The Best Foosball Coffee Tables for Sport-themed Living Rooms

Combine charming retro vibes and high-octane fun with the best foosball coffee table!
foosball coffee table

Adding a foosball coffee table as your living room centerpiece is beyond bold: it’s genius!

Many underestimate just how incredibly stylish and well-crafted a foosball coffee table can be. These wonderful pieces balance utility, style, and entertainment like no other. They can seamlessly anchor the rest of your living room furniture and offer bursts of spontaneous fun to your family and guests.

The Best Foosball Coffee Table

The best foosball coffee table adds charmingly retro vibes to any indoor space while offering endless hours of fun to homeowners and guests alike. These stylish living room centerpieces will stimulate your guests and keep your kids entertained without resorting to electronic devices or gadgets.

Today we’ve picked our favorite foosball coffee table for this year. Each model comes from the best furniture brands catalogs to guarantee you and your family get the quality you deserve!

The Hanover Foosball Coffee Table

This 45″ coffee table adds elegance, fun, and innovation to any room!

The Hanover foosball coffee table perfectly balances fun, functionality, and stylish aesthetics. This arcade favorite comes with six rows of players, steel rods, gripped handles, and two complementary foosballs to get the game started!

This stylish living room centerpiece also comes with a sturdy tempered glass top that can effortlessly hold your drinks and snacks as you tune in to your favorite show. Once you’re ready to have a friendly one-on-one match with your kid, pop the ball in the foosball coffee table lateral opening and let the fun begin!

Because of its gorgeous aesthetic and functionality-first design, the Hanover is regarded as one of the best foosball coffee table for this year.

The Aileu Coffee Table Foosball

This Ebern Designs classic is perfect for eclectic and contemporary living rooms.

The Aileu by Ebern Designs introduces an undeniably fun arcade game to your living room with an understated design that interior designers praise. The sturdy wood veneers structure features a rich hickory finish that contrasts with its metallic accents, making it a perfect choice for mid-century themed rooms.

This coffee table foosball features a tempered glass cover that crowns the playing field. Beneath the table surface, six rows of players (9 players on each team) stand ready to get the match started as soon as the ball hits the court!

Because of its incredibly stylish design and superior craftsmanship, the Aileu is one of our favorite coffee table foosball. It adds fun, functionality, and unique aesthetics to living rooms, perfectly capturing what any homeowner needs for their indoor spaces.

The Barrington Football Coffee Table

This Sturdy and Modern coffee table is perfect for passionate foosball fans.

The Modern Barrington football coffee table is a world-class centerpiece for sport-themed living rooms and rec rooms. The compact design of the Barrington matches today’s modern living environments while bringing some good old-fashioned fun in the form of a mini football coffee table.

Traditional foosball coffee tables are known for their beveled woodwork, which looks exceptionally well with trendy geometric sofas and coffee table plants as decor. The Barrington also has a minimalist design and a fantastic price tag, making it an excellent option for man caves that operate on a limited budget. In terms of craftsmanship and overall durability, it’s also up there with some of the best outdoor foosball tables.

The Barrington has a reliable tempered glass top that lets you place snacks, cold drinks, and hot beverages without worrying about grease marks and water stains. A cool little detail we love about this football coffee table is that it comes with futuristic soccer players. The player’s hairdos and the black carbon foosball pitch create a unique colorway that makes it stand from other football coffee tables.

The Kick Java Sports Coffee Table

Host classy foosball tournaments with the boys as you crack open a few cold ones on match day!

The Kick Java sports coffee table adds some fun to traditional living room setups with its swank beveled outline. It’s one of those rare sports coffee table that fits into classic living rooms while offering more than a surface for your food trays or tasty tapas.

The Kick Java foosball coffee table is made from solid wood and crowns its playing field with a sturdy tempered glass surface. The rich bronze wood finish creates a visually appealing contrast with its red and blue soccer figures, adding unique aesthetics to your living spaces.

The vivid colors of these sports coffee table figures make it perfect for Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea, or Everton fans. You’ll be able to play any other red and blue kit teams of the Premier League, host mini-tournaments in your living room, and let the losers do the beverage run while the champs kick back at your couch!

Furthermore, this classy sports coffee table will perfectly match club merch such as sofa cushions, stadium memorabilia, posters, and flags to create an inspiring and stylish sports atmosphere. It’s an excellent choice for those that enjoy this arcade classic and have a keen eye for style and creative designs.

The Steve Silver Foosball Table Coffee Table

This equally sturdy and stylish piece is the perfect complement for contemporary spaces.

The Diletta foosball table coffee table combines functionality and fun in an equally creative and elegant design. This foosball coffee table has a sturdy solid wood and veneer build, gorgeous tapered legs, and a reliable tempered glass top that overlooks the playing field. The bottom shelf serves as an extra storage space for your blankets, board games, or any other living room essentials you’d like to keep at arm’s reach.

The Steve Silver foosball table coffee table features exquisite craftsmanship, allowing you and your family to enjoy an arcade classic without breaking your room’s cohesive aesthetic. Because of its stylish, functional build and super affordable price tag, we rate it as one of the best foosball table coffee table this year.

The Big Lots Foosball Coffee Table

This elegant centerpiece is the perfect living room addition for foosball enthusiasts.

The Cherry Veneer coffee table from Big Lots rivals any custom-made models, and it’s the perfect foosball coffee table to complement traditional home theatre cabinets and classic sofas.

We love the way this big lots foosball coffee table combines its curvilinear edges with the geometric undercuts of its vaulted foosball court. This unique coffee table also places six non-protruding telescopic rods beneath its top surface to keep it 100% kid-friendly.

This big lots foosball coffee table is the perfect gift for a soccer fan looking to class up their place. You can surround your centerpiece with framed football shirts and panoramic shots taken at the stadium to create your very own sports sanctuary. All that’s left is to invite your friends over for a game or two at your pregame party!


The best foosball coffee table will add style, originality, and fun to your indoor spaces. These super creative pieces of furniture allow guests and family members to create memorable times they’ll cherish for years to come.

These wonderful pieces also allow you to save floor space that a regular foosball table would’ve otherwise occupied around the house. They’re an excellent solution for couples that wish to add an arcade classic to their living spaces but are unwilling to commit to a regular-sized foosball table, or a tabletop foosball table.

Picking a foosball coffee table that matches your room’s aesthetic is incredibly important, so we’ve offered a wide range of variety for every room and taste. Whether you’re looking to add retro vibes to your mancave or skyrocket your living room’s entertainment choices, our selection of fooseball coffee table has something for you!

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