22 Best Mini Electric Fireplaces That Keep You Warm Through Wintertime

Keep your hands warm with these mini electric fireplaces!
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Heading into winter with a reliable, energy-efficient mini electric fireplace is an excellent idea. It offers elegance and powerful on-demand heating when sweaters and blankets are just not enough.

A portable fireplace is also suitable for both home and work environments because they’re packed with safety features that keep you and your surroundings 100% safe. The best part is that even the high-end models come at a great price tag!

The Best Mini Electric Fireplace

The best mini electric fireplace rivals the most efficient electric heater in terms of heating output but decisively edges them out from an aesthetic standpoint. A small electric fireplace features ultra-realistic graphical representations of an authentic hearth and offers some much-needed supplemental heating during the winter months.

Essentially, it comes with all the benefits of a traditional fireplace, minus all the fume management and thorough maintenance you’d typically have to deal with.

Gas and wood-burning fireplaces also require chimneys and vents to work, while your mini electric fireplace only requires a space it can fill. They add sophistication to any living space at barely a fraction of the cost of a traditional fireplace, both up-front and in the long term.

Our team thoroughly reviewed over 172 mini electric fireplace models and hand-picked, what we believe, are the best of the best.

Without further ado, here are our top picks for this year!

The Atonal Small Corner Electric Fireplace

Best Mini Electric Fireplaces 14
This beautiful piece draws aesthetic inspiration from traditional cast iron stoves.

The Atonal small corner electric fireplace combines modern convenience with charming historic aesthetics. This mini electric fireplace comes with 750w or 1500w heating modes that offer warmth to small and large rooms in record time. The adjustable thermostat helps you control your indoor temperature with outstanding precision, allowing you to find that middle ground that feels perfect for you.

This Winston Porter small corner electric fireplace also introduces classic aesthetics to your indoor spaces. The delightful cast iron stove design features an authentic LED flame effect, picturing realistic burning logs that you can dim or brighten depending on your lighting. Adjusting your LED flame effects brightness in real-time adds to that wonderfully immersive atmosphere that every electric fireplace owner wants.

Because of its handy remote, timer, and thermostat control and its unique aesthetic and chic design, we rate the Atonal small corner electric fireplace as one of the best portable fireplaces for this year.

The Duraflame Small Electric Fireplace Insert

Best Mini Electric Fireplaces 3
These equally adaptable and portable model fits into any existing fireplace.

The Duraflame small electric fireplace insert is one of the most aesthetically advanced heating devices we’ve ever seen. This infrared quartz log set and realistic ember bed work together to create a pulsating flame effect that gently glows in the dark. The finished fire grate base adds a sharp contrast to the flames and seamlessly fits into any fireplace entry around the house.

The Duraflame Electric small electric fireplace insert offers way more than a charming glow to your indoor spaces: it also comes with a powerful infrared heating system. This portable fireplace offers 1400 Watts of high-tech infrared heat to cover up to 150 square feet of indoor space. Remember that infrared heat propagates faster around your space and maintains the air’s natural humidity, similar to how sunlight warms up a room.

Because of its stunning aesthetics, powerful infrared heating system, and remote-controlled design, we are this model as one of the best small electric fireplace inserts out there.

The Allmar Wall Mount Fireplace Heater

Best Mini Electric Fireplaces 15
This stunning heater is perfect for contemporary and modern spaces.

The Allmar wall mount fireplace heater features a luxe stainless steel profile that seamlessly blends into modern and contemporary living spaces. Contemporary spaces tend to favor sleek, clean-lined accents that adapt to a neutral color palette since they add sophistication and symmetry to their indoor ensembles. Thanks to its eye-catching flames effect, these mini electric fireplaces also adds contrast and vibrance to indoor spaces.

You can control the wall mount fireplace heater temperature (and realistic flame effect) with its handy remote control. This convenient feature allows you to choose between 750 and 1500 watts of heat output while you and your date get ready to binge a series in the comfort of your couch.

Because of its luxurious aesthetic, powerful heat output, and easy-to-install (and use) design, the Allmar wall mount fireplace heater earns a special place on our list.

The Turbro Small Electric Fireplace

Best Mini Electric Fireplaces 2
Grab a steaming cup of hot cocoa and get ready to relax by your fireplace!

The Turbro small electric fireplace is a charming 1400W infrared heater that will add impeccable aesthetics and plenty of warmth to any room around the house. The freestanding fireplace stove comes with a 3-sided scenic design that allows you and your guests to enjoy the realistic flame effects from both sides and the front.

You can safely open its doors to get a closer look at the gorgeous 3-dimensional flames since its heating component is located underneath the small electric fireplace. This clever design allows you to safely manipulate your portable fireplace since it’s always cool to the touch, which is particularly great for households with curious toddlers.

With an impressive 1400 Watts of infrared heating power, this small electric fireplace will turn your cold winter nights into relaxing, cozy evenings with a quick flip of a switch. You can use its pre-set modes or adjust its thermostat to get that perfect temperature around your living spaces.

Because of its ultra-quiet design, powerful infrared heating system, and charming aesthetics, we rate the Turbro Suburbs as one of this year’s best mini electric fireplace.

The Roberval Mini Fireplace

Best Mini Electric Fireplaces 5
This stylish design works either as a wall-mounted or freestanding heater.

The Roberval mini fireplace by Symple Stuff offers a modern spin on this classical household staple. You can mount your Robervall mini fireplace to the wall to save valuable floorspace around the living room or use it as a freestanding heater for your home office. Regardless of how you decide to use it, this mini electric fireplace adds elegance and a dash of modernity to your living spaces.

This modern mini fireplace also comes with a highly-customizable flame effect aesthetics. You can choose between 10 different color combination options for your crystal and log ensemble and 10 different levels of flame brightness to create the perfect ambiance around your living room. The dancing flame effect and creative color combinations make it the most advanced mini fireplace in terms of flame aesthetics and visuals.

With 1500 Watts of powerful heating capabilities, this mini fireplace will decimate cold drafts and keep you and your guests nice and cozy throughout the wintertime. Because of its impeccable aesthetics and versatile design, we rate this as our favorite mini fireplace for this year.

The Turbro Small Electric Fireplace Heater

Best Mini Electric Fireplaces 11
Enjoy the elegance and warmth of a fireplace, minus all the hassle and smoke!

This small electric fireplace heater by Turbro comes with a gorgeous, hyper-realistic fireplace that adapts to every mood and occasion. The faux pinewood embers are made from a durable resin that channels the iconic rustic and traditional style traditional hearths are known for. You can max its brightness levels to welcome guests into your living room get-together or dim it to its lowest setting to share intimate moments with your loved one.

The Turbro small electric fireplace heater uses its powerful convection heating technology to instantly warm your room and make bone-chilling drafts a thing of the past. The 1400W heater covers small to medium-sized rooms with supplemental heating for those extra-cold nights of the year.

This user-friendly model is also the perfect gift for the in-laws. It comes with an intuitive control panel, adjustable thermostat, and a convenient remote controller they can use without ever leaving their recliner.

Due to its fantastic aesthetics, safety features, and affordable price tag, we rate this Turbro model as one of the best mini electric fireplaces for this year.

The Comfort Zone Mini Fireplace Heater

Best Mini Electric Fireplaces 6
Enjoy the comforting warmth of a fireplace with this portable mini heater!

The Comfort Zone mini fireplace heater is the ideal companion for pulling an all-nighter and maximizing productivity during the day. Everyone knows that staying productive while freezing is next to impossible, especially if you’re working from home and your hands are numb and shaky. Thankfully, this mini fireplace heater offers anywhere between 600 to 1200W of on-demand heating power for small and medium-sized rooms in seconds.

This mini fireplace heater adds warmth to your indoor spaces and introduces some much-needed décor and aesthetics to your office and living room. The beautiful 3D flame effect casts a warm glow on your living spaces that makes them feel cozy, safe, and enjoyable to be in, which also helps boost productivity in the long run!

What makes the Comfort Zone mini fireplace heater such a top-ranking appliance in our list is how safe and lightweight it is. This portable fireplace complies with ETL, SAA, UL, CSA, CE, and NOM standards, making it an excellent choice for those who wish to safely take their portable heater to their work environment!

The Eflame USA Portable Electric Fireplace

Best Mini Electric Fireplaces 7
Add sophistication and warmth to your indoor spaces with this freestanding electric fireplace.

This portable electric fireplace by E-flame USA is an ideal choice for reduced indoor spaces. The equally sturdy and lightweight plastic structure allows you to place this stylish portable electric fireplace anywhere in the house. The unit is odorless, smokeless, safe to set on all flooring, and stays cool to the touch, making it a favorite amongst households with children and pets.

This gorgeous portable electric fireplace also delivers 750 to 1500 watts of supplemental heating power to keep that bone-chilling winter cold at bay. You can use the 750W mode to heat bathrooms, mancaves, and other small living spaces and switch to the 1500W heating mode to deliver warmth to your living room and other large areas of your home.

This cute portable electric fireplace comes in three presentations: matte white, matte black, and rustic red to seamlessly fit into your home décor. The realistic wood burning effect also perfectly fits into the antique stove aesthetic, making it one of the most visually stunning models on our list.

The Tonglubao Portable Electric Fireplace Heater

Best Mini Electric Fireplaces 13
This portable fireplace comes with a snazzy LED display and remote control.

The Tonglubao portable electric fireplace heater has it all: a lightweight design, plenty of heating power, and next-level aesthetics. This portable electric fireplace heater takes on the appearance of a vintage street lantern and adds elegance to your indoor spaces in a unique way.

Don’t let its vintage aesthetics fool you, though: this portable fireplace features cutting-edge technology from top to bottom. You can switch between its 450W and 900W heating modes, set up a timer, and control its realistic flame display from its intuitive remote controller. You can also use its LED display and button controls to double-check its settings before setting up the timer and hitting the sack.

This portable electric fireplace heater also comes with advanced safety features that keep you and your loved ones safe, even if it gets knocked down. For all of these reasons, we rate the Tongublao as one of the best mini electric fireplace for this year.

The PanoGlow 3D Infrared Quartz Electric Fireplace

Best Mini Electric Fireplaces 8
This stylish electric fireplace is perfect for any room in the house.

When it comes to elegant aesthetics and fully-customizable fireplace effects, the PanoGlow by ChimneyFree is second to none.

This stylish model comes with a three-sided glass display, a stacked stone back panel, a traditional log set, and an ember bed to create a truly cinematic experience for you and your guests. You can choose between five flame brightness settings and five flame speed settings to perfectly recreate a traditional fireplace, just like the one you’ve always wanted to have in your home!

This mini electric fireplace instantly elevates your room’s aesthetics and warms up to 1,000 square feet of indoor spaces in record time. The PanoGlow infrared fireplace has a thermostat and a handy remote that adjusts your indoor temperature to cozy perfection, especially during those chilly winter nights.

Because of its incredibly detailed fireplace effects, outstanding 5,200 BTU of heating power, and safety-first design, we rate the PanoGlow as the best infrared fireplace.

The Fantasy Home Mini Electric Fireplace

Best Mini Electric Fireplaces 10
Stay warm during the winter months with this safety-first electric fireplace.

This mini electric fireplace by The Fantasy Home is an ideal choice for homeowners that value energy efficiency and safety before anything else.

This portable fireplace comes with a powerful PTC ceramic heating element, which is notorious for instantly generating and distributing heat around the room in seconds. You can choose between its high heat mode, which offers 1500 watts of heating power, or its 750W mode for smaller rooms by using its remote or intuitive touchpad.

What this mini electric fireplace lacks in terms of 3D flame effects, it compensates with a futuristic design and outstanding heat delivery that rivals even the most energy-efficient heaters out there. Safety features such as the dual overheat protection, tip-over mechanism, and V0 grade flame retardant PTC (highest level of flame retardant in the world) prove why this Fantasy Home model is a market’s favorite for this year.

The Duraflame Infrared Electric Fireplace

Best Mini Electric Fireplaces 9
This portable fireplace is second to none when it comes to realistic flame effects.

The Duraflame infrared electric fireplace thoroughly amazed our staff with its 3-Dimensional ember bed and realistic log set. This mini electric fireplace also comes with a metal body that makes its groundbreaking effect technology stand out even more: it looks like a traditional furnace-type fireplace that irradiates heat throughout your living spaces.

With an impressive 5,200 BTU heating power, the Duraflame infrared electric fireplace warms up your indoor spaces more efficiently than a traditional fireplace ever could. The top venting infrared technology delivers supplemental warmth for large 1,000 sq. ft. rooms without drying up the air around them. You can control its thermostat, timer, and flame effect from its hand-held remote, allowing you to customize your indoor temperature from across the room.

Because of its fantastic flame effect, energy-efficient design, and numerous safety features, we rate the Duraflame infrared electric fireplace as one of the best choices this year.

The Teqir Portable Fireplaces

Best Mini Electric Fireplaces 12
These charming electric fireplaces offer unique retro aesthetics to your indoor spaces.

The Teqir portable fireplaces are, by far, one of the most visually creative models for this year. This mini electric fireplace has a signature 80s appliance aesthetic that perfectly fits into retro living spaces or traditional RVs. This electric fireplace is also perfect for a man cave with a retro coffee table (or a foosball coffee table) since it has all the arcades classic a fan could need, but lacks proper heating during the winter.

This portable fireplace by Teqir also packs a punch in terms of heat output. The internal 1200 watts heating element and dual pre-set modes provide reliable heating for medium-sized rooms or chilly office spaces. With its handy remote, you can also control its thermostat and realistic 3D ember bed display, allowing you to set up the perfect cozy atmosphere for your room with a few clicks.

Because of its creative design, advanced safety features, and powerful heating capabilities, we rate the Teqir as one of the best portable fireplaces out there.

The Donyer Small White Electric Fireplace

Best Mini Electric Fireplaces 16
This gorgeous Donyer portable fireplace keeps the room warm and the noise down.

This small white electric fireplace by Donyer Power is nothing short of adorable. Its charming silhouette features clean lines, a matte white finish, and a stunning flame effect that projects a warm glow throughout your living spaces.

Don’t let the Donyer small white electric fireplace design fool you, though: this portable fireplace can be set to “high” to match a 1500 watts heater output or “low” to instantly raise your home office temperature with 750 watts of on-demand heat. This mini electric fireplace also keeps your home and those closest to you safe thanks to its built-in safety mechanism that prevents it from overheating.

Because of its realistic ember bed, glowing logs effect, and contemporary aesthetic, we rate the Donyer small white electric fireplace as one of our favorites for this year.

The HomeMiYN Tabletop Fireplace Heater

Best Mini Electric Fireplaces 17
This small electric fireplace comes with an adjustable thermostat and four pre-set modes.

The HomeMiYN tabletop fireplace heater is an ETL-certified appliance packed with safety features. This small fireplace heater comes with an overheat protection system that instantly shuts off the device if the internal temperature gets too high. This failsafe also activates if your tabletop fireplace heater gets tipped over, making it a kid and pet-friendly option for responsible homeowners.

This tabletop fireplace heater also comes with a fully adjustable thermostat and four automatic heat settings that let you regulate your heat output to cozy perfection. This mini electric fireplace can provide a heat output comparable to a 750 watts or a 1500 watts heater, depending on the settings. It’s effectively a 2-in-1 electric heater that adapts to all living spaces.

Because it essentially acts as a 2-for-1 heater and it features such a unique aesthetic for any room in the house, we consider the HomeMiYN tabletop fireplace heater a top pick for this year.

The Craddock Electric Fireplace for Apartment

Best Mini Electric Fireplaces 18
This Wade Logan classic is perfect for smaller places.

The Craddock electric fireplace for apartment comes with a gorgeous planked design that perfectly fits into traditional or coastal-themed living spaces. The compact design and its complementary mantel allow it to act as an equally rustic and sophisticated focal point for your living room, man cave, or guest room.

This 23-inch portable fireplace also comes with an outstanding 4,600 BTU of supplemental heating power for your indoor spaces, which is comparable to a standard 1,500 watts heater in terms of raw output. You can also control its remarkably realistic flame effects with the handy fireplace remote without ever leaving your couch, which is great!

Overall, this electric fireplace for apartment certainly comes with a unique design mix that projects good taste, creativity, and attention to detail. With a 400 square feet supplemental heating coverage and an energy-efficient design, it’s no wonder it’s one of the highest-rated electric fireplace for apartment this year.

Charlotte Home Mini Fireplaces: The Manor Portable Fireplace

Best Mini Electric Fireplaces 1
This portable fireplace emits comforting heat while maintaining a room’s natural humidity.

The Compact Manor portable fireplace can be placed anywhere at home, adding stylish traditional décor and plenty of warmth to your indoor spaces.

The Manor is perfect for setting up a warm environment next to your favorite loveseat or sofa: Simply tweak its thermostat and brightness control knob to your liking or activate any of its 2 heat modes (high and low output) and get cozy in no time.

The Manor electric mini fireplace is equipped with a 4300 BTU halogen bulb heater that won’t dry up the rooms’ natural humidity. It’s perfect for those of us who suffer allergies and an all-time favorite for pets since they’re always much colder than we are, no matter the season.

This powerful portable fireplace also has a built-in safety feature that automatically turns it off whenever it gets too hot. You can also set its timer to conveniently shut off while you sleep or let it warm the place for your pet while you’re out. You can also place some coffee table plants or small decor on its upper shelf to add visual appeal and fresh decor to your bedroom and home office.

The Small Scale HomCom: One of The Best Walmart Electric Fireplaces

Best Mini Electric Fireplaces 2 1
The HomCom warms up small home offices, guest rooms, nurseries, and motor homes!

The Red Brown HomCom is one of those Walmart electric fireplaces that works as advertised! Despite its small size (21.25 “H x 11 “W x 16.25” D), this fireplace reliably warms up your indoor spaces with up to 1500W of heating power. Its understated aesthetics make it one of the best mini fireplaces for home entertainment centers and nurseries.

The HomCom small electric fireplace also emulates the chimney ambiance year-round on your living room since its flame effects can work independently from its heating system. Not only does the HomCom gives you a front view of its crisp flames, but you can also open its fireplace door and get a closer look at its propped logs and realistic-looking embers.

This small Walmart electric fireplace is the perfect solution for bachelor pads that don’t have the space to install a chimney or prefer not to spend $3000 a year on gas or wood. With the HomCom you won’t have to deal with harmful gases and clean up ashes and burnt logs! All this cute Walmart electric fireplace needs is a 110-120V power supply to make a room cozy-warm in minutes.

The Millwood Line of Mini Electric Fireplaces

Best Mini Electric Fireplaces 3 1
This Millwood Pines electric fireplace is a nice addition to any family room and comes at a budget-friendly price.

The Partlow Infrared Log Set is the perfect small fireplace heater to substitute your brick chimney logs. This small fireplace heater keeps your living room clean, stylish, and sophisticated thanks to its realistic flickering flame effect and ember bedsit.

This small fireplace heater works best in rooms up to 1000 square feet as its remote-controlled 1400-watt heater lets you adjust its thermostat anywhere from 72 to 99 degrees F. Sit back on your favorite couch, hit the mini electric fireplace remote, and turn its flame effect to enjoy a cozy, unannounced Netflix series binge.

The Duraflame is so efficient that the closer you get to its firebox, the more you’ll think it’s a real fire! Despite its intensity, this small fireplace heater comes with an automatic safety shutoff and thermal overload protection that keeps you safe.

The ChimneyFree Walmart Fireplaces

Best Mini Electric Fireplaces 4
This Walmart fireplace warms a room quickly while offering a beautiful flame effect that’s relaxing to look at.

The Rolling Mantel Walmart fireplace uses infrared quartz to warm rooms up to 1000 square feet.

Electric fireplaces with infrared technology are an excellent choice for those who suffer from allergies: Small Walmart fireplaces such as this Chimney Free heater emit pulsating heatwaves through an adjustable digital thermostat, keeping a room’s natural on the optimal 40% baseline moisture.

This Chimney Walmart fireplace is also styled after a mini-size traditional living room chimney. The Caramel Birch colour of its mantel, its tempered glass-front display, and its ember red logs create a charming fireplace glow that floods your living room with warmth and cozy vibes.

The mantel is perfect for displaying picture frames, candles, and keepsakes. Its arched panel design with fluted pilaster columns adds a contemporary décor to any room, blending in with tech appliances and traditional furniture.

You can use the Walmart fireplace remote to adjust its front panel’s electronic timer function, allowing for timed shut-off from 30 minutes up to 9 hours. Last but not least, The Rolling Mantel Walmart fireplace is safe for kids and pets as its energy-efficient fireplace stays cool to the touch at all times.

The Yoleny Walmart Fireplace

Best Mini Electric Fireplaces 5 1
This LED flamer fireplace displays up to 12 colors in its crystal stones to instantly set the mood.

The Yoleny LED Flamer has it all. This Walmart Fireplace can be wall-mounted or used as a freestanding unit to decorate modern living environments with its slim futuristic design.

Thanks to its elegant silhouette and oven-like black frame, the Yoleny serves as the focal point of a bedroom, office, or living room. Use this Walmart fireplace remote to switch between any of the 12 flame colors displayed behind its shiny tempered glass surface, and let its speed-adjustable, faux flickering flames create a relaxed night-time ambiance.

You can also control this 1500W Walmart fireplace through its Touchscreen panel, setting the room’s temperature anywhere between 59 to 89 degrees F. The Yoleny is perfect for small and mid-size rec rooms, emitting heat with its safe-to-use 5200 BTU infrared technology as it fends off any cold drafts that make their way into your home.

The Dreo Stand Alone Electric Fireplaces

Best Mini Electric Fireplaces 6 1
This portable fireplace is the perfect gift for a college student or anyone who works from his home office.

The Super Modern Dreo stand alone electric fireplace is perfect for your late-night study sessions. By creating a cozy atmosphere, you’ll be able to stay warm and focused on the task at hand, no matter how tough the lectures get!

Unlike traditional fireplaces, the Dreo stand alone electric fireplace weighs less than 6 pounds and can be carried anywhere you need. Acting as your carry-on fireplace, you can place this mini appliance on the floor, on a tabletop, or take it to your friend’s room and let everyone get some warmth from its 70° Oscillation output.

Just like mini-microwaves, stand alone electric fireplaces are considered an everyday essential for small bedrooms, home offices, crafts rooms, and garages refitted as workshops. This modern stand alone electric fireplace disperses warmth throughout a room without compromising your safety thanks to its stay-cool surface and automatic shutoff mechanism that activates in case of overheating.


The best mini electric fireplace is an equally budget-friendly and contemporary alternative to a traditional hearth. These convenient appliances don’t require you to run the gas lines or retrofit your home to get that on-demand heat you’ll need during wintertime. They’re also reliable, quiet, and add tremendous elegance and luxe to your living spaces at a great price.

Their attractive designs look remarkably realistic and vastly outmatch a traditional fireplace in terms of heat efficiency, which is perfect for those who wish to glam up their indoor spaces. They’re, overall, an extraordinary addition to your wintertime appliances, especially if you’re looking to save up on energy bills in the long run!

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