A Comprehensive List Of The Best Ottoman Coffee Tables For Your Home

ottoman coffee table

Add function and style with the best ottoman coffee table for this year!

Few pieces will save you money and space as an ottoman coffee table does. This living room essential will simultaneously anchor your living room decor and double as a padded footrest at a fantastic price!

Ottoman coffee tables are perfect for anyone that values practical, multipurpose furniture. These models also feature stunning aesthetics worthy of an interior designer’s home.

The Best Ottoman Coffee Table

An ottoman coffee table is a piece of round, rectangular, or even oval furniture with a sizeable padded surface on top. These coffee tables can accommodate a serving tray for your meals or serve as a super comfortable footrest depending on the occasion.

Some ottoman coffee tables also have built-in storage compartments, shelves, or a convenient reversible tray system you and your guests can use for your drinks and snacks.

Today we’ve taken a closer look at the best furniture brands catalogs to find the best ottoman coffee tables out there. We’ve considered their materials, size, shape, storage capabilities, and pricing to hand-pick the best of the best for you.

Here are our top picks:

Ottoman Coffee Table with Lift Top

ottoman coffee table canora champlain
The Champlain adds convenience and style to any living room.

The Champlain by Canora Grey is, without question, one of the best ottoman coffee table with lift top out there. This gorgeous piece comes with a foam cushion build and a soft polyester filling that adds texture and gentle firmness to your cocktail table.

This ottoman coffee table with lift top adds upscale elegance to your living room and tremendous convenience all at once. The lift top mechanism gives way to a spacious interior you can use to store blankets, books, gadgets, and anything you might need to put away ahead of an unannounced visit, making it a super versatile and practical piece all around.

The Galipeau Large Round Ottoman Coffee Table

ottoman coffee table galipeau
This large round ottoman coffee table is also a wonderful space-saving solution

The Galipeau by Lark Manor is a handy footrest, a stylish living room centerpiece, a storage unit, and even a spare seat all at once!

This large round ottoman coffee table features a sturdy circular solid wood frame wrapped in gorgeous faux leather. The button-tufted upholstered surface adds upscale style to your living spaces and is guaranteed to draw compliments from dates and guests.

This large round ottoman coffee table is also a wonderful space-saving solution. You can lift its top section to reveal an impressive inner storage designed to help you minimize clutter around your living room. The Galipeau has it all (even a fantastic price tag!), making it our favorite large round ottoman coffee table for this year.

Round Tufted Ottoman Coffee Table

ottoman coffee table lark manor 1
This tufted ottoman coffee table delivers convenience and classic aesthetics to your living spaces.

Lark Manor’s round tufted ottoman coffee table has it all: timeless style, a sturdy frame made out of solid and manufactured wood, and a soft tufted exterior. Thanks to the foam and polyester mix on its top section, this gorgeous ottoman cocktail table can double as a last-minute seating for your visitors, making it a must-have piece for regular hosts.

This round tufted ottoman coffee table also comes with a hidden surprise: a removable upper section that offers spacious, practical storage for your games, remotes, or winter blankets. Due to its classic aesthetic, creative design, and marvelously tufted exterior, we rate this piece as one of our favorite round tufted ottoman coffee table.

Brentwood Ottoman Coffee Table With Tray

ottoman coffee table convenience concepts 2
The ottoman coffee table comes with a reversible tray system.

The Brentwood ottoman coffee table with tray is an excellent addition to any home. You can put your feet up, relax, and watch the game after a hard day of work while your dinner’s aroma fills the air. Once it’s ready, you can flip your ottoman coffee table tops and turn them into a couple of handy trays for your food and drink as you dig in and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

The gorgeous linen upholstery comes in four presentations: navy blue, gray, mocha, and sandstone. The piece adapts to any color palette, allowing you to showcase an equally convenient and stylish living room centerpiece. The fact that it has a large built-in storage space you can use to safeguard valuables at a second’s notice is the icing on the cake.

The Fremont Large Cocktail Ottoman

ottoman coffee table fremont
The Fremont effortlessly combines elegance and functionality.

The Fremont large cocktail ottoman is, without question, the best large cocktail ottoman for this year. It features an equally sophisticated and practical design that delivers unmatched comfort and superb aesthetics to your living spaces.

This large cocktail ottoman comes with a sturdy solid birch wood frame and a gorgeous espresso finish. This durable frame is followed by a high-density foam cushion that delivers next-level comfort to your feet and top-tier support for your trays and plates. The entire top section is wrapped with an exquisite button-tufted bonded leather upholstery with delicate waffle stitching.

Faux Leather Ottoman Coffee Table

ottoman coffee table baller
This timeless and stylish piece adds glamour to your living spaces.

The Baller faux leather ottoman coffee table is an incredible addition to contemporary and mid-century living rooms. The piece features timeless, sharp aesthetics and a luxurious faux leather finish that perfectly matches its dark cherry wooden legs.

This stunning faux leather ottoman coffee table is also perfect for practical homeowners that value style and versatility. You can open its top section and use the spacious interior as a handy storage unit for all your games, consoles, blankets, and remotes. Once you’re done, you can close it and rest your feet on its single-button cushioned tufted top.

The Gambier Blue Coffee Table Ottoman

ottoman coffee table gambier
This sophisticated ottoman radiates elegance and style as a living rooms centerpiece.

The stunning Gambier blue coffee table ottoman is the perfect addition for Art Deco and Hollywood Regency-style living rooms. Etta Avenue’s glamorous design combines a gold-finished metal base with a rich-colored, upholstered velvet seat on top for maximum visual appeal.

This blue coffee table ottoman also works as the centerpiece between two dish chairs in a minimalist living room setup, making it extremely viable for bachelor pads and shipping container homes where every inch of space counts.

The Gambier’s perfectly leveled button-tufted surface is so sturdily propped that you can set a tray of drinks, appetizers, or movie night snacks without a care in the world. More importantly, its 38 inches width makes this blue coffee table ottoman that equally dazzling and functional piece that every luxurious living room environment needs.

The Miah Round Coffee Table Ottoman

ottoman coffee table miah
This Etta Avenue furnishing adds glam to your living room with its enveloping tufted velvet upholstery.

The elegant Miah round coffee table ottoman has a solid wood frame that’s wrapped entirely in velvet polyester upholstery to add plenty of convenience and glam to your living room environment.

The key to creating a tasteful living room space is maintaining a balance of color, size, and texture between its different furniture pieces. Round ottoman coffee tables play a vital role in allowing the same practical use of the best coffee tables, with the added benefit of doubling as a seat for guests and family.

If you have a large cream-colored sofa, the Miah is your best bet for establishing that visually appealing symmetry that interior designers love. What’s more, its rich and sophisticated purple color can add a touch of luxury to your living room, pairing sleek floor lamps, abstract paintings, and minimalist plant decorations in true contemporary fashion.

The Sanni Lift Top Ottoman Coffee Table

ottoman coffee table sanni 1
The Sanni keeps your living room gadgets and valuables organized and safely stored.

The Sanni lift top ottoman coffee table helps you organize your living spaces and even hide valuables away from your kids or pets. This gorgeous faux leather footrest’s removable lid gives way to a spacious storage compartment for everything you’d rather keep safely stored from prying eyes and idle hands.

The Sanni’s top section comes with a great foam cushion and filling combo, making it an equally comfortable and stylish addition to your living room. Thanks to its delicate tufted upholstery and neutral faux leather, this lift top ottoman coffee table is also perfect for traditional homes.

This lift-top ottoman coffee table is, All in all, an excellent piece for traditional homes, farmhouses, and small lofts that need to use the most out of their space.

The Kelly Clarkson Round Storage Ottoman Coffee Table

ottoman coffee table delphine
This charming ottoman coffee table comes with soft velvet upholstery.

The Delphine by Kelly Clarkson is chic, glamorous, and incredibly convenient round storage ottoman coffee table. This stunning piece comes with a solid wood frame, cushioned polyester padding, and a delicate velvet upholstery that instantly beckons the eyes.

While this round storage ottoman coffee table is perfect for your living room, you can just as easily move it to your bedroom or any room that needs additional seating. The lift-top storage mechanism also reveals a spacious interior that can store anything, making it an equally great choice for game rooms. Due to its kid-friendly design and generously padded exterior, it could even work as a trendy toy chest, especially if you color-match it with your kid’s favorite canopy bed!

The Gafna Round Ottoman Coffee Table

ottoman coffee table gafna
This cool-looking ottoman has a heavenly foam-filled seat and plenty of storage space for your living room essentials.

This wide tufted Lark Manor furnishing has a simple yet contemporary design that adds freshness to any living room. The Gafna comfortably fits up to four medium pillows (and a couple of large blankets if neatly folded) below its polyester lift-off lid. Furthermore, it also comes with a dark Morocco veneer shelf at the base to place books and any other small living room essentials you’d like to keep at arm’s reach.

The size of a round ottoman coffee table is a big deal when it comes to your living room visual appeal. Pairing a large ottoman table with a small sofa (or vice versa) not only looks funny: it also turns a relaxing space into a hard-to-transit living space that will eventually get under your skin.

The Gafna can spare you from ever feeling like that by simply pairing this comfortable 36-inch wide round ottoman coffee table with any sectionals well above the 70-inch mark. This way, you’re guaranteed to have plenty of negative space to get around while making the most out of this gorgeous support piece and its perfectly leveled tufted top!

The Kashton Lift Top Ottoman


ottoman coffee table casthon
The Kashton just as easily adapts to traditional, modern, and even boho-chic rooms.

The Kashton lift top ottoman by Lark Manor adds vibrance and contrast to any room. Its understated design checks all the boxes: practical, refined, comfortable, and affordable.

This lift top ottoman features a soft, easy-to-clean polyester fabric exterior that wraps around its solid and manufactured wood frame. The studded trimming at the base of the piece adds a dash of glamour and good taste to your room and is perfect for feng shui rooms that wish to incorporate metals and balance to a living space.

The Kashton just as easily adapts to traditional, modern, and even boho-chic rooms that wish to keep their spaces more on the minimalist side of things. The convenient lift top mechanism and ample storage space turn this well-rounded piece into a must-have living room centerpiece for this year.

The Kelly Clarkson Oval Coffee Table Ottoman

ottoman coffee table kelly
Update your living room with this delightful ottoman coffee table!

This oval coffee table ottoman by Kelly Clarkson is exquisite. Kelly’s modern French country style shines in this piece, combining a soft polyester upholstery with six sturdy tapered wooden legs.

On top of its stunning aesthetics, this oval coffee table ottoman also offers next-level comfort at all times. This ottoman comes with a high-density foam filling similar to the one the best mattresses in the market use, allowing you to kick your feet up and sip on your morning coffee with complete comfort. Since the foam is designed to support and treat without sinking, it can also support trays with drinks with surprising ease, making it a great addition to your living room.

The Audel Ottoman Lift Top Table

ottoman coffee table audel
This Canora Grey best-seller is built to last!

The Audel by Canora Grey is one of our favorite ottoman lift top table for this year. The piece features clean lines, a delightful tufted surface padded with a foam cushion, and supplemental polyester filling to keep its top section cushioned. The Audel ottoman lift top table comes in nine equally gorgeous presentations that adapt to all color palettes and interior design themes.

The Audel ottoman table also features a handy lift-off lid storage mechanism that allows you to safely store books, magazines, throw blankets, and other valuables in a jiff. The Audel is easy to use, move, and clean, making it an excellent choice for living rooms this year.

The Christopher Oval Ottoman Coffee Table

ottoman coffee table christopher
Kick your feet up and enjoy all that life has to offer with this beautiful ottoman coffee table!

The Christopher oval ottoman coffee table by Kelly Clarkson is a fabulous centerpiece for traditional and classic living rooms. It features a solid and engineered wood frame wrapped by a deep foam cushion. The combination delivers unparalleled comfort for your feet and some much-needed stability for your snack trays. This oval ottoman coffee table can even double as an extra-seating solution thanks to its impressive 300 lb. weight capacity and sturdy build.

The polyester blend upholstery and gentle marbled hue add a French country aesthetic to your living room, evoking some of that equally romantic and sophisticated aesthetic that we all know and love. The Christopher oval ottoman coffee table is truly an excellent piece for those with a taste for classic  European interior design and functionality.

The Brianna Blue Ottoman Coffee Table

ottoman coffee table briana 1
The velvet upholstery on this ottoman adds a luxe look to your living room.

This Etta Avenue round ottoman coffee table is bound to surprise you with its impressive storage capabilities and comfy tufted seating surface. The smooth velvet upholstery adds a chic vibe to any living room setup, rounding up sofas and sectionals of similar colorways.

Blue ottoman coffee tables (and any furniture piece with a similar hue) can reduce feelings of anxiety and distress, especially if they are used to complement neutral-colored walls and ceilings.

Besides perfectly fitting modern and practical interior designs, the Brianna round coffee table ottoman offers comfort and convenience to your life. This ottoman is perfect for putting your feet up as you sink on your favorite couch and engage in casual conversations with those closest to you.

With over 16 and a half inches of height and 20 inches of width, this blue ottoman coffee table lets you store several blankets, pillows, and any valuable decor you’d rather protect ahead of a Friday get-together. Plus, its sturdy build holds up to 250 lbs. of weight, making it a durable addition to any modern and contemporary room.

The Chennai Gray Ottoman Coffee Table

ottoman coffee table chennai
The Chennai Is perfect for living rooms,  entryways, and bedrooms.

The Chennai gray ottoman coffee table features clean lines and a delicate gray hue that perfectly matches contemporary, modern, and gender-neutral rooms. The fantastic faux leather stone gray exterior, coupled with its removable dark brown legs, add to its understated on-trend look.

This gray ottoman coffee table is the perfect answer to all your storage needs. Its big lift top surface reveals an equally spacious interior you can use to store decor, gaming consoles, and other valuables ahead of a Friday night get-together. The Chennai is one of those durable and super reliable pieces of furniture that can elevate your room’s aesthetic and minimize clutter all at the same time.


The best ottoman coffee table combines comfort, functionality, and practicality like no other furniture. This furniture adds a new layer of convenience to a living room essential by allowing you to enjoy your meals (or work!) from the comfort of your couch. They can even double as a seating solution for last-minute guests over at your place!

As a parting piece of advice, we highly recommend considering space and layout distribution when picking your ottoman coffee table shape.

Generally speaking, round coffee tables favor smaller spaces, while rectangular pieces tend to look better in larger rooms. But ultimately, your ottoman coffee table shape should adapt to your purpose, needs, and aesthetic preferences, so feel free to choose whatever feels right to you!

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