5 Puzzle Tables for Lively Game Nights!

Do your friends get a look of fear in their eyes when you broach the subject of jigsaw puzzles? Does your living room table play host to puzzle pieces rather than magazines or beverage trays? Then these jigsaw puzzle tables are exactly what you need!
best jigsaw puzzle tables

Need a space where you can enjoy your puzzles and board games to their fullest? These affordable (and comfortable) puzzle tables fit the bill and can help turn an ordinary room into one full of lively gameplay and challenging puzzle adventures.

The best jigsaw puzzle tables make your hobby more enjoyable and significantly cut down on frustrating situations you’d otherwise have to deal with daily. Being able to put your gaming session on hold at any time while keeping your progress safe from pets, kids, or the elements is super convenient.

The Best Jigsaw Puzzle Tables

But jigsaw puzzle tables are also space-saving furniture that allows you to keep clutter to a minimum. Some of these specialized gaming tables can also be used for a wide variety of board games that bring the family and friends together for a fun evening! Below is a listing of the best jigsaw puzzle tables on the market right now.

Jumbl’s Board Jigsaw Puzzle Table

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This table is the perfect workspace to assemble & safely store your favorite jigsaw puzzles.

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The Jumbl Board Game Table is a superbly crafted wooden board that also serves as a unique coffee table. Jumbl’s design team decided to create one of the Best Jigsaw Puzzle Tables by offering convenient storage solutions that keep its gaming surface clutter-free.

This gaming-specific table features six sliding storage drawers that allow you to organize puzzle pieces to your liking. Plus, its tray system makes it perfect for both adult jigsaw enthusiasts and kids to enjoy the art & strategy in other popular board games.

Bits & Pieces Standard 1000pc Puzzle Table

bits and pieces standard 1000pc puzzle table sodafine
The Standard 1000-pc Jigsaw Puzzle Table by Bits & Pieces features both storage and protective features.

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The Standard 1000pc Jigsaw Puzzle Table by Bits & Pieces is one of the most popular puzzle table designs on the market. Bits & Pieces are synonymous with puzzle tables and for good reason; their designs take into account everything one needs!

This table features a folding leg design, several drawers to hold pieces, a transparent top cover to protect the puzzle pieces between sessions, and an ergonomic design intended to help support long-lasting puzzling sessions without sacrificing posture or comfort!

The Fanwer Multipurpose Jigsaw Puzzle Table

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Jigsaw Puzzle Table can alternatively serve as an artist or drafting table.

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The Fanwer Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Table isn’t just one of the Best Jigsaw Puzzle Tables for this year: it’s also a sturdy drafting table with a highly functional design. This foldable table features a non-slip surface for 1500-piece puzzles with a roomy storage section underneath it that lets you conveniently organize your favorite board games and puzzle boxes.

The Fanwer Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Table also comes with an easy folding mechanism that lets you discreetly put it under your bed or sofa without breaking a sweat.

The Trestle Puzzle & Board Game Table

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The Trestle is a stylish board game with a surface capable of holding up to 6000-piece puzzles.

The Trestle is one of the best jigsaw puzzle tables you can find due to the high level of customization offered by Board and Games on their website. The company began as a Kickstarter project that gathered some of the best woodworkers from Missouri with a single purpose in mind: to craft the best jigsaw puzzle tables for the most demanding players.

We love how their configuration tool lets you choose the exact size and features you want in your Trestle table: offering cup holders, drawers with USB-powered cables, clip-on shelves, and even stand-alone cardholders that accommodate family and friends for a great time.

IKEA’s Bjursta Jigsaw Puzzle & Dining Table

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The Bjursta is an expandable dining and board game table that adapts to any room.

The BJURSTA Convertible Board Game Table is an elegant furnishing with a compact design that perfectly fits any modern indoor setting. Its rounded edges efficiently distribute space for six-game board players across its sturdy surface.

One thing worth mentioning on this Ikea multifunctional table is its lacquered veneer surface, which gives it a stylish gloss that smoothly reflects light. Last but not least, this material is easier to clean whenever spills happen during gaming sessions making the Bjursta one of the Best Jigsaw Puzzle Tables out there.

The Jasper Puzzle & Board Game Table

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Get ready to enjoy a quality gaming table that has an ample play area for space-greedy games.

The Jasper Board Game Table is probably the most cost-effective gaming-specific table in the market. Board Game Tables designed this multifunctional furnishing with enough room to host up to 8 players, meeting everyone’s comfort standards as they enjoy an exciting gaming session.

The Jasper is also one of the Best Jigsaw Puzzle Tables that adapt to your needs: it can include cup or glass holders, side shelves, wing shelves, and even dining toppers! Board and Games website also gives you the option of adding matching chairs, sparing you the hassle of searching for them through countless other furniture websites.

About our Choices

With board game tables becoming more and more popular nowadays, several furniture brands have decided to release specialized models that fit the gamers’ demands. We’ve sorted through hundreds of models considering these key points:

Quality materials: as with any other furniture, the best jigsaw puzzle tables feature exclusive, high-quality materials in each of its components.

Affordable: balancing quality construction and materials with reasonable pricing is also super important. We want jigsaw puzzle tables that are both budget-friendly and easy to assemble.

Versatility: if you’re more of a board game enthusiast, you’ll be pleased to know that these jigsaw puzzle tables are capable of hosting poker tournaments or even improvised board game nights with friends and family!


Whether you’re jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts or an avid board gamer, these jigsaw puzzle tables will help you take your hobby to the next level. Having a proper table is critical in the immersion process: it allows you to phase out traditional concerns and challenges that come with playing with your dining room table.

It also allows you to safely pause and resume your jigsaw-solving sessions at your convenience. With the best jigsaw puzzle tables, you’ll be able to significantly cut down on prep times for your gaming sessions and never have to worry about your toddler (or pets) interfering with your hard-earned progress ever again!

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