The Best Futons for Everyday Sleeping

best futons for everyday sleeping

Futons are some of the most underrated pieces of furniture out there. Futons allow you to have an extra bed for last-minute guests (even in reduced spaces) without breaking the bank.

These pieces of furniture also seamlessly blend into living rooms as couches during the day, allowing you to populate your living room with a luxurious mid-century or slick modern piece. They’re also easy to reposition to playrooms or guest rooms, depending on your needs.

The Best Futons for Everyday Sleeping

Futons were first introduced by the Japanese centuries ago and have notoriously evolved since then. Today, they’ve turned into an almost mandatory piece for small apartments, guest rooms, or even a kids’ room. I’ve decided to narrow down an initial list of 120 futon models to only nine models that fit the following criteria:

Comfortable: this is pretty self-explanatory. Futon mattresses come with different fillings and sizes, so I’ve taken a closer look at each model’s mattress composition and customer feedback. Keep in mind that you’ll be sitting on the mattress during the day and sleeping on it during the night, so it must be both durable and comfortable for all types of sleepers.

Affordable: Futons are, in essence, problem solvers. They must fit all room sizes and work with even the tightest of budgets. I’ve included only those with a perfect balance between quality and price.

Easy to assemble and move: also pretty straightforward. I must be able to assemble my futon in a matter of minutes, just in case I have any last-minute guests crashing at my place. Or, if I had a long day at work, I want to be able to lay down without too much hassle.

Now that we’ve figured out what makes a futon great, it’s time that we take a look at the best futons for everyday sleeping!

The DHP Emily: Quality and Comfort

The Emily is one of the best-rated futons for this year.

The Emily by DHP is fantastic. It comes with a modern low profile design futon frame and a snug square-tufted backrest and seating. The futon also features a luxurious navy linen upholstery that sharply contrasts with its slick chrome metal legs. The Emily truly is as stylish as it is versatile.

This DHP Model comes with a split back design so you can comfortably lounge or sleep depending on the time of the day.

DHP Futons are not only easy to assemble: most of their models come with a split back design that makes it easy to switch their position as needed. Their Emily model remains a best-selling item because it checks all the boxes: comfort, affordability, and ease of use.

Size: 32” H x 70.5” W x 34.5” D

Bed Size: 75” W x 39” D (Twin)

Mattress: Standard foam

Haden Urban Sofa Bed: Plush Upholstery

If you’re looking for an extra-plush futon, the Haden is for you.

The Haden by APT2B is magnificent. The high-density cushions and 100% polyester upholstery combination make it one of the most comfortable futons on our list.

The Haden is one of APT2B’s best-selling futons for this year.

This sturdy futon comes with a durable plywood frame, as well as removable legs. The Haden’s design ensures that your futon is sturdy enough to support heavy sleepers yet easy enough to move to different rooms.

Size: 36” H x 74.5” W x 37” D

Bed Size: 74.5” W x 45” D (Twin)

Mattress: Standard foam

The Nyhamn: Luxury and Comfort

The Nyhamn offers next-level comfort and an incredible price tag.

When it comes to comfort, price, and looks, The Nyhamn by IKEA is one of the best futons for everyday sleeping. It also comes with a 10-year limited warranty that shows how much IKEA believes in its products and designs.

The Nyhamn is spacious and super comfy.

This IKEA futon comes with a click-clack mechanism that turns your plush sofa into a spacious bed. It also comes with a high-density foam mattress that hugs your pressure points and eases you into a deep recuperative sleep.

The Nyhamn by IKEA comes with a 10-year limited warranty.

The Nyhamn is also super easy to customize. You can choose between numerous covers and mattresses to create a bespoke sleeping experience that fits your style and sleeping position.

Size: 35” H x 78” W x 38” D

Bed Size: 78” W x 55” D (Full)

Mattress: Standard foam

The Savannah: Comfy Spring Coil Futon

The Savannah is one of Sealy’s best-selling futons for some years now.

The Savannah by Sealy is a tried and true design that continues to blow our minds years after it was first released. The Savannah uses a combination of inner coil springs covered with a rich 100% polyester upholstery to deliver top-notch comfort.

Sealy specializes in convertible sofas design.

The Savannah also comes with a kiln-dried and an engineered hardwood frame that keeps the structure safe and durable throughout the years. The futon’s gorgeous design makes it perfect for both modern and contemporary-themed apartments or offices.

Size: 36.2” H x 79” W x 44.1” D

Bed Size: 78.7” W x 48” D (Twin)

Mattress: Coils

The DHP Dexter: Sturdy Convertible Sofa Bed

The Dexter is one of the best convertible sofa bed models for this year.

The Dexter by DHP is nothing short of fantastic. It comes with the signature DHP split-back design and leg padding that protects your floors from scuffs and scratches.

This DHP model combines plush comfort with next-level versatility.

This contemporary futon also comes with a comfortable foam core that keeps your spine optimally aligned throughout the night.

The Dexter comes with a timeless contemporary low-seating design.

When it comes to aesthetics, Dexter’s contemporary design is truly revolutionary. The tufted faux leather or soft linen fabric are both equally thematic and stylish choices for any living room.

Size: 34” H x 73.5” W x 34.5” D

Bed Size: 73.5” W x 34.5” D (Full)

Mattress: Standard foam

Balkarp: Affordable and Durable Futon

The Balkarp is one of the most affordable futons for this year.

The Balkarp by IKEA is the most budget-friendly, high-quality futon for this year. It comes with an adjustable back mechanism that allows you to sit, lean back, and lie down with a few simple clicks.

IKEA furniture is known for its easy-to-assemble designs and thorough instructions.

The Balkarp comes with a polyurethane foam filling that, combined with Polyester wadding and upholstery, allows you to stay comfortable during the night. The solid pine frame and durable steel legs keep your Balkarp durable and ready for action at a moment’s notice.

Size: 32” H x 67” W x 33” D

Bed Size: 67” W x 39” D (Twin)

Mattress: Polyfoam

The Wollano: Cushy Leather Futon

The Wollano is equally comfortable and stylish.

The Wollano by Zipcode Design is second to none when it comes to comfort and versatility. The futon comes with a cushy memory foam filling that relaxes you and your muscles into a deep recuperative sleep.

The Wollano adds mid-century flair to any room.

The Wollano features luxurious faux leather upholstery that perfectly pairs with its matte-black metal legs. Its mid-century design is ideal for sophisticated apartments and business offices alike, making it a favorite amongst professionals that occasionally sleep in at the office.

The Wollano is sophisticated and super easy to assemble.

This Zipcode Design futon fits into reduced spaces, allowing you to invite friends or business associates during the day and seamlessly turn it into a comfortable bed at night. It also comes at an excellent price, especially considering it comes with a memory foam filling.

Size: 29” H x 70.5” W x 41.5” D

Bed Size: 70.5” W x 41.5” D (Twin)

Mattress: Memory foam

The Twin Serta Futon: Quality at an Excellent Price

Serta futons are known for their outstanding quality and budget-friendly pricing.

Our list wouldn’t be complete without featuring a Serta model. Their Twin tufted back convertible sofa is making waves this year, and with good reason: it comes with a high-density foam core and a kiln-dried solid hardwood frame that keeps your spine well-supported and comfortable.

This Serta futon comes with easy-to-maintain fabric upholstery.

The Twin comes with a sophisticated self-piping tufting that invites you to lay down and let your earthly worries behind. The classic and modern lines give way to a timeless design that fits into any living room. You can choose between a rich navy, java charcoal, or black polyester fabric to fit your home’s color palette.

Serta futons require minimal assembly.

The Twin Futon by Serta is super easy to assemble. The futon operates with a simple click mechanism that allows you to adjust the backrest inclination angle to your desired position at any time.

Size: 29.5” H x 66.1” W x 33.1” D

Bed Size: 66.1” W x 37.6” D (Full)

Mattress: Standard foam

The Littrell Futon: Vanilla Faux Leather Delight

The Littrell combines affordability and versatility in a single futon.

The Littrell by Wade Logan is a must-have for small lofts and apartments. It allows you to save significant space by converting it into a twin-size bed with a simple backrest adjustment.

Wade Logan’s ultra-modern designs are a big hit amongst chic and modern interior design lovers.

The gorgeous vanilla faux leather upholstery perfectly matches pastel-colored rooms, as well as sophisticated black and white living rooms.

The Littrell low-profile design makes it durable and stylish.

This Wade Logan futon features a metal and manufactured wood frame capable of handling up to 600 lb at any given moment. The Littrell’s sturdy structure can easily host gaming nights with friends or heavy sleepers without breaking a sweat.

Size: 32” H x 71” W x 34” D

Bed Size: 71” W x 43” D (Twin)

Mattress: Standard foam


Futons are incredibly versatile and stylish furniture that will turn any living room into a multi-purpose room. They’re perfect solutions for students on a budget or professionals that need an extra bed in their home office alike, making them some of the most popular furniture pieces for this year. Our best futons for everyday sleeping list also features models that adapt to just about any interior design out there, allowing you to keep your rooms snazzy and on theme!

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