoor foosball table is perfect for small patios.

The Monarch foosball table outdoor by Kick is a fantastic, portable version of a regular foosball table. This model comes with a premium manufactured wood structure, premium bearings, 13 players on each team, anti-slip handles, and a handy scoreboard to keep tabs on your goals. The complementary cover keeps your weather-resistant foosball table outdoor in top conditions, even if you permanently park it outside your home.

This foosball table outdoor is also the perfect solution for small patios and reduced indoor spaces. You can pull the cover, enjoy an intense match and quickly fold it away once you’re done reminding your friends why you’re the best foosball player in the group!

The fact that the Monarch foosball table outdoor comes with a fantastic price tag makes it an ideal choice for students on a budget or homeowners with a reduced patio area. Overall, an excellent foosball table outdoor for this year!

The Kick Black Topaz: An Outdoor Foosball Favorite

The Topaz comes with an impressive lifetime warranty.

The Topaz by Kick is perfect for some outdoor foosball with your friends and family and can double as an elegant accent piece in your patio ensemble. It comes with 8 semi-solid stainless steel, chrome-plated rods, convenient ball returns on each end, score trackers, and ABS black handles for a superior grip. The complementary KICK premium and soccer balls help you kickstart your outdoor foosball as soon as you’re done with assembly!

Kick has a long-standing reputation for creating tried-and-true tables that excel at outdoor foosball. The Topaz is an ideal pick for your dream backyard, featuring premium materials, outstanding craftsmanship, and tremendous attention to detail. Thanks to its sophisticated design, it’ll seamlessly fit into modern and contemporary-themed spaces and offer endless hours of entertainment to your guests.

Because of its quality-first design, we believe the Topaz by Kick stands as a top-tier choice for your outdoor foosball matches!

Shelti Foosball Tables

Shelti tables are tournament-grade foosball pieces.

The Pro Foos II is, without question, one of our favorite Shelti foosball tables for this year. Shelti pieces are high-end foosball tables built to competition and pro-tournaments standards, making them a must-have for those truly dedicated and committed to the sport. Their top-of-the-line construction is perfect for foosball players that understand the importance of having a flawless playing field and its impact on individual performance.

The Pro Foos II comes with high-performance stainless steel QPQ treated rods, a “stay in play” field trim, and an expertly crafted structure from top to bottom. Its features are carefully designed to enhance precision and responsive play every time the ball hits the court, making it one of the best Shelti foosball tables out there.

Because of its tournament-level design, unmatched attention to detail, and overall versatility, the Pro Foos II stands as one of the best outdoor foosball tables for this year.


An outdoor foosball table is an incredible addition to any patio area. It instantly elevates your home’s entertainment options and potential, introducing all sorts of fun dynamics for you and your guests. Whether you’re having a cookout and want to pass the time while the meat is ready or feel like hosting a foosball tournament with your friends, your outdoor foosball table has you covered.

It’s also a clever way to introduce an arcade’s classic to your home while preserving your valuable indoor space and overall interior design cohesion. Some might prefer the best mini fooseball table due to its compact design, but for those of us that enjoy the traditional foosball table in all its size and glory, an outdoor foosball table gives us the chance to enjoy the best of both worlds!

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