Best Furniture Brands: An Insider’s Guide to Luxury Furniture

Tired of cheap furniture breaking, losing its finish, or otherwise lacking in style? These furniture brands deliver timeless style and quality that will endure a lifetime!
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Quality furniture can make all the difference in your home, though the best furniture brands are sometimes hard to find. The furniture industry within the United States alone is a nearly 100 billion dollar industry and there is an entire ocean of brands fighting for your business. This guide is meant to showcase only the best brands with a reputation for delivering timeless design, quality, and trendsetting style.

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Simply the Best [Furniture Brands]

The best furniture brands on the market all share one thing in common—they earn their reputations through years of passionately developing designs, styles, and collections renowned the world around. Simply put; these brands create the designs the rest of the market rave about. Below you’ll find a list of some of the best furniture brands around the world and the pieces that characterize the styles for which they’ve earned their reputation.


tower place art deco bedroom
The Tower Place Bedroom Collection by Lexington Furniture


Lexington furniture, now owned and operated by Lexington Home Brands, is among the best furniture brands in the world—marked by its esteemed quality and aesthetic presence. Lexington furniture is a well-rounded full-catalog of some of the highest-quality furniture money can buy, covering stylish bedroom pieces, living room and outdoor sectionals, to barstools with the perfect height for your social areas. Lexington’s commitment to quality certainly comes an increase in price, and this popular brand is rarely discussed within the same budgets as a Liberty or Klaussner, though still within the range of reason.

Hooker Furniture

caddock leather chaise lounger by hooker furniture sodafine
The Caddock Leather Chaise by Hooker Furniture showcases a handcrafted leather seating invitation too tempting to pass over


Hooker Furniture is a perfect example of truly high-quality furniture which has managed to stay up-to-date with modern times. Their catalog offers a tremendous depth of choices, and their products can be found in nearly every furniture store in the United States. Hooker Furniture has a long lineage as being a market leader, as well as being qualified as one of the best furniture brands in the industry. Not only do they represent the history of the modern furniture industry in the United States; Hooker Furniture also pushes hard to remain relevant to changes in the modern marketplace.


The Camino Villages Adele collection showcases Bernhard’s cadence with modern luxurious design


Bernhardt Furniture is a high-end manufacturer known for its soft styles and lustrous materials. As another testament to the deep roots of many furniture manufacturers, Bernhardt has been around since 1889—operated by the Bernhardt family ever since. Bernhardt’s presence in the modern furniture market is characterized by sophisticated and timeless designs. The pages of their catalog are filled with designs for all tastes, motifs, and ranges of style showcasing the hand-crafted artisanry this brand is renowned for.

Liberty Furniture

liberty furniture arlington house home office sodafine
The Arlington House writing desk features an unforgettable industrial steel base capturing the turn-of-the-century style so many other brands miss


Liberty Furniture is a fairly new manufacturer, specializing in furniture within the budget of mid-range pricing. Its catalog showcases a range of all styles designed to bring style to rooms and homes of all budgets and tastes. Whether you are shopping for a new bedroom collection or just a new accent piece—Liberty Furniture has an inspired design that can accommodate.


Bassett Furniture Living Room Collection
This living room collection by Bassett showcases the hand-crafted designs that have earned this brand their stellar reputation.


Bassett furniture is another behemoth of a brand, operating more than 50 company-owned retail stores, selling in nearly every local furniture store, and climbing the ranks of most online retailers. Bassett is no stranger to the furniture market, and has been in operation for more than 100 years! They offer a mesmerizing catalog characterized by timeless designs that cater to customization.

Stanley Furniture Company

stanley furniture crestaire living room sodafine 2
The Crestaire Living Room by Stanley Furniture is as timeless as it is elegant


Stanley Furniture Company is another story of long-lived success, founded nearly 100 years ago in the Commonwealth of Virginia. During that time, the farmer turned industrialist Thomas Stanley founded this company on principles of fine craftsmanship and a drive only truly seen during the changes brought about by the industrial revolution. Today, Stanley Furniture exists in the marketplace as a beacon of timeless design and trend-setting authority.

Universal Furniture

universal furniture california bedroom collection sodafine
The California Collection by Univeral Furniture features a beautiful oak finish and subtle accents throughout


Universal Furniture is a furniture brand that doesn’t get a lot of public recognition but produces a lot of best-selling items sold in furniture stores throughout the United States. Universal Furniture has been responsible for such easily recognizable designs as the Paula Deen Home collection as well as several others. Universal Furniture has a seasoned eye and has proven itself capable of producing designs that, while reflective of current market trends remain relevant for many years to come.

Broyhill Furniture

Broyhill Furniture East Lake bedroom
The East Lake bedroom collection by Broyhill is a contemporary design with a timeless presentation


Broyhill Furniture is another legendary furniture brand that has been around for nearly 100 years and is regarded as a pioneer in many ways. Broyhill was formed when two North Carolina brothers consolidated their furniture enterprises into a single entity in the late 1930s, thus beginning the nearly century-long rise to fame as one of the best furniture brands in the world. Today, Broyhill’s success is marked by an ever-adapting eye for market trends and emerging styles which fuels their execution of some of the best-selling furniture collections in the world.

Coaster Home Furnishings

Aria Sectional by Coaster
The Aria sectional with nailhead design by Coaster Furniture


Coaster Home Furnishings is a brand that is known to stay very current with emerging trends and is well-versed in the workflows of industry-leading interior designers. Coaster’s company slogan is Fine Furniture and they truly abide by its direction. This furniture brand’s catalog covers many different styles ranging from traditional to modern and targets affordability and quality of style. Coaster is has earned a particularly stellar reputation for their bedroom and living room collections.


kincaid wildfire collection
The Kincaid Wildfire collection is a marvel of solid wood artisanry showcasing an bold industrial look


Kincaid furniture is by far one of the most respected furniture brands on this list, and has demonstrated for nearly 4 generations that American-made Solid Wood furniture can still survive in an outsourced industry. Kincaid follows the ultra-durable guidelines of many traditional American furniture manufacturing practices, illustrated well in their diverse use of such jointery as Mortise and tenon, Tongue and groove, Dove-tailing, and Pegged tenon techniques. 


Klaussner Furniture Tifton Sofa
The Tifton Sofa by Klaussner showcases this brand’s quality custom upholstery lineup for which they are so renowned.


Klaussner Home is a medley of different sub-brands, mostly under a Klaussner-esque name. They are located in North Carolina, as are most of the major brands in the furniture industry, and produce more than 70% of their furniture and home goods from North Carolina-based facilities. In recent years, Klaussner has begun many international partnerships to help expand its catalog of available materials and stylish options. 

Affordable Furniture Brands

There’s a furniture brand for every budget.  For the most part, you get what you pay for when it comes to furniture. However, there are some notable exceptions that should be mentioned.  After receiving a lot of reader suggestions and feedback, we have decided to split our consideration into two categories—luxury furniture brands and affordable furniture brands. Below you’ll find a lineup of some of the best affordable furniture brands on the market today.

South Shore

South Shore Gascony Desk
The Gascony Desk by South Shore is an affordable modern design for the stylish work-from-home office


South Shore furniture is another furniture company with a rich family history characterized by endeavoring adversity. Founder Eugene Laflamme got his start in the early part of the 20th century when he wisely invested a small loan in a local mill. After learning the ropes of furniture manufacturing, Laflamme moved his operations to Sainte Croix Canada where he powered through the factory burning to the ground on two separate occasions.

Sauder Home

adept storage credenza by sauder home sodafine
The Adept Storage Credenza showcases Sauder Home’s ability to design functional and stylish furniture for any budget


Sauder Home Furniture has been around since 1934 having gotten its start as a family woodworking business. Its humble origins quickly gave rise to aggressive expansion into a national brand. Today, the Sauder Woodworking Company is one of the top 5 residential furniture brands in the United States. Their product catalog is quite vast and features some of the newest design trends to hit the market.


modern hallway console accent table geometric monarch sodafine
This modern hallway console table by Monarch showcases a stylish addition guaranteed to spark conversation and intrigue


Monarch is a well-established furniture brand headquartered in Montreal, Canada. They were established in 1965 and have a massive, state-of-the-art, showroom encompassing nearly 275,000 square feet. Their success as a furniture brand has been epitomized by their online presence, catalog of affordable-yet-stylish designs, and continued evolution among emerging consumer trends. This brand isn’t likely to help you find your dream bedroom collection but just might help find something for that empty entryway.


zinus pablo acacis outdoor furniture set sodafine
The Pablo outdoor collection showcases Zinus eye for affordability and style


Zinus is a magnificent example of a modern furniture brand that puts its customers first. They got their start as one of the more successful direct-to-consumer mattress brands and have quickly started to expand their catalog into furniture. Their success has been found, largely, through their direct-to-consumer sales models leveraging online sales through such retailers as Amazon.

Poly & Bark

napa leather sofa poly and bark sodafine
The Napa Leather sofa from Poly & Bark showcases this brands affinity towards Mid-Century design


Poly & Bark is another exemplary modern furniture brand. Their products are focused almost entirely on modern and mid-century modern designs. Their products are priced on the upper end of affordable, but still within range of nearly any budget. Their success has been largely marked by their ‘quality-first pursuit of product longevity and design. For those lovers of the Mid-Century style—Poly & Bark may be your new favorite brand!

The Made in America Debate

Buyers have been hoodwinked by large retailers such as Big Lots and Costco into thinking that quality furniture only comes from American-made brands and with a hefty price. Most all of the best furniture brands on the market today utilize some degree of overseas manufacturing, if not relying on it entirely.

Overseas factories are perfectly capable of producing long-lasting high-quality furniture, but many brands elect to target lower-income price points and provide sub-par products. The internet makes buying a lot more affordable but can overwhelm even the most seasoned of shoppers.


These furniture brands are commonly found in local furniture stores, and most are available for purchase online—which will offer considerable discounts—either directly through the brand’s website, or through other select furniture retailers such as Wayfair or Amazon.

Furniture is one of the most impactful aspects of our daily lives, yet often gets such little attention or appreciation. Investing in quality furniture can remarkably reshape the quality and aesthetic experience of your daily life, and with a large number of online retailers now. The brands listed here can help you make such a large investment with the confidence in knowing it can last a lifetime.

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