The 10 Online Furniture Stores you Need to Visit

best online furniture stores

Are you ready to renovate your spaces from the comfort of your own home? Grab a cup of coffee and check out the best online furniture stores for this year! Online shopping beats the traditional brick-and-mortar shopping experience every time.

It’s also how informed customers consistently buy high-quality furniture that fits into their home’s aesthetics. You can read verified reviews from customers that purchased the items, see real-time pictures of the products, and then decide if they’re a good fit for you.

The Best Online Furniture Stores

Sitting on your couch while you put together your dream home is super satisfying. But with so many online furniture stores available, this happy experience can quickly become overwhelming. This is why we’ve gone ahead and put together a time-saving list of the best online furniture stores for you this year. Below are the best stores out there from an exhaustive comparative search.


Wayfair has risen as one of the best online furniture stores because it caters to all styles and budgets.

Wayfair needs no introduction as one of the best online furniture stores for home projects. Their vast online catalog not only features pieces for every taste but also offers payment plans and shipment deals that help you stay on budget as you decorate your home.

Aesthetically speaking, Wayfair’s numerous categories cover most interior design styles (from Traditional to Contemporary), allowing you to decorate your dream home overnight.

Hooker Furniture

Hooker Furniture has been one of the best furniture brands in the home furnishings industry for over 90 years.

Hooker Furniture continues to be a reference for interior designers and homeowners alike for more than a century. Initially, the brand focused on classic American style furnishings, rapidly expanding its selection to suit every decor style out there.

Their platform is a constant stream of trendy products and timeless furniture pieces that will rekindle your home redesign inspiration, making it one of the best online furniture stores today.


IKEA is known as one of the best furniture brands, thanks to its large selection of versatile furnishings.

IKEA’s name has become synonymous with online furniture shopping. Their furnishings are distributed worldwide, reigning supreme as affordable, do-it-yourself assembly-type pieces. The IKEA catalog features functionality-driven furniture that perfectly fits minimalist homes of all sizes.

Their website also features several design tools that help you streamline your home design projects, even on the tightest of budgets.


Anthropologie catalog features a detail-rich assortment of high-end and budget-friendly furniture.

Anthropologie brings the most delectable furniture, fabrics, and fine-wood grains pieces for creative minds. Their site offers a wide assortment of live-essentials and home furniture pieces that bring life and style through a sense of bohemian beauty.

Their catalog features a wonderland of collections that range from cute dishes and clothes to furniture and fragrant home accents. If you’re looking for a furniture brand that can spark your creativity when redesigning your indoor spaces, then Anthropologie is the place to go.

Kincaid Furniture

Kincaid Furniture specializes in solid wood furniture and custom upholstery.

Kincaid Furniture specializes in beautifully crafted solid wood furniture that lasts a lifetime. It’s also one of the few brands that feature made-in-America wood furnishings and upholstery collections for bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms alike. Their furniture pieces are inspired by nature, presenting harmonious designs for a stress-free living environment.

The beauty of Kincaid Furniture is that they let you have the best of both worlds: On one hand, their artisans use old-school best practices (such as time-tested joinery techniques and hand-rubbed finishes), while their website conveniently lets you customize furnishings by varying arms, bases, and fabrics in every furniture piece of your choosing.

Crate and Barrel

Crate and Barrel is one of the best furniture brands to find elegant furniture pieces with a distinct architectural aesthetic.

Crate and Barrell has a long history (and a romantic origin) as one of the best furniture brands in the market. The brand started as a retail store that concentrated a large selection of furniture pieces and homeware, strictly created by European craftsmen.

Nowadays, Crate and Barrel’s online catalog brings you the best in modern and contemporary interior design decorations from all over the globe. So, if you’re looking for elegant furnishings with meaningful details, prepare to fall in love with their home collections.

All Modern

Allmodern offers glamour and sophistication in each of its featured collections.

ALLMODERN offers gorgeous pieces ideal for luxurious high-end homes, farmhouses, or small studios that value quality and good taste on a budget. For more than 15 years, the brand has cemented itself as a go-to source for the best of the best in modern design, featuring sophistication and quality in all of its collections.

AllModern’s carefully curated collections provide a refreshing mix of contemporary, mid-century, and minimalist pieces that fit any color scheme. Their intuitive website and remarkable variety in products make them one of the best online furniture stores this year.


Perigold is one of the best furniture brands for luxury furnishings and extraordinary decorating pieces.

Perigold offers more than a wide variety of luxury, showroom-type furnishings: it also sources exquisite decorating accessories capable of turning any room into a memorable space.

This high-end furniture provider is one of the best online furniture stores due to its impressive collection of luxury furniture, rugs, tabletop items, and bath decors. We love how their inventory showcases craftings with eye-catching patterns and bold colors that energize neutral rooms overnight.

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn offers expertly crafted collections and affordable prices for a wide range of styles.

Pottery Barn is an American home furnishing online platform with an incredibly diverse catalog and convenient discounts throughout the year. Their collections also allow you to create aesthetically cohesive rooms with just a few clicks, allowing a more streamlined approach towards furnishing your home.

If you’d prefer a more hands-on approach towards decorating and conceptualizing your rooms, Pottery Barns can easily accommodate you. Their Inspiration and Lookbooks sections offer actionable advice that helps you integrate interior design fundamentals into any small and large spaces.

Room and Board

Room and Board offer exemplary handcrafted, American-made modern furniture.

Room and Board are known for creating modern furniture pieces through responsible manufacturing and close partnership with local artisans. Their platform features collections that combine high-quality materials with meticulous craftsmanship in each of its products.

Each purchase directly supports family-owned businesses in the U.S, Italy, and India. Room and Board robust e-commerce platform directly deliver these high-quality pieces of furniture from local businesses to your doorstep in a jiff. Their customer service platform also helps you every step of the way: from the design phase to post-purchase, their agents guarantee you have a memorable experience every time you visit.

About Our Selections

Finding the best online furniture stores is no easy task. There are hundreds of results on Google that could take one days to sort through. Different stores have different shipping policies, warranties, and other types of hidden fees. In evaluating each retailer on this list, we took into account the following traits:

Wide selection: we’ve hand-picked online furniture stores that offer personality-packed designs that fit anything from traditional to modern-themed spaces. These retailers help ensure access to the best furniture brands on the market today all at reasonable prices.

Intuitive: browsing through massive catalogs can be tiring, which is why these websites must offer a seamless, easy-to-use interface to users of all ages. We’ve included websites that streamline the checkout process and keep the shopping experience fun and satisfying at all times.

Reasonable prices: from splurge-worthy to budget-friendly, we included websites that offer quality and reasonable prices on all of their items.

Additional Perks: the best online furniture stores offer extra perks that keep us coming back. They can be seasonal discounts, flash sales, or even free shipping on most, if not all, of their products.


Renovating our home with new, quality furniture is, by far, one of the most satisfying experiences out there. Thanks to advances in online shopping and e-commerce platforms, today, we get to scroll through hundreds of products from numerous manufacturers in a matter of minutes.

But only a reduced number of websites offer the quality and ease-of-use you deserve. We’re confident that this curated list of the best online furniture stores will help you furnish your dream home in record time!

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